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Prescription, Dispensing and Hospital Pharmacy


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It is a short and sweet PPT on Prescription, Prescription is an important topic in DISPENSING AND HOSPITAL PHARMACY

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Prescription, Dispensing and Hospital Pharmacy

  1. 1. PRESCRIPTION Submitted by- Gajendra Singh Rathore B.Pharm 5th sem Modern Institute Of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Indore
  2. 2. DEFINATION Prescription is written order given by a registered medical practitioner to the pharmacist for the patient. In order to dispense required medicaments and drugs.
  3. 3. PARTS OF PRESCRIPTION 1. Date 2. Name, Age, Sex and Address of the patient. 3. Superscription (Rx) 4. Inscription 5. Subscription 6. Signatura 7. Renewal Instructions 8. Name, Signature & Registration no. of registered physician
  4. 4. HANDLING OF PRESCRIPTION 1.Receiving 2.Reading 3.Compounding & Weighing 4.Collecting, Labelling & Packing 5.Dispensing