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Gajendra kumar


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Gajendra kumar

  1. 1. GAJENDRA KUMAR 09582252013 OBJECTIVE As a successful experienced Information Technology professional, seeking to handle increasing responsibility and challenging assignment to channel my technical skills and knowledge to achieve recognition. I want to be a part of that environment where my skills are effectively utilized for significant contribution towards the organization and personal development. PROFESSIONAL PROFILE  An accomplished professional with 6+ Years of experience in the arena of Endpoint Management and OS build technologies and Technical Support (Software & Hardware).  Worked extensively on IBM BIGFIX, IEMfOSD, MDT 2013, SCCM 2007, Operating system Deployments and monitoring.  Senior specialist in HCL technologies for more than 1.8 years.  Proficient in analysing information system needs, evaluating end-user requirements, custom designing solutions, troubleshooting for complex information systems management.  Has strong experience in installing, configuration and administering various Windows client and server operating systems.  Has strong understanding of Windows domains, group policies, DNS, DHCP, Active Directory, PXE and network infrastructures.  Possess excellent organisational, communication, analytical and troubleshooting skills. ORGANISATIONAL PROFILE HCL Technologies 14th Oct 2014–Till Date Position: Senior Specialist Role: BigFix (IEM) Administrator, OSD Administrator IEM Infrastructure management:  Maintaining core IBM BigFix infrastructure (Root Server/ Top Level Relay servers/Local Relay servers).  Troubleshooting IBM BigFix relay communication or health issues.  Troubleshooting server/workstation endpoints that are not reporting back to BigFix infrastructure.  IBM Endpoint Manager (BigFix) site management and security (importing and subscribing users and computers to sites, subscribing console users to computers).  Review health check dashboard and Relay health check daily.  Processing quarterly IBM Endpoint Manager (BigFix) console account usage auditing and deletion of unused accounts (in accordance PCI compliance).  Identifying new assets as possible relay point and deploying relay service based on site need. Patch management:  Managing 28,000 machines across global environment for Microsoft Patches, Adobe and Flash Player etc.  Planning and scheduling monthly Microsoft Desktop Security release.  Creating and sending Notifications for UAT and Production deployment to all Service Managers, Application Owners, Directors and all other stake holders.  Creating GCM (Global Change Request for UAT and Production Deployments)  Attending EUC Cab and GT Cab meetings for the created GCM’s.
  2. 2.  Preparing Test results, failed action report and sharing the same with customer.  Taking action for UAT and Production deployment in scheduled phased manner.  Creating Daily, Weekly and Monthly Patch Compliance report and sharing the same with respective shareholder. Software Distribution and OSD:  To work on OSD servers to support and deploy the Operating systems using network boot media, offline deployment media or the refresh scenarios.  Been Working on OS build Technologies And Imaging activities including requirement gathering, capture and Creating Task sequences for both online and offline deployments  Worked extensively on IBM BIGFIX 9.0, IEMfOSD, MDT 2013  Provided Solutions for the OS deployments with IBM Bigfix both online and offline media.  Modified the Bigfix created MDT bundles to provide customization in the Overall Operating system Deployment Process.  To create bare metal profiles for deploying the Win 7 and Windows 8.1 Operating system.  To create packages in IBM Bigfix and to make them ready for global deployments as per the user requests.  To create packages in IBM Bigfix and to make them ready for global deployments as per the user requests.  Modify action script as per requirement.  Make them available on Local relay for global deployment. Onsite Assignment:  Built and captured a new Windows 7 and windows 8 image as per the client requirements using IBM Bigfix and prepared the offline Deployment media using MDT 2013 for global migrations from windows XP to Windows 7Windows 8.1.  Implemented the new WIM images in Bigfix Console and prepared the Bare metalRefresh Profiles and software baselines for the online deployments.  Created a Bigfix package for virtual PC, and implemented solution to Deploy Windows XP VHD and to create a Virtual machine using Virtual PC to end users. PREVIOUS ORGANISATIONAL PROFILE IIPM Planman Technology Ltd., April 2012 to Sep.2014 Position: System Administrator Role: SCCM Engineer Functional:  Manage an SCCM 2007 infrastructure with client count of over 30000 machines  Managing multiple SCCM Sites (Primary & Secondary)  Configure the new SCCM Server and its roles in new specific domain  Managing Client installation methods  Client installation & troubleshooting  Assist to site engineer while Installation and troubleshooting of SCCM clients to the remote location.  Software Updates Deployment & Software distribution in SCCM 2007  Provide the Hardware & Software inventory data  Troubleshooting on Software Distribution failures and Validating Packaged Applications for Deployment Readiness. PREVIOUS ORGANISATIONAL PROFILE Progressive Infovision Ltd., June 2009 to March 2012 Position: Customer Support Engineer
  3. 3. Role: Support Engineer Functional:  Configuration and troubleshooting of MS Outlook  Experience on HPOV for closing the Tickets  Troubleshooting of software applications like One view and Smart  Installation of various software like Ms office & Communicator  Ghosting of system with the help of Norton ghost  System issues like joining the system to Domain, clearing the logs of systems.  Basic of Active directory and password reset issues  Desktop sharing  Troubleshooting of monitoring tools like cc pulse  Troubleshooting of windows related issue ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS ADDITIONAL CERTIFICATE COURSES Course Conducted By Duration Diploma in MCSE HCL career development centre Noida Eighteen month MCP Certification Microsoft PERSONAL DETAILS  Father’s Name: Mr. Hukam Singh  Current Address: S-219A, Pandav Nagar, New Delhi-110092.  Marital Status: Single  Nationality: Indian Date: Place: New Delhi (Gajendra Kumar) Qualification College / University Year of Passing Bachelor of science Agra University 2007 Intermediate U.P Board Allahabad 2004 Metric U.P Board Allahabad 2001