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Presentation for-big2

  1. 1. ForgottenLetters
  2. 2. Plot SummarySet in WWII, two young lovers have been separated bywar torn Britain and only letters have kept their lovestrong, but when he tragically loses his memory, willshe be able to rekindle their love?
  3. 3. The story This film opening has two main characters called Jane Rose and Peter Redford. They had been sweethearts for many yearsbut when Peter goes to war they begin to write a string of letters to each other. Unfortunately he receives a fatal injuryand loses his memory, but Jane is left unaware of the circumstances when they plan to meet at the train station. Later shefinds out that Peters friend has been writing the letters for him and she unexpectedly falls in love with him. Meanwhilepeter is unaware of the new love that is unveiling. After a long battle with amnesia Peter passes away, and with his dyingbreathe tells Jane to marry his friend.
  4. 4. Locations We have decided that our location will be at a train station as it incorporates the romantic sentiment to our film opening. Thelocation we will be using is a West Somerset Railway station as itis close to the area and has a setting that is not very modernized.The train is a steam train which would have been used in war time which is the time period in which are piece is set .
  5. 5. Characters We used two different websites to locate our actors, Star Now and CastingCall Pro. We advertised our film opening for the two main characters, a womanand a man. We needed them to be British with some previous acting experience. In a couple of days we received many reply’s. Here are some Actors we are considering:
  6. 6. Katrina Dem28 from London, United Kingdom. She attended a drama club at theGarrick Theatre
  7. 7. Joe S22 from Exeter, United KingdomHe has lots of experiments in acting and can domany accents.
  8. 8. Claire-Monique Martin22 from London, United KingdomModel, Actor, Musician
  9. 9. Jon-Scott Clark 23 from London,United KingdomHe can do Many accents and hasprevious acting experience.
  10. 10. Narrative HooksWhy dose she have so many letters ? Who are they from? Why are they at a train station? Where is the train going to/from?Why/who/what is she waiting for? How do they know each other?
  11. 11. Genre Our film is going to be romance and drama. Thank you for watchingWe are happy to answer any questions you may have.