Alex Gainey senior project


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Alex Gainey senior project

  1. 1. Senior Project:Learning to play piano
  2. 2. Did you ever take piano lessons as a child?
  3. 3. Hello, my name is Alex Gainey. For my Senior Project I learned howto play the piano. I have always beeninterested and amazed by musicalinstruments, like drums and especiallythe piano.
  4. 4. Research Paper► Formy research paper I found the commonality between learning to play the piano or any musical instrument and increasing grades and IQ. Statistics have shown that learning to play piano or reading music has increased brain development.
  5. 5. Research Cont’dThe effects of learning to play piano and reading music on me were noticeable. I was more organized with my work and also I was managing my time better with school work and my job.
  6. 6. My expectations► My first expectations of learning to play the piano were stressful to think about.► I thought that with my school, football and work schedule I wouldn’t have had time to learn or even practice.
  7. 7. First lesson► My first lesson was very eye opening.► I met at my facilitators house and we immediately began.► I learned the first most basic note. Which is the middle “C”.► Then I learned about the how the left hand plays the Treble Clef and right plays Bass Clef.
  8. 8. Second Lesson► At my next lesson we practiced and went over what I had previously learned in the first lesson.► I then learned to play with my right hand. This was difficult for me, because I am left handed.
  9. 9. Third Lesson► I learned to play actual songs with my left and right hand at different times.► My left hand I was very good at. But my right I was still having problems with.► The first song I fluently learned was the famous “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.
  10. 10. Fourth Lesson► In this lesson with my facilitator, she taught me to play with both hands at the same time.► Trying to play both hands at the same time was very difficult. I would read a note and play something absolutely different.► I would restart every time I messed up.
  11. 11. Fifth Lesson► My fifth lesson I just kept practicing what I had already learned.► I kept repeating hand exercises to help me get better with hand eye coordination and playing.
  12. 12. Sixth Lesson► Inthe past lessons I was learning to play notes with both hands on piano, but it was time to move on.► I was now learning a whole new concept.► This concept was CHORDS.► Chords are used to make the music sound smoother.
  13. 13. Seventh Lesson► The next thing to learn was playing chords and notes at the same time.► This was the most difficult task I had to learn.► I have a disability that prevents me from being able to comprehend a lot of things to doing them physically.
  14. 14. Eighth Lesson► Learning my song for my senior board presentation.► This song is very well known. It’s the “When the saints go marching in”.
  15. 15. Key to successfully playing piano► Practice is the key factor to becoming goodat piano. Repetition of notes, chords andsongs is the KEY.
  16. 16. Challenges and Problems► The main challenges I had was Time!► At the time of lessons I was playing football and coaching a youth football team.► So I had to prioritize my time wisely.► I also suffered two concussions during football, so I was not able to make some of the lessons or even practice.
  17. 17. My Facilitator► My facilitator is a teacher at Creekview in the Special Ed. Department.► Mrs. Sue Ellen Turner► She has over 40 years experience playing piano and around 15-20 years teaching piano to all ages.
  18. 18. I would absolutely recommend taking pianolessons and I am considering keeping up withthis through the summer and possibly intocollege.Learning to play piano has totally changed myhand eye coordination and also has helped mein keep grades up in high school.
  19. 19. Thank you for your time and patience
  20. 20. I will now answer any questions you may have at this time.
  21. 21. ► At this time I will be playing my piece for you.