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RC Presentation 2 - 2016


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RC Presentation 2 - 2016

  1. 1. REVOLUTIONARY CONSULTING Strategy Solutions Service
  2. 2. REVOLUTIONARY CONSULTING SERVICES: ›  Marketing Strategy & Planning ›  Revenue Generating Sponsorship & Partnership Development ›  Branding ›  Experiential Marketing Platforms & Programs ›  Digital Marketing ›  Project Management & Event Production ›  Creative Development
  3. 3. REVOLUTIONARY CONSULTING A Different Kind of Marketing Consultant… Revolutionary PROMISE: ›  Drive revenue for your business ›  Leverage limited marketing & media dollars for maximum impact. ›  Exceptional & personal service an extension of your marketing team ›  Create effective measurable results that over- deliver
  4. 4. Clients & Projects
  6. 6. BHAKTI FEST ›  Multi Event, Multi Day Yoga Music Festival ›  $200,000+ annual sponsor/vendor revenue– 5 years running ›  $50,000+ media partnership support annually ›  Developed activation systems for 150+ vendors & sponsors across 3 events ›  Create marketing strategies & plans across digital & traditional platforms
  7. 7. Tunie’s ›  S. Florida Natural Products Retailer ›  Marketing strategy for 3 store chain ›  Grand Opening campaign resulting in heavy traffic to new store ›  Negotiated 100K+ in coop marketing dollars ›  Created consistent branding across all mediums ›  Developed new website & e- newsletter & social media campaigns ›  Produced annual Health & Wellness Seminar event doubled attendance w minimal budget
  8. 8. Sarasota Film Festival ›  $500,000+ advertising and promotion with media partners such as Clear Channel, ABC-7, Comcast ›  Sponsorships; Wilde Lexus, Stella Artois, 5th/3rd Bank, Whole Foods ›  Implemented Insider Blog, developed social media promotions and e-marketing ›  22% increase in ticket sales over prior year ›  Increase of 40% in web traffic and 150% in social media followers ›  Redesigned website and e- newsletter to be a more effective revenue stream
  9. 9. Tribeca Film Festival ›  Negotiated deals, provided client service, for 40+ sponsors including American Express, General Motors, Anheuser Busch, Pepsi, Sony, Kodak ›  New business; Nokia, L’Oreal Paris, Radio Disney, & Dewars ›  Increased media exposure with sponsor supported revenue-sharing platforms ›  WNBC Red Carpet special for TFF premiere ›  Multi-page special inserts in the New York Times and Vanity Fair ›  Increased partner provided advertising with NY Times 400% ›  80%+ renewal rates from existing sponsors ›  Developed ASCAP Music Lounge, Hospitality Events, Turning Leaf Lounge and other events and content platforms for sponsors
  10. 10. Girls Rock & Girls Rule ›  Platform to showcase female rock bands ›  Produced and marketed entire tour with limited volunteer staff and budgets ›  Partnered with local clubs, media and artists to create buzz and drive traffic ›  Grew from a single event in 2002 to a 16 city tour in 2008 including showcase at CMJ Music Marathon ›  Sponsorships: Rolling Rock, Fuze, Shure, D’addarrio, Luna Bar, Daisy Rock guitars and more ›  Extensive press and media; CMJ, Village Voice, Daily Candy, New York Post, Washington City Paper, WBAB Radio and more ›  Raised thousands of dollars for women’s charities; Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls, Voices of Women-Battered Women’s Resource Center, Habitat for Humanity
  11. 11. Join the Revolution GAIL SILVERMAN Revolutionary Consulting 917-863-6779