Easy Listener2 Launch Brochure


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Easy Listener2 Launch Brochure

  1. 1. The advanced speech clarity solution for teaching
  2. 2. what is With OptiVoice™ sound field? teachers can easily adapt the sound of Sound field (also called their voice for maxi- classroom amplification) mum clarity in a variety of listening is a widely accepted tool environments for academic success. By slightly amplifying the teacher’s voice and dispersing it evenly throughout the class- room, sound field helps ensure that every child, regardless of seating loca- tion, consistently hears and understands what the teacher is saying. sound field is: • the best way to overcome the negative Optimized for Sound effects that noise, dis- tance, and echo have on student comprehension Quality, Speech Clarity, • a proven way to improve literacy, attentiveness, and and Simplicity teacher vocal health • an effective tool for keeping kids focused Superior Sound Quality and “on-task” Get their attention and keep it! • a natural, cost-effective Listening and learning is so much easier for stu- way to address AD/HD dents when their teacher’s voice is clear and natur- or auditory processing al-sounding. The new EASYLISTENER 2 provides disorders, and increase that sound quality with an extremely low-noise amplifier, phonetic recognition high-performance speakers that support the receiver’s wide for ESOL students audio bandwidth, and rock-solid interference rejection. The • supported by over result is full, and more 25 years of research faithful voice reproduction ”I love the design, and more than 50 that students will find easy flexibility, and quality of studies proving that EasyListener 2. With to listen to all day, with- OptiVoice, my voice was sound field helps all out straining. consistently clear, natural, students succeed and appropriately audible Positioning speakers • easy to use — and easy for maximum direc- to the children.” tionality is a snap Kathleen Eckert, Teacher to see the results! Marguerite Hahn School with our exclusive Rohnert Park, CA “drop-n-click” ball joint speaker bracket.
  3. 3. Unique Speech Clarity Optimizer Impeccable Service OptiVoice™ delivers better speech Rely on a worldwide understanding in class team of professionals It takes more than great sound to create the best Thoroughly tested for durability at the Oticon listening environment—speech intelligibility is just engineering facility in Copenhagen, Denmark, as important. Even in moderate noise, an emphasis EASYLISTENER 2 is built for years of flawless on higher-frequency speech sounds can greatly improve the operation. Combined with Phonic Ear’s renowned customer listener’s ability to understand. That’s where support and over 40 years’ our exclusive OptiVoice feature comes in. TM OptiVoice Settings and Speech Intelligibility experience working with 35 Just one switch does the work of a sophisti- 30 low position for high position for maximum schools, you can rest assured: broadest range in intelligibility in noisy conditions cated 12-band equalizer, allowing teachers to 25 low noise levels For excellence in teaching 20 instantly optimize EASYLISTENER 2 for the 15 tools, EASYLISTENER 2 is the dBv range best possible intelligibility. Use the low posi- 10 easy choice! Try the new 5 tion in low-noise situations or for the most 0 EasyListener 2 with our natural voice reproduction; medium in mod- -5 free 45-day evaluation -10 medium position for erate noise or to minimize reverberant tones; -15 moderate noise levels program! and the high position to help cut through air -20 10 20 30 50 100 200 500 1k 2k 5k 10k 20k conditioning or traffic noise, ensuring top frequency (Hz) comprehension during critical tasks such as Lower frequencies provide warmth and personality but can mask the higher frequencies critical to intelligibility test-taking or hearing-impaired instruction. Critical speech intelligibility range (primarily consonants) Contains little useful speech information Simplicity EasyListener 2 works hard so you don’t have to Easy for teachers: A carefree one-plug fail-safe charging system prevents accidental recharging of alkaline batteries. OptiVoice helps students better under- stand, even in the presence of noise. Easy for administrators: Easier than ever to help improve student test scores and behavior while reduc- features at a glance: ing teacher absenteeism from vocal fatigue. • full, natural, clear • three-band Easy for installers:The installation ease of an FM sound quality equalizer system with reduced channel management issues. Strong adjacent channel rejection ensures that signals • exclusive • one-plug, fail-safe won’t get crossed—even when using 19 or more OptiVoice™ charging channels! “Drop-n-click” speaker brackets offer speech clarity maximum mounting and positioning ease. • simple, clean • 19 216MHz user controls Easy for audiologists: Audiologists channels will love EASYLISTENER 2 for its • aux-in, aux-out sound quality and compatibility with • second channel, capabilities popular 216MHz personal FM products. team-teaching adaptable • attractive Kids gain confidence, learn compact design important public speaking • high-performance skills, and have fun using the 211 handheld pass-around speakers • strong microphone system interference (sold separately) • transmitter mute rejection
  4. 4. base station receiver: 230R one-plug charging The transmitter charges directly outstanding performance from the receiver — only one Numerous audio refinements, including power source needed improved signal-to-noise ratio, and broader audio bandwidth, make this system a top performer interference resistant ™ OptiVoice clarity Improved filtering for strong adjacent channel freedom Don’t just turn up the channel rejection; higher front-end 19 user-selectable 216MHz volume — shape your dynamic range for better intermodu- channels — just scroll to voice for improved lation rejection match the frequency of your speech clarity under transmitter. Works with your low, medium, and high 330T, 300TS, and other noise conditions 216MHz products easier school- wide installations optimize the power Squelch lets you adjust the Ensures the best power receiver sensitivity so you distribution for optimal can install more systems aux-in options system performance closer together Plug in another FM receiver for team- teaching, or broad- cast CD, VCR, TV, computer, or other audio ”It was so easy to use and really needed little human intervention. I felt I could turn it on and go about total control compatibility my day. I spent very little Recessed 3-band EQ Universal aux-out port with simple level time troubleshooting or lets sound professionals adjustment lets you plug in any personal fooling with the switches.” fine-tune the sound to FM transmitter for rebroadcasting to hear- Freya Sharp, Teacher McNear Elementary School fit the room ing impaired students on other channels Petaluma, CA
  5. 5. transmitter: 330T the right fit long-lasting power Four different mic designs are available AAA rechargeable NiMH ”The EasyListener 2 to suit your style and comfort prefer- batteries provide more than 12 transmitter hardly weighs ences (see back page) hours of life between charges anything, fits in my pocket, and I like the handy mute button on top.” Robert Gindhart, Teacher Marguerite Hahn School Rohnert Park, CA no worries Fail-safe system prevents accidental charge of alkaline batteries while offering the convenience and savings of in-unit recharging smart 3-way light Red indicator light glows to indicate power on, blinks when battery is low, and brightens to indicate the batteries are charging ergonomic design Practical and attractive with input options easy-to-grip sides and a tena- Auxiliary input jack lets you transmit cious clip that won’t slip audio from a second source, such as a TV, VCR, DVD or computer 230R specifications quiet time receiving frequency 216MHz, synthesized (U.S./Canada) A convenient mute frequency stability ±500Hz 0O to 50O C switch allows for modulation FM narrow-band private conversations AF frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz, -3dB (Aux in) 70Hz - 10kHz, -3dB (FM in) power output 14W into 8Ω/28W into 4Ω auxiliary input level 300mVrms (-10dBV) 0.25in stereo auxiliary output 0-1Vrms adjustable via rear panel, RCA 330T specifications aux input impedance 47k Ω FM signal-to-noise >63dB, A weighted transmitting frequency 216MHz, crystal controlled (U.S./Canada) THD < 3% @ 1kHz maximum output modulation FM narrow-band nominal deviation ±5kHz operating range up to 50m/160ft maximum deviation ±10kHz user controls off/on squelch RSSI-type push button mute switch squelch level adjustable via rear panel inputs /outputs 3.5mm auxiliary input jack power supply 20VDC @ 3A 2.5mm microphone input jack 1.3mm charge jack charge port 5VDC, 200mA battery life 15Hr (AAA alkaline) user controls (front) on/off, FM volume, Aux volume, OptiVoice, channel up/down 12Hr (AAA NiMH) installer controls 3-band equalizer, squelch, speaker configuration selector dimensions (W x H x D) 5.9 x 8.2 x 2.0 cm/ displays 2 digit channel LED display and LED for “FM signal” 2.3 x 3.3 x 0.8 in dimensions (W x H x D) 21.9 x 5.4 x 16.2 cm/ weight 74.8g/2.64oz (with batteries) 8.6 x 2.1 x 6.4 in case ABS plastic, painted weight 1.11kg/2.45lb battery/power/charge LED on: (dim) power on case steel, powder coat finish flashing: low battery–1 hour life remaining available channels 41-49, 51-60 on (bright): charging
  6. 6. speaker package options four compact wall speakers more power handling ”I was impressed with the 80 watts of peak power – clarity and professional, twice as much as our stereo quality of the new original mini speaker! EasyListener 2 speakers— I even listen to music through it after school while grading papers!” Steve Bates, Teacher Marguerite Hahn School Rohnert Park, CA full range Wider, smoother frequency response (65Hz-20kHz @ -10dB) for faithful reproduction of the human voice and music easy connections Spring-loaded quick- drop-n-click bracket connect inputs versatile completely adjustable Exceptional, natural A rotating ball joint allows for customized sound quality for both speaker positioning — no tools needed! speech and music easy mounting 1. Attach mounting plate to wall 2. Screw ball joint on to speaker For optimal room sound coverage use four 3. Drop and click ball joint into plate compact or four distributed ceiling speakers 4. Position and tighten example of speaker placement compact speaker: 470-2856-119 specifications speaker type Bass reflex; 8.9cm/3.5in woofer 2.5cm/1in soft-dome tweeter impedance 8Ω nominal continuous power 30W peak power 80W frequency response 65Hz to 20kHz - 10dB dimensions (W x H x D) 12.7 x 22.2 x 14 cm/ 5 x 8.75 x 5.5 in weight 1.75kg/3.86lbs mounting wall mounting brackets provided (tabletop/floor stands also available) Based on your classroom acoustics and seating arrangement, speaker placement speaker wire AT0581 7.3m/24ft, 14.6m/48ft, will vary. Download our sound field wizard software from our web site at and 18.3m/60ft lengths available sensitivity 88dB, 1W @ 1m www.phonicear.com for help determining the best arrangement for your room.
  7. 7. speaker package options four distributed ceiling speakers great sound dispersion Offers the same even sound dispersion as our compact wall speaker discreet The speaker that’s meant to be heard and not seen – mounts flush with ceiling tiles for a clean look a permanent solution sound stays in your room Install these speakers and forget Enclosed baffle prevents sound about them! The perfect solution from traveling through plenum for a permanent installation to other classrooms one cluster ceiling speaker easy to install Simply replace a standard 2' x 2' ceiling tile with this single cluster which houses four individual speakers AT0664 cluster ceiling speaker AT0806 distributed ceiling speaker specifications specifications speaker type 4 full-range 20cm/8in speakers impedance 8Ω nominal speaker type coaxial: 6in woofer, .5in tweeter sensitivity 96dB, 1W @ 1m impedance 8Ω nominal continuous power 40W sensitivity 90dB, 1W @ 1m frequency response 30Hz to 15kHz continuous power 35W dimensions (WXHXD) 16.5 x 14 cm/ peak power 70W 6.5 x 5.5 in frequency response 65Hz to 20kHz weight 4.53kg/10lbs dimensions (DIAx D) 203 x 5.7 cm/9 x 2.25 in mounting replaces 2ft x2ft acoustic ceiling tile; weight 1.1kg/2.4lbs includes safety wire mounting acoustic ceiling metal tile bridge speaker wire AT0581 7.3m/24ft, 14.6m/48ft, (470-7347-106) and 18.3m/60ft lengths available speaker wire AT0581 7.3m/24ft, 14.6m/48ft, and 18.3m/60ft lengths available min ceiling height 3.7m/12ft enclosure fire and smoke emission rated min ceiling height 3m/10ft
  8. 8. system package 230R receiver Your choice of microphone – Three different speaker 841-6440-101 AT0831 040-7402-105 330T transmitter see below for style options packages from which to choose accessory/transmitter case 230R receiver antenna power supply/charger & cord (470-2865-119 compact 230R receiver speaker shown here) 310-2544-1342 310-2544-1341 AT0712 374-30-310-09 300-6497-105 AT0805 aux-in adaptor plug aux-out adaptor plug elastic black transmitter rechargeable NiMH charging cord, aux-out adaptor cord, (dual RCA-to-1/4”) (3.5mm(F)-to-2.5mm(M)) waist belt AAA batteries receiver-to-transmitter 230R receiver for plugging in external 1.3mm(M)-to-1.3mm (m) (RCA-to-3.5mm) audio sources additional system accessories transmitter accessories aux in adaptor cords AT0529A AT0749 AT0512 - BK AT0702-25 384-01-210-08 300-6332-107 antenna (for use with 330T wall charger lavalier cord aux in adaptor cord aux in adaptor cord aux in adaptor cord auxiliary input only) (for neck-worn transmitters) (dual RCA - dual RCA) (3.5mm - 3.5mm) (3.5mm - dual RCA) 230R to external audio: 330T to external audio: TV, 330T to external audio, TV, VCR, DVD, etc. VCR, DVD, computer, etc. or team teaching microphone styles and compatibility rating receiver options AT0655 AT0814 AT0816 AT0291-L AT0801 211 System behind-the-neck earhook microphone collar microphone with mute lapel microphone aux-box (adds four addi- wireless microphone system boom microphone rating: 5555 rating: 55 with lavalier cord tional A/V inputs) for team-teaching and student rating: 5555 rating: 55 pass-around use 5555 = most compatible 5 = least compatible u.s.a. 800.227.0735, then press 5 • canada 800.263.8700 • international +45 3917 7101 ©2003 Phonic Ear Inc. Phonic Ear and the names of Phonic Ear products are trademarks or registered trademarks of Phonic Ear Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. Product specifications and accessories subject to change without notice. 821-6440-101/3746/Rev. B 304