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Reiactis 2-11 Morning ISPA Session


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Reiactis 2-11 Morning ISPA Session

  1. 1. Reiactis morning ISPA session Thursday, February 11, 2016 The Diversity of Integrative Strategies. The Case of Washington, DC and Some Perspectives Gail Kohn, Age-Friendly DC Coordinator 1
  2. 2. Transforming DC into an even better city in which to grow up and older.
  3. 3. Update • Worldwide Age-Friendly Cities/Communities • National Age-Friendly Cities/Communities • DC Implementation 3
  4. 4. Worldwide • 287 Cities/Communities in WHO Global Network • 12 Affiliated Programs – (AARP in the USA) • 113 Million People Covered in 33 Countries 4
  5. 5. Network of Age-Friendly Communities Updated January 2016
  6. 6. Journey to becoming an Age-Friendly Community: DC’s Status 6
  7. 7. Age-Friendly DC Task Force  Annually update the strategic plan – advise on adjusting goals and strategies and identify data available or needed to measure output and outcomes.  Participate and/or lead domain-specific Task Force Committees  Meet quarterly as a Task Force to share updates from Task Force Committees and deliberate on overall progress towards DC’s age-friendly transformation.  2017 - Assist with final submission of evidence-based evaluation report to AARP/WHO to seek official Age- Friendly City designation.
  8. 8. Ten Domains 8 Outdoor Spaces and Buildings Transportation Housing Social Participation Respect and Social Inclusion Civic Participation and Employment Communication and Information Community Support and Health Services Emergency Preparedness and Resilience Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Fraud
  9. 9. 9
  10. 10. WHO Pilot Indicator Project 10 • Banyule (Australia) • Bilbao (Spain) • Bowdoinham, ME (USA) • Dijon (France) • Fishguard/Goodwick (UK) • Hong Kong SAR (China) • La Plata (Argentina) • Nairobi (Kenya) • New Delhi (India) • New Haven, CT (USA) • Shanghai/Jing’an District • (China) • Tehran (Iran) • Tuymazy (Russia) • Udine (Italy) • Washington DC (USA)
  11. 11. Domain 1: Outdoor Spaces and Buildings 11 Goal 1.1: Increase access to and utilization of parks, open spaces and public buildings.
  12. 12. Domain #2: Transportation 12 Goal 2.1: Ensure all modes of transportation are safe, affordable and accessible for residents of all ages and abilities. Goal 2.2: Provide residents with the information and tools they need to make informed travel choices.
  13. 13. Domain #3: Housing 13 Goal 3.1: Streamline, expand, and promote programs that support affordable housing and aging in place. Goal 3.2: Maximize awareness and provide training to increase the amount of housing that is accessible, affordable and healthy.
  14. 14. Domain #4: Social Participation 14 Goal 4.1: Strengthen, develop and promote arts, leisure and educational activities involving and targeting older adults. Goal 4.2: Promote and provide quality volunteer opportunities for older adults.
  15. 15. Domain #5: Respect and Social Inclusion 15 Goal 5.1: Expand programs and services that engage and empower older adults.
  16. 16. Domain #6: Civic Participation and Employment 16 Goal 6.1: Increase full- and part-time employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for older residents. Goal 6.2: Strengthen, develop and promote volunteerism and civic participation among persons age 50+.
  17. 17. Domain #7: Communication and Information 17 Goal 7.1: Provide access to information important to DC residents in a timely manner and via preferred medium or media. 7.2: Improve delivery of timely and accessible information important to residents age 50+ and caregivers. Goal 7.3: Expand use of technology by older residents.
  18. 18. Domain #8: Community Support and Health Services 18 Goal 8.1: Increase consumer awareness of and access to preventive, primary, urgent and long-term care. Goal 8.2: Promote safety, wellness, livability and activity in the community.
  19. 19. Domain #9: Emergency Preparedness and Resilience 19 Goal 9.1: Identify, locate and reach special, vulnerable and at-risk older resident populations in an emergency. Goal 9.2: Build individual and community resilience.
  20. 20. Domain #10: Elder Abuse Neglect and Fraud 20 Goal 10.1: Strengthen the elder abuse prevention, detection and enforcement system. Goal 10.2: Improve cooperation and collaboration among agencies on cases of actual and suspected elder abuse.
  21. 21. Age-Friendly Business Initiative 21 • PHYSICAL FACILITY: Create a Welcoming Atmosphere • PERSONNEL: Provide Respectful and Excellent Customer Service • PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Attract and Serve Customers 50 and over • PRINT & WEB: Provide Easily Accessible Information
  22. 22. Questions? 22