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Sales To-Post Sales


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The Sales-to-CSM Handoff is your customers' first impression of their Customer Success team. Understand the best ways to use Gainsight to manage this process from your Sales to your Post-Sales team.

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Sales To-Post Sales

  1. 1. Sales-to-CSM Handoffs Chris Beaven, Manager of Customer Success
  2. 2. Setting the Stage "The customer was upset during our kick-off because we asked them the same questions that the sales team had asked them before close.” Knowledge Transfer Process in Customer Success Management By Allison Pickens | VP Customer Success & Business Operations April 22, 2015 | Posted in Best Practices, Gainsight on Gainsight
  3. 3. Contract Signature Seasoned Customer AdoptionOnboarding When Should You Have a Handoff? C U S T O M E R S U C C E S S S A L E S Closed Won ContractProposal
  4. 4. Operationalizing the Handoff Example New Customer Playbook
  5. 5. Review Contract, Opportunity & SOW
  6. 6. Review Contract, Opportunity & SOW
  7. 7. Tag in C360 as “Shared Investors”
  8. 8. Tag in C360 as “Shared Investors”
  9. 9. Create Premier Deliverables Success Plan
  10. 10. Create Premier Deliverable Success Plan
  11. 11. Add Customer to InsideView Watchlist
  12. 12. Set Up Sponsor Tracking & Core Contacts
  13. 13. Managing Your Core Contacts Set up Sponsor Tracking for core contacts Create a related list for Core Contacts
  14. 14. Hold Internal Sales-to-CSM Handoff
  15. 15. Who Should Attend? •  Account Executive •  Solution Consultant •  For Premier/Premier+ Sales Post-Sales •  Customer Success Manager •  Project Manager •  Solution Architect •  If assigned •  Dedicated Support Rep •  Optional
  16. 16. Include a Link to your Handover Template
  17. 17. Understanding Your Customer COMPANY •  Company Overview (who are they? what do they do)? ORG STRUCTURE •  What does their org structure look like? (current structure? opportunity for expansion)? KEY CONTACTS •  Decision Maker •  Adoption Champion(s) •  Gainsight Admin •  Personalities? Politics? Key things each key stakeholder is personally looking for/ wants to get out of product? •  Where are the key stakeholders geographically located – any time zone issues for meetings? OTHER STAKEHOLDERS •  Contract Signer (if different than Decision Maker) •  Business Unit Heads (if different than Adoption Champions) •  SFDC Admin (if different than Gainsight Admin) •  Data Experts •  Key pilot users/CSMs/Subject Matter Experts •  Important team leads/managers of CSMs
  18. 18. Understanding the Sale EXPECTATIONS/ OUTLINE FOR SUCCESS •  Why did they buy product? What are the team’s key objectives in using the product? •  Any key features of interest? •  What (tools) were they using before? •  How will the team measure success with your solution? •  What are their expectations around implementation timeline, etc.? RISKS •  Any potential risks to be aware of? •  Was the sell competitive? •  Did they have any hesitations about signing? •  Would anything cause them to stop working with us? CONTRACT DETAILS •  Anything unique to contract that we should know about?
  19. 19. Use Attributes to Capture Key Info
  20. 20. Conduct Customer Strategy Session
  21. 21. ©2015 Gainsight. All Rights Reserved. We don’t have a consistent way to track customers’ goals throughout their lifecycle We don’t have a scalable way to show customers how they use our product/service We are seeing churn due to customers not seeing ROI or business value We need to give management visibility into CSM efforts and impact We need a way to report on retention, upsell, and churn We need a way to forecast retention, upsell, and churn We don’t know which accounts are at risk, and which we can impact or de-prioritize` We are seeing churn due to low adoption We are seeing churn due to low- value adoption (e.g. not using new or advanced features) We are seeing churn due to functionality gaps in the product We are seeing churn due to product stability or quality issues We are seeing churn due to poor customer satisfaction We are seeing churn due to loss of our key customer champion We are seeing churn due to customer service issues Our field reps and execs are sometimes blindsided by customer risks Our sales reps and account managers are sometimes blindsided by customer risks during a sales cycle We don’t have a consistent view of customer health across our company We don’t know what’s driving risk and success in our customer base Need a way to track customer relationships across complex customers, multiple products We have accounts we can’t touch with manual outreach but need proactive attention We are seeing customer satisfaction issues due to poor hand-offs from sales to CSM We spend too much time preparing for Executive Business Reviews CSMs have too many repetitive interactions with customers It takes customer-facing team members too long to prepare for customer meetings We need to increase the ratio of accounts a CSM can handle to make CSM more cost effective We don’t know which customers to use as references and in marketing activities We have no way to track our sponsors as they go to new companies in a scalable way We don’t know which customers are trending toward needing more capacity It’s too manual for us to spot customer overages We don’t know how to turn happy customers into advocates OPERATIONALIZE Customer Lifecycle MANAGE Customer Risk DRIVE Expansion & Advocacy ENABLE Cross-functional Visibility DEMONSTRATE Value 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 Conduct Customer Strategy Session
  22. 22. Post Notes to Chatter
  23. 23. Build Customer Success Plan
  24. 24. Build Customer Success Plan
  25. 25. Child-like Joy ©2015 Gainsight. All Rights Reserved. Q & A