Sprite Audiologist Brochure


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Sprite Audiologist Brochure

  1. 1. the tool for school CYANMAGENTAYELLOW BLACKVARNISH fitting range sprite: the programmable hearing instrument with the fm advantage The moder- ate and power why choose Sprite? models are de- Designed for years settings to any child, all you need is an audio- ware and intuitive You can view gain and signed for people C l e a r l y, t h e r e a r e anywhere, anytime gram. Real-time fine-tun- user interface mean output curves on-screen, whose pure tone many hearing instru- of use with using the leading pedi- ing is a breeze, too. you can begin fitting and the handy Feedback thresholds fall within ments and many FM Studies consis- the yellow and red areas atric protocols — in id ges t e l e co i l c ar SPRITE now. The portable Manager eliminates options available to audiolo- an ideal choice for el c ar t r tr i d ge tently show improved respectively (note orange many differ- significantly less time. ch a nn pl u g-i squealing problems gists working in schools. learning fm m n comprehension No thick manuals, overlap). 2 in ia programmer — quickly and easily. SPRITE’s powerful built-in fea- the advanced hearing e and perfor- no long hours spent SPRITE frequency in Hz m ent students, nt lu en instrument for kids mance for getting up to speed. a better fit with kids vo tures make it ideal for many kids. 125 250 500 1k 2k 4k 8k na offers designed for SPRITE le k ab For example: students Simply choose from 0 fm With hearing equip- more Kids love technology loc SPRITE’s extraor- 10 using two g ai a re ment changing hands than and future Phonic — not medical devices. 20 n co 1 s o f tw flexibility • In a school setting, a wireless fitting threshold in dBHL 30 n tr dinarily wide yearly — or even just a Modeled after 40 ol hearing system must be flexible technol- meth- monthly — SPRITE is sophis- Ear products popular elec- 50 enough to be transferred from stay on top of it all ogy in ods: 60 the ideal choice for ticated tronics, SPRITE n d lo s s fitting range and combi- t ra n s l u c one student to another — often with very Around the world, school hearing pro- hearing Just — lets you comes in a 70 80 nation ro f o u different thresholds — throughout its life- the trend in hearing grams. It’s instantly pro- instru- enter an cool clear case e nt precision make it 90 with their to p time. SPRITE fits hearing abilities from nor- c as 100 care is toward pro- grammable for any ment. audiogram automatically with a splash of eo hearing oss mal through profound losses. 110 grammable instru- hearing loss, from pro- It also and enjoy translucent color (tradi- p ti ideal for school ol aids. And on rn ments. They’re not found to no loss at all. incorpo- the confidence of tional tan is also avail- 2 ve apply sophisticated speed • What’s more, SPRITE can be fit co ds SPRITE brings product facts l, sl ls e only more comfort- use. It can be So you can concentrate rates a com- having all controls able). Exciting as it is, d i/ o od accurately and rapidly, without taxing an ,n al - 2 m this technology BTE FM gain audiologist’s time or patience. able for kids, they’re on your kids, not on pact FM receiver r p, and programs set protocols with just the clear case actually a nd p og o inside the instru- Digitally programmable control extremely flexible customized quick- their equipment. which offers 40 I I p r ot o c o l s automatically blends in better ment case for a discreet, Slots for two 3 portability • SPRITE’s hand-held programmer is devices that are quick channels in 72MHz according to the a few keystrokes. with hair and Non-linear, Wide SPRITE comes in two hassle-free solution. Dynamic Range wireless chan- small, lightweight, and battery-powered — a and easy to fit. And ly for an entirely or 19 channels in leading pediatric skin — so models — Power and Compression (WDRC) nels or one wire- plus for busy hearing care professionals. that’s the crucial dif- 216MHz. This provides fitting protocol of kids who Moderate/High Software-adjustable less channel and ference — considering new child. an additional 15 to your choice — DSL , like to Frequency. Both offer the one t-coil 4 quality • While nothing matches the abuse-resis- you probably serve 20dB signal-to-noise DSL i/o, NAL - RP , or show off fitter controls tance of a body-worn FM receiver, SPRITE’s FM comfort and security of Gain HF tone user controls/ much if not all of ratio in conversations, the POGO II . can, and those who options component is more durable, less prone to loss or Wide Dynamic Range your district. on the playground, and faster fit don’t, don’t have to. MPO WDRC disconnection, and has potentially greater range than an Compression (WDRC). Or, if you prefer, Digital volume where it’s needed most LF tone AGC-O SPRITE’s convenient Yet all the calculations are With the handheld you can program control FM shoe system. The SPRITE is also designed to be highly — in the classroom. Software-lockable hand-held program- perfectly invisible to busy programmer, fitting the instrument F, F/M, M resistant to sweat. volume control mer lets you precisely fitters; the programmer SPRITE is sheer simplic- manually — with Built-in FM receiver. T, T/M, M 5 acceptance • SPRITE is light, comfortable, and discreet tailor the instrument does the grunt work — ity. Its advanced soft adjustments occur- ring in real-time. Choose from: Available in clear — a must for older children and adults. 72MHz (40 channels) or and tan colors from Kendra to Philip to Jared to Mike to Emily For help selecting from our complete range of hearing (aged 6, monkey bar champeen, (aged 12, professional brainiac, (aged 22, anthropology major, (aged 19, wrestling starter, (aged 4, budding lepidopterist, 216MHz (19 channels) instrument/ FM products, please consult our brochure normal-hearing CAPD user)... mild cookie bite loss)... moderate sloping loss)... severe unilateral loss)... profound symmetrical loss) FM Solutions for Education.
  2. 2. CYANMAGENTAYELLOWBLACK ©2001 Phonic Ear Inc. Phonic Ear is a trademark of, and the exclusive property of, Phonic Ear Inc. 821-6679-101/Rev B 2114 0701 VARNISH sprite fm that’s not an afterthought Students can achieve the best speech understanding in a school environment — with background noise typically 55dB or greater — when you combine an advanced non-linear hear- ing instrument with sophisticated wireless FM technology. This is particu- sprite: a collaboration larly important for chil- To achieve a better hearing solution dren’s language develop- for the classroom, we designed SPRITE ment, academic progress, in cooperation with some of the and lifelong opportunity. world’s leading hearing instrument That’s why SPRITE is innovators. To this partnership, equipped with durable The SPRITE transmitter Phonic Ear has contributed 36 years all-in-one FM circuitry in either 72 or 216MHz. It — worn by teachers or of wireless expertise, making SPRITE offers plenty of range for an important step forward for stu- hearing aid + fm friends — comes in a classrooms, field trips, and (use in noise or over distance) dents and the professionals who care playground activities. cool translucent case. for them. It’s an achievement we’re very proud of. Students can easily switch We’ve also reduced the as needed between FM, size of the microphones, Phonic Ear is headquartered in FM + mic, and mic-only California’s Sonoma wine country. modes. What’s more, and provided Here, our 150 employees — one- the FM component Switch left or FM or t-coil frequency- third of whom have been with us for right to activate cartridge can’t be loosened at least 10 years — design, build, a cartridge by fidgeting matching improve, and support the products FM cartridge Increase volume by 2dB fingers, lost, that’s that thousands of people in over 60 Decrease volume or swallowed. Highly sweat- nations have come to rely on. resistant case by 2dB better FM only T-coil only suited to advanced simplicity Mic + FM Mic + T-coil FM fitting. Mic only Mic only hearing aid only (use in quiet or close up) us: 800.227.0735 then press 5 • canada: 800.263.8700 • www.phonicear.com