Hearing Aid/Lexis Selection Brochure


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Hearing Aid/Lexis Selection Brochure

  1. 1. High Quality Hearing Aids Industry Leading THE FM ADVANTAGE Oticon offers a broad range of high FM Sound Quality The Phonic Ear Advantage quality BTE hearing aids compatible The LEXIS systems’ broad frequency Phonic Ear has been manufacturing high-quality personal FM with LEXIS. Phonic Ear has partnered response and digital signal processing systems for over 40 years. We’re known around the world by with Oticon to distribute their most reproduce the sounds of speech more hearing professionals, teachers and users for pioneering the use popular hearing instruments for chil- faithfully, giving voices a richer, warmer of wireless technology to greatly enhance speech intelligibility in dren covering a broad spectrum of sound quality. The sleek and the educational environment. O T I C O N H E A R I N G A I D S A N D L E X I S™ personal needs and preferences. This attractive transmitter can be gives hearing care professionals the Phonic Ear is passionate about helping hearing impaired worn by the teacher or held freedom to select a solution that per- children succeed in the classroom, which is why we place by the student if used within fectly matches the degree of hearing tremendous emphasis on the sound quality of our systems. its operating range. With loss, the level of experience with hear- We invite you take advantage of our 45-day, no obligation three microphone modes The LEXIS personal evaluation program1 so you can hear for yourself the unparal- • a full line of award-winning ing aids, and the lifestyle and financial (Omni, Focus and Super- products to meet personal, circumstances of each individual. FM system improves leled sound quality of the LEXIS personal FM system. focus) students can quickly classroom, or commercial needs adjust the directionality of the transmitter to transition effortlessly from a larger classroom setting to a smaller group setting without missing a word. speech intelligibility in classrooms with difficult How to Contact Us: • a 45-day no-obligation evaluation program1 • 30-day money-back guarantee2 Setting listening environments I N TH E USA the • Tracker Database to help schools Discreet by wirelessly transmit- Corporate Headquarters manage their equipment Phonic Ear Inc. Receiver Design ting the teachers’ voice 3880 Cypress Drive • trade-in program1 Petaluma, CA 94954 -7600 Phonic Ear and Oticon directly to the students’ toll free/vox: 800.227.0735/707.769.1110 have designed a range • FM Express Program for quick web: www.phonicear.com of LEXIS receiver options that are optimized for ease-of-use, sound qual- ears. Oticon BTE hearing aids are designed for seamless integration I N C A N A DA and easy equipment service (with an existing maintenance agreement) Sound ity and design. These Phonic Ear Ltd. • comprehensive warranties tiny, ear-level receivers 10-7475 Kimbel Street and maintenance agreements Quality with LEXIS so students Mississauga, Ontario L5S 1E7 deliver crystal clear toll free/vox: 800.263.8700/905.677.3231 • in-house service and repairs speech directly are not only getting a web: www.phonicear.ca to the student • travel technician program superior hearing instru- and also give them for large volume customers I N T E R N AT I O N A L Standard something they’ve always ment; they are getting a (available only in the US) wanted – the ability to Phonic Ear A/S total hearing solution • funding and grant- just fit in. Strandvejen 58 2900 Hellerup, Denmark writing information2 specially suited for telephone: +45 3917 7101 web: www.phonicear.dk • professional development the classroom. seminars with CEU credits2 • personalized technical consulta- tion from our territory managers available for schools only Lexis improves speech 1 2 available only in the U.S. and Canada intelligibility in noise © 2004 Phonic Ear Inc. Phonic Ear and the names of Phonic Ear products are trademarks or registered trademarks of Phonic Ear Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. © 2004 Oticon and the names of Oticon products are trademarks or registered trademarks of Oticon in the U.S. and other countries. 821-7450-115/Rev A/4607 1204
  2. 2. A Complete Hearing Solution Phonic Ear has partnered with Oticon, a world leader in hearing aid design, to Oticon and Phonic Ear - setting the sound quality standard create a high performance hearing system that sets a new standard for sound quality and reliability. Super TESTIMONIAL Mini BTE Power Standard BTE Power Students using Oticon BTE hearing aids and the LEXIS™ personal FM system can now conquer the everyday classroom challenges associated with distance, reverberation and background noise. Designed with language development in mind, this amazing system is perfect for students ranging from preschool to high school with mild to profound hearing loss. SUMO XP** Atlas Plus Power Atlas Power GO Power Ergo Power Atlas Plus Atlas Plus Direct Atlas Direct GO GO Direct Atlas Ergo Seamless, Trouble-Free FM Integration Fitting Range All of our hearing aids connect to the LEXIS ear-level FM receiver through the use of an audio shoe. However, we’ve designed an integrated audio shoe and two dedicated FM receivers specially suited for the rough and tumble educa- Bruce Kwiecinski Category Programmable Digital Digital Digital Programmable Digital Digital Digital Digital Digital Digital Programmable tional environment. Broken and missing audio shoes are a thing of the past M.S., CCC-A with these kid-tough FM solutions! Educational Audiologist, Frequency Range* 100 - 5000Hz 100 - 5300Hz 100 - 5300Hz 100 - 5300Hz 100 - 6200Hz 120 - 5400Hz 220 - 5400Hz 120 - 5400Hz 120 - 5400Hz 120 - 5400Hz 120 - 5400Hz 100 - 6200Hz AG Bell School Chicago, Illinois Durable and Discreet Gain/MPO* (dB SPL) 82/142 71/133 71/133 71/133 74/134 59/119 57/115 59/119 57/115 59/119 57/115 64/134 Receiver Solutions 1 CH 2 CH – 4 bands 2 CH – 4 bands 2 CH 1 CH 2 CH – 4 bands 2 CH – 4 bands 2 CH – 4 bands 2 CH – 4 bands 2 CH 2 CH 1 CH “The LEXIS is very Signal Processing PC, AGCo fast or PC, AGCo fast PC, AGCo fast or WDRC or linear WDRC or linear WDRC WDRC WDRC WDRC WDRC WDRC WDRC AGCo slow or AGCo slow AGCo slow LE-5 LE-7 FM-7 POGO II + BC, NAL-RP, NAL-NL1, DSL i/o, NAL-NL1, DSL i/o, easy to fit. The fitting Fitting Rationales NAL-NL1 Choice of 6 NAL-NL1, DSL i/o NAL-NL1, DSL i/o NAL-NL1, DSL i/o NAL-NL1, DSL i/o NAL-NL1 NAL-NL1 Choice of 6 DSL i/o, SSM+, Correll-2 NAL-RP, DSL i/o (lin) NAL-RP, DSL i/o (lin) The LE-5 is an audio- The LE-7 is an FM re- The FM-7 audioshoe is guide is clear and easy Programmable Programmable Programmable Programmable Programmable Programmable Programmable Programmable shoe and FM receiver ceiver designed for the an attractive and dur- T-coil Programmable Programmable Programmable Programmable with +6dB boost with +6dB boost with +6dB boost with +6dB boost with +6dB boost with +6dB boost with +6dB boost with +6dB boost to read, and everything in one! Designed to fit select Oticon SUMO BTE hearing aid. The LE-7 able solution for SUMO users that need BTE hearing aids, this dedicated receiv- receiver slides directly into the battery multi-channel flexibility. Like the LE-7, T-coil Control Switch Push Button Push Button Push Button Push Button Push Button Switch Push Button Switch Push Button Switch Push Button worked out perfectly. er has a custom designed latching door to form an extremely durable con- The FM-7 audioshoe slides directly into Volume Control Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Optional Not Available Optional Not Available Optional Not Available Standard My student told me – mechanism for a rock-solid fit. Available nection – no more worries about broken the battery door making it look and feel in 15 channels, this FM receiver solu- and missing audio shoes! The FM-7 like it is part of the hearing aid shell. and he is a very bright Battery Type 675 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 tion has the durability and flexibility to receiver blends perfectly into the over- As the user progresses through school, 8th grader – as soon as adapt to any classroom situation. all design and shape of the SUMO Oticon any channel of the LEXIS universal receiv- #3 #3 #3 #3 #3 #3 #2 #3 #2 #3 #2 #3 to create our most discreet personal Programming Cable he tried it, he loved it! LE-5 fits the following Oticon BTE aids: er can be plugged directly into the FM-7. FM solution. Oticon 390-01-151 390-01-151 390-01-151 N/A 390-01-151 390-01-151 390-02-320 390-01-151 390-01-151 390-01-151 N/A N/A • Adapto • Atlas Direct Programming Shoe There is an extreme • Gaia • Atlas Plus Direct 1 1 AP 700 AP 600 AP 600 AP 600 AP 600 AP 600 AP 501 AP 600 AP 501 AP 600 AP 501 AP 600 DAI Shoe difference in clarity, 399-50-900-08 399-50-460-06 399-50-460-06 399-50-460-06 399-50-460-06 399-50-460-06 399-51-440-03 399-50-460-06 399-51-440-03 399-50-460-06 399-51-440-03 399-50-460-06 • Digifocus II V2 • Go Direct Lexis FM FM 7 FM 6 FM 6 FM 6 FM 6 FM 6 FM 5 FM 6 FM 6 FM 5 FM 6 • Digilife.com V2 FM 5 reliability and ease Audio Shoe 399-50-920-02 399-50-450-04 399-50-450-04 399-50-450-04 399-50-450-04 399-50-450-04 399-51-170-07 399-50-450-04 399-51-170-07 399-50-450-04 399-51-170-07 399-50-450-04 Lexis FM of use between the LE-7 LE-5 LE-5 LE-5 Dedicated Receiver 1 2 2 LEXIS and other FM *2cc coupler ** can be modified to function as a bone conduction hearing aid systems on the market. And I’ve had nothing All the hearing aids shown can be programmed using the Genie fitting software. 2 3 3 Options available for all Oticon BTE’s: but good experiences • Dampened, non-dampened sound hook • CROS and BiCros • Pediatric sound hook • Eyeglass adaptor • Tamper resistant battery doors • Choice of hair/skin tone colors or OtiKids Cool Colors with Phonic Ear. I am • Tamper resistant volume control cover spoiled by my rep!”