Mash-Ups & Applications: Understanding the changes of the intertidal bed at Morecambe Bay


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Mimas Open Forum, 2008, The University of Manchester

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  • Tailored response to users needs
  • Excellent for research purposes and saves time on pre-processing Enables integration of data with other datasets e.g. Ordnance Survey supplied by EDINA Widens the use base of satellite dataAddresses the growing demand (after the release of Google Earth) to use satellite data due to higher awareness of this resource in less traditional disciplines. Only UK national body that acquires satellite data for the UK in a systematic and consistent way, providing an archive of imagery for the nation.
  • Landsat 5 (late 80s early 90s) Landsat 7 (1999 -2000) SPOT (mid 1990s) Mediterranean datasets available for Landsat imagery only ASAR (2004 – present) ERS 1 & 2 (1995 – 1999) Landmap DEM derived from ERS
  • UK very difficult to acquire data New Zealand is the download link other side of the world precluding acquisitions!
  • Limit of 20% download /User OGC WMS service to Edina OS map data users to be investigated! Enhance interoperability and integration of this high quality layered data
  • Variable Time Series from 1999 to 2007 Some areas covered once others over five times Resolution from 5cm to 25 cm Applications Tree Preservation, Regeneration, Mineral and Waste Planning. British National Grid
  • Covers many metropolitan areas including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Ideal for applications requiring height, volume or 3D visualisation information Referenced to British National Grid
  • Possibile collaborations with Environment Agency, Part of Flood Reasearch and Management Consortium.
  • Photographs taken 24 th June 07 and 9 th December 07.
  • Mash-Ups & Applications: Understanding the changes of the intertidal bed at Morecambe Bay

    1. 1. Gail Millin & Kamie Kitmitto (Contact us: Mash-ups & Applications Understanding the changes of the intertidal bed at Morecambe Bay
    2. 2. Running Order  Introduction to Landmap  Unique service offering value added datasets  Offers spatial data support for teaching and learning  New Mash-ups and Data  TopSat (Google Earth)  Cities Revealed (Image Streaming)  New Research and Development  Changing Mudflats in Google Earth (Animation)  Morecambe Bay Study (ITV Video)
    3. 3. Landmap Key Activities  Geospatial Support Services via helpdesk  Research and Development  Exploring New Data Delivery Methods  ERDAS Image Manager  KML for viewing in Google Earth  Applications of Radar & Optical Data  Morecambe Bay Project  Dissemination & Outreach  RSPSoc, GISRUK, FOSS4G and GeoForum  Seeking new Learning Materials from the Academic Community  Hyperspectral tutorial, radar tutorial, application of Cities Revealed data
    4. 4. Landmap Achievements  Satellite data of high quality & excellent positional accuracy  Interoperable via OGC WMS & Image Streaming  Development of advanced online image processing course for a variety of specialised software  Spatial coverage of optical/radar data for the whole of the UK
    5. 5. Data Archive  Optical Collection  Landsat 5, Landsat 7, SPOT, MERIS, TopSAT, Aerial Photography  Radar Collection  ASAR (AP, WS, IM), ERS 1, ERS 2  Elevation Collection  SRTM, 25m DEM, KGPS, LiDAR  Available to academics attending an institute that has signed a licensing agreement.  Free service since 01 August 2007
    6. 6. New - TopSAT  Agreement with Infoterra to order TopSat Imagery almost any where around the world  Trail Results  65 Scene requests from 18 institutions  44 attempts at acquisition some of them repeats  17 fulfilled for a wide variety of applications  Tasking available!  Data acquired viewable in Google Earth
    7. 7. New - Cities Revealed  Licensing of all UK institutions this month  Dataset includes:  Aerial Photography,  Near-Infrared,  LiDAR,  Building Heights, Building Class, Land-use.  Image Streaming in the first instance  Currently being developed first release 1st Aug  Download and OGC services to follow Autumn 2008 with Shibboleth Authentication
    8. 8. Aerial Photography ©TheGeoInformationGroup2007
    9. 9. LiDAR  Collected by a laser at intervals of between 1m and 2m on the ground  Height point vertical accuracy of +/- 15 cm ©TheGeoInformationGroup2007
    10. 10. R&D Morecambe Bay  To develop a model of intertidal morphodynamics of Morecambe Bay using remotely sensed data  Identify types of remotely sensed imagery available for Morecambe Bay  Assess the effectiveness of the data for regular monitoring of the bay.  Create a model of the morphodynamics of the intertidal zone using Telemac – 2D  Validation of the model using past observations  Devise a data delivery mechanism for the Bay Search and Rescue Team.
    11. 11. Analysis  Visual Assessment – identify gullies and channels  Classification  Mapping wet/dry boundaries  Change Detection – relate to tides, waves, surges and wind  Extracting bathymetric information  Consider scale, data quality, resolution
    12. 12. Morecambe Bay
    13. 13. Mash-ups & Media  Morecambe Bay Animation  Requested by ITV for Real Crime Program  News Item  Press Interested in the radar imagery that potential could be used as additional mapping information for the Bay Search and Rescue Team.
    14. 14. We are Listening!  Customer feedback is paramount  We have and will be utilising workshops and meetings to inform what we do!
    15. 15. Thanks for ListeningThanks for Listening