©2000 Phonic Ear Inc. Phonic Ear and VocaLight
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VocaLight Infrared Classroom Amplification Brochure


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VocaLight Infrared Classroom Amplification Brochure

  1. 1. ©2000 Phonic Ear Inc. Phonic Ear and VocaLight how does it rg e cl a s sr o o m work? o r la s rf o s c o n d ar y s e n As this dia- gram shows, three basic e ls a components ion op t a lost tooth comes back make up the VOCALIGHT system: the wireless trans- BTE FM mitter worn by the teacer, the receiver nt ed o n are trademarks of and the exclusive property of Phonic Ear Inc. xxx-xxxx-xxx/Rev A 1314 500 base station which picks up the wireless n mou wa ll tio an d speech signal, and the speakers which a st co v e r ba s e uniformly distribute the teacher’s voice nn ec t ed to s p throughout the room. cei e lr Phonic Ear has over 36 years of expertise al ea sm ke rs in wireless technology for schools. In addition, our infrared sound systems have been used in AMC, UA, Cineplex Odeon, and other major cinema chains across the country for over a decade. We’re headquartered in California’s Sonoma wine country. Here, our 150 employees — one-third of whom have been with us for at least 10 years — design, build, improve, and support the products that thousands of people in over 60 nations have sma l l w i r el e s s r s a l so a v a mi ke ila cr ea b come to rely o sp ph le on. ) on ng e w or n by d o n w a l l ( c ei l i a il ab le ) av a lost lesson doesn’t te o a s ch al er on nte (h a nd - he l d v e r s i ou m rs ke spea the VocaLight receiver saves valuable classroom space — it’s only as big as the back of this brochure us: 800.227.0735 then press 5 • canada: 800.263.8700 • www.phonicear.com
  2. 2. r che tea n, the light of learning rso why choose vocalight? de . an f ul .’ a l l, me ipa hig ar rinc The sound field concept is now firmly accepted as a means i, p h - q u a l i t y, w i d he ion of improving student attention, comprehension, and test can cch on e . ve scores. Yet the many choices available to educational profes- ery s.’ h tem b le vocalight: a better design for better education ‘ev ir s ys la sionals can make the decision to equip classrooms confus- the e v ai - ba ve o d e l a l so a ff lo nd ing. Choose VOCALIGHT when you want: sta making a good school better What if teachers swap transmitters? Simple volume controls and a wide-band infrared transmission better for teachers so ‘my un • d 1 no hassle Unlike an Study after study has proven it What if you run out of channels? treble control mean the system — a technology we’ve been devel- If you’re going to wear something m ut FM system, VOCALIGHT’s gm e — using sound field immediately operates just like your stereo at oping for a decade for use by major for eight hours, it had better be sw itc infrared technology doesn’t penetrate walls or pick up li n This is where VOCALIGHT h • po r e i interference from other classrooms — install as many as improves comprehension and test home. A convenient plug-in port cinema chains. Because more comfortable. VOCALIGHT’s t abl e o r w a l l- m ou nt •c shines. Unlike FM systems, you need without spending time managing channels. on the base station lets you sound information can fit into the scores1,2 while reducing teacher VOCALIGHT ’S 2.3/2.8MHz combined emitter/ recharge the transmitter band, a fuller, more natural-sound- microphones can be vocal fatigue and LD referrals. In infrared transmission never picks content-rich teaching without removing the ing voice comes out of the speak- worn with a single cord 2 sound quality VOCALIGHT uses high-frequency the last five years, schools all over up interference from other batteries or hunting -free r ec ept i on • ers. Teachers can even optimize the and are designed to be as Because two channels are built wide-band infrared technology that’s impervious to the U.S. and Canada have begun classrooms. That means you can ce tr a ns for an open outlet. A mi tone to suit the characteristics into VOCALIGHT, it’s easy to con- n light and unobtrusive as possible. e re interference from fluorescent lights, power lines, or routinely installing wireless mic instantly improve the acoustics tte rc handy mute switch makes of the room. cher inter f ha duct a team-teaching program. other signals. Best of all, it offers a clear, full sound. speaker systems not just in two or of an unlimited number of rg y, tea gurne in sure private conver- e.’ d. One teacher simply uses channel three classrooms, but in every g classrooms without worrying y voic po sations aren’t for m A; the other uses channel B. Both rt classroom. But that leads to ation go r st u d en about channel management •m 3 simplicity If you can use a stereo, you can use in broadcast. ke a vac signals are mixed — perhaps with ix h another potential problem — ‘it’s li ea m teac tu ever again. in se And lights And of course, your choice of CD, VCR, or au VOCALIGHT — clearly marked controls keep it simple. how to manage all the dio reassure at a VOCALIGHT offers all the vocal computer audio (plug in up to rt Audio mixing/recording is as easy as plugging in a cord, wireless channels? fr o m fo hand -mic and two channels make team teaching a breeze. glance — even from health benefits of traditional four secondary sound sources) — C D s , V CR s, the wireless challenge across the classroom — sound field systems — potentially and delivered through the speakers. If you’re familiar that the system reducing voice-related sick days No hassle. No complicated wiring 4 small size The VOCALIGHT base station packs a tion is working. atten by half.3 setups. (You can even use the & hts with FM sound field bette r m li g lot into a compact case (fold this brochure up to see e • s ig n al st a t us or second channel to pass around a how big it is) — built-in ports for mixing in CD or VCR systems, you know better for kids her lechner, teac handheld wireless mic to students that having a differ- t or children.’ k. input, audio out for FM transmission, and more! go up for all ca better performance i VOCALIGHT’s full sound saw scores er i nd ent channel for each s ion ‘i during reading aloud, oral reports, en quality is made possible or performances.) The auxiliary reh Because VOCALIGHT’s unique pow classroom can be p 5 performance With a decade of experience in com by its use of sensor optics give it broader output provides an excellent signal ry/ a management e r ett tte b for plugging in FM transmitters or s infrared cinema technology, we’ve designed sensitivity, the system ba re challenge. tw better for schools co • h tape recorders. oc VOCALIGHT’s optics for better reception — teachers can itc consistently picks up ts sw h a n n el es roam freely without worry about losing the signal. te We packed in the convenient rt mu a strong, clear signal. alth g• tte sf o r t e am t e a c h i n be he features teachers asked for, yet al 6 time savings VOCALIGHT’s built-in transmitter we made sure it’s hassle-free — voc so they can concentrate on being er charging port is much more convenient — just plug ach your transmitter into the base station for the night and teachers, not technicians. r te you’re done. No more searching for outlet space. tte be the teacher’s wireless microphone beams her voice to speakers around the room, so she doesn’t need to shout to be consistently heard by everyone… …on-task behavior and performance improve as a result… …even for kids in the back of the room 1 Zabel, H. & Tabor, M. Effects of classroom amplification on spelling performance of elementary school children. Educational Audiology Monograph 3, 6-9. 2 Roeser, R.J. & Downs, M.P., ed. An innovative use of free field amplification in regular clasrooms. Auditory Disorders in School Children (pp. 263-272). New York: Thieme-Stratton. 3 Allen, L. Effect sound field amplification has on teacher vocal abuse problems. Keystone Area Education Agency