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MultiLang Brochure

  1. 1. MultiLang bringt Ihnen die Welt MultiLang le trai el mundo MultiLang MultiLang brengt u de wereld who MultiLang traz o mundo até você what is the MultiLang, le monde à votre por- tée multilang system? your partners the idea MultiLang bringt Ihnen die Welt The MultiLang system is a cre- MultiLang le trai el mundo ◗ A great way to build visitor volume — especially ation of software experts NewDAE MultiLang brengt u de wereld international visitors — and increase revenue technologies and wireless com- MultiLang traz o mundo até você munications leader Phonic Ear. ◗ Guests can access up to 7 different languages/ MultiLang, le monde à votre por- programs simultaneously brings tée ◗ Completely wireless — travelers can move about freely; no need to wire the vessel what to expect ◗ You control the programs, so visitors won’t listening systems for commercial MultiLang bringt Ihnen die Welt uses the Once you decide to add the use. Since then it has contributed miss important information MultiLang system to your fleet or MultiLang le trai el mundo both fm- and infrared-based wire- MultiLang brengt u de wereld site, we get to work. Our partners less technology, serving custom- at NewDAE technologies create MultiLang traz o mundo até você ers in over 70 countries. Phonic the technology the digital audio files of your nar- Ear’s wireless products can be MultiLang appears here in French ration. If you like, they can handle found everywhere from class- ◗ Pre-recorded digital audio ensures consistent narration quality the entire scripting, translation, rooms to houses of worship to and recording process (or simply ◗ The operator chooses and broadcasts the narration stadiums, with diverse products with a few mouse clicks you digitize any existing tape-based ranging from hearing aids with narration you may have). They’ll MultiLang bringt Ihnen die Welt built-in wireless receivers to ◗ Sound effects or background music are easy to add work closely with you to establish MultiLang le trai el mundo large-area sound systems. a script that fits your tour program MultiLang brengt u de wereld ◗ Seamlessly edit your program at any time while operating and can be easily customized by Based in Ontario, Canada, MultiLang traz o mundo até você ◗ Digital signal processing and synthesis technology your operators on the fly. NewDAE was founded in 1998 MultiLang appears here in French means clear, clean sound MultiLang At the same time, Phonic Ear’s and has developed proprietary ◗ Lightweight, comfortable headsets and receivers engineering team will begin software that automates the building, testing, and installing simultaneous delivery of your custom wireless compo- digitized audio. nents — the delivery system for MultiLang bringt Ihnen die Welt Phonic Ear pioneered wireless the application your audio programming. MultiLang le trai el mundo listening technology in 1968, ◗ Great for tour narration, safety instructions, the The completion time will of when it introduced an fm system MultiLang brengt u de wereld event scheduling, and more course vary depending on your for hearing impaired children. MultiLang traz o mundo até você project, but you should expect In the early 1970s, Phonic Ear MultiLang, le monde à votre por- ◗ Book international groups simultaneously became the first company to about two months of develop- tée for maximum occupancy ment time, plus one to two develop wireless assistive ◗ Meet Americans with Disabilities Act days per installation. (ADA) standards system? MultiLang bringt Ihnen die Welt MultiLang le trai el mundo call 800.227.0735 then press 5 • MultiLang brengt u de wereld © 2001 Phonic Ear Inc. Phonic Ear is a registered trademark of, and the exclusive property of Phonic Ear Inc. The MultiLang and MultiLang traz o mundo até você NewDAE logos are trademarks of NewDAE technologies inc. and are used by Phonic Ear under license. All other logos are trademarks world of, and the exclusive property of, their respective holders. 821-7400-101/Rev. A/2176 101 MultiLang, le monde à votre por- tée
  2. 2. how MultiLang works it’s not just about languages “The While MultiLang is superbly suited to MultiLang system is an multiple-language programming, you easy to use, can just as easily use it for multi-topic cutting edge, programming. Imagine an historical incredible the transmission unit tour narration playing on one chan- product.” nel, music on a different channel, the world portable protective case John Ruzich and cultural programs on yet another. Vice President of Sales & Marketing rf transmitters New York Waterway And because we professionally pre- Weehawken, New Jersey high-powered computer record your programs in digital for- at your Japanese with monitor mat, you can even incorporate back- passen- power protection ger hears French ground music, exciting special sound Japanese passen- effects, and more in your tour. The doorstep ger hears possibilities are endless! “High quality commentary…the French German operation of the system is so passenger simple, so very simple…I would hears say that the MultiLang system international travelers are visiting German ■ Live guides 450 gives a great sense of freedom leaving both hands free to deal your city — are they visiting you? 00 (3 languages) with children or camera.” ■ MultiLang sys- David Spencer also available for Director of Operations I tem (7 languag- nternational tourism con- Nearly 2 million Germans from NewDAE, museums, buses, Catamaran Cruisers and over 1 million French it’s now possible for you central operator control and other appli- London, England tinues to grow at record cations 300 rates. At least 48.5 million tourists arrive yearly to to offer a rich, consistent, 0 0 ★ ★ enjoy our sights. professionally-produced tour ★ ★ visitors arrive in the U.S. ★ ★ annually, increasing by over narration — in two, four, Over $95 billion a year en- 2 million each year. or even seven languages ters the economy through “Finally, MultiLang offers a simultaneously. The superb While these figures are these extremely mobile 150 way for my company to recruit digital interface even lets 00 international groups.” impressive, the crucial travelers — who are in you make instant, seamless point for growth-minded your city right now. h Ron Thomson changes in the narration as arc il Owner/Operator tour providers is that non- Are you seeing foreign m apr y your itinerary changes. a Uncle Sam Boat Tours English-speaking nations m ne travelers in your business? ju uly j Alexandria Bay, New York are prominent among The results are astonish- t 0 If not, making a personal us ug ber r the largest inbound commitment to service in ing. Simply offering the a m be “Packaging group tour itineraries te o markets. For example, their language may make a MultiLang system has s ep oct for the international inbound mar- Mexico drives an world of difference. After all, improved some users’ ket is a complex task. Travelers incredible 20% of a harbor tour is much more monthly passenger traffic as the software passenger volume and guides alike expect private antenna operators to have positioned their this tourism, and attractive if it’s in a language much as 292%. current segment Japan 10%. products with a commitment to you understand. the personal International passengers radio signal broadcasts program playlist stellar performance service in many languages.” That’s why the MultiLang are already in your back- wireless receiv- Gerrit De Vos, up to six different sound playback controls MultiLang systems help attract more yard, eager to experience ers system is such a powerful channels simultaneously Director of Product Development language/program status passengers — it’s no wonder our clients business builder. Using the the sights you show daily. clip or lavalier for Allied Tours tell us over and over how business is latest wireless technology Welcome them aboard hands-free use exploding since they upgraded their “Having seen the Multilang and advanced multi-channel with a MultiLang system volume control fleet. The chart above compares the system in action, I am most by Phonic Ear! tuner preset by passenger volume for one major tour impressed by its ease of opera- Source: U.S. Department of Commerce, ITA, Tourism staff to receive operation before and after installing tion…the most effective market- Industries & Bureau of Economic Analysis, May 2000 each language a MultiLang system — overall growth ing tool in the digital age!” software comfortable, is 116%, with individual months Andrew Neeston, President sanitary headset showing as much as 292% increases. 1000 Island and Seaway Cruises Brockville, Ontario