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Mca projects in gagner, chennai slideshare


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Mca projects in gagner, chennai slideshare

  1. 1. Gagner Technologies IEEE Projects 2011/Final Year projects SMS: “Project” / Call: 9092820515 Contact: No 7, Police Quarters Street T.Nagar, Chennai - 17 Behind T.Nagar Bus Depot Phone: 044 24320908 Mobile: 9092820515/9786353335 Email: Website: www.gagnertechnologies.comIEEE 2011 Projects, Final Year Student Projects, Real Time Projects, Final YearProjects for BE ECE, CSE, IT, MCA, B TECH, ME, M SC (IT), BCA, BSC CSE,IT, MBA with Placement Assistance, Personality Development Class (free of Cost).IEEE 2011 Projects in Data Mining, Distributed System, Mobile Computing,Networks, Networking. IEEE 2011 - 2012 projectsFinal Year Projects in Chennai, IEEE Software Projects, Engineering Projects,MCA projects, BE projects, Embedded Projects, JAVA projects, J2EE projects,.NET projects, Students projects, MATLAB Projects, J2ME, J2SE related projects,MBA projectsWe also provide projects @ reasonable cost including Personality Development Training(Free of cost) & Placement Assistance (Free of cost) in Gagner Technologies
  2. 2. DOTNET Data MiningProject Month/ Code Title 2011 A Cumulative Belief Degree-Based Approach for Missing Values in NuclearGD01 Safeguards Evaluation Oct 2011GD02 Efficient Evaluation of Continuous Text Search Queries Oct 2011GD03 Efficient Hidden Vector Encryption for Conjunctive Queries on Encrypted Data Oct 2011GD04 Estimating the Helpfulness and Economic Impact of Product Reviews: Mining Oct 2011 Text and Reviewer CharacteristicsGD05 Exact Top-K Queries in Wireless Sensor Networks Oct 2011GD06 Group Enclosing Queries Oct 2011 Optimal Symbol Alignment Distance: A New Distance for Sequences ofGD07 Oct 2011 Symbols Relevance-Based Retrieval on Hidden-Web Text Databases without RankingGD08 Support Oct 2011 Usher: Improving Data Quality with Dynamic FormsGD09 Oct 2011 Learning To Adapt Web Information Extraction Knowledge And DiscoveringGD10 New Attributes Via A Bayesian Approach 2010GD11 Closeness: A New Privacy Measure For Data Publishing 2010GD12 A Binary String Approach for Updates in Dynamic Ordered XML Data 2010GD13 Closing the Loop in Webpage Understanding 2010
  3. 3. Distributed SystemsGD21 A Distributed Algorithm for the Replica Placement Problem Sep 2011GD22 Active Queue Management for Flow Fairness and Stable Queue Length Apr 2011GD23 Attribute-Based Access Control with Efficient Revocation in Data Outsourcing Jul 2011 SystemsGD24 Predictable High-performance Computing using Feedback Control and Admission Aug 2011 ControlGD25 Symmetric Key Approaches to Securing BGP - A Little Bit Trust Is Enough Jul 2011GD26 The Small World of File Sharing Jul 2011 Mobile Computing A Lightweight and Density-Aware Reprogramming Protocol for Wireless Sensor GD31 Oct 2011 Networks GD32 Timer-Based CDS Construction in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Oct 2011 Data Compression by Temporal and Spatial Correlations in a Body-Area Sensor GD33 Oct 2011 Network: A Case Study in Pilates Motion Recognition On Efficient and Scalable Support of Continuous Queries in Mobile Peer-to-Peer GD34 Oct 2011 Environments
  4. 4. Network Security Sep/Oct GD41 Automated Derivation of Application-Specific Error Detectors Using Dynamic Analysis 2011 Sep/Oct GD42 Distributed Detection of Clone Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks 2011 Sep/Oct GD43 Comparative Evaluation of Spoofing Defenses 11 Sep/Oct GD44 Replica Placement for Route Diversity in Tree-Based Routing Distributed Hash Tables 11 Aug GD45 Secure Synchronization of Periodic Updates in Ad Hoc Networks 2010 Networking ,GD51 Reliability and Energy-Efficiency in IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee Sensor Sep 2011 Networks: An Adaptive and Cross-Layer ApproachGD52 Base Station Operation and User Association Mechanisms for Energy-Delay Sep 2011 Tradeoffs in Green Cellular NetworksGD53 Collaborative Wakeup in Clustered Ad Hoc Networks Sep 2011GD54 Sum Rate Maximized Resource Allocation in Multiple DF Relays Aided Sep 2011 OFDM TransmissionGD55 DELAR: A Device-Energy-Load Aware Relaying Framework for Sep 2011 Heterogeneous Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksGD56 Green Wave Sleep Scheduling: Optimizing Latency and Throughput in Duty Sep 2011 Cycling Wireless Networks.GD57 Random Access Compressed Sensing for Energy-Efficient Underwater Sep 2011 Sensor NetworksGD58 Read More with Less: An Adaptive Approach to Sep 2011 Energy-Efficient RFID SystemsGD59 Optimal Packet Scheduling on an Energy Harvesting Broadcast Link Sep 2011
  5. 5. JAVA Data Mining Project Month/ Code Title 2011 A Machine Learning Approach for Identifying Disease-Treatment GJ01 Jun 2011 Relations in Short Texts Alpha-Level Aggregation: A Practical Approach to Type-1 OWA GJ02 Operation for Aggregating Uncertain Information with Applications Oct 2011 to Breast Cancer Treatments GJ03 Answering Frequent Probabilistic Inference Queries in Databases Apr 2011 GJ04 Efficient and Accurate Discovery of Patterns in Sequence Data Sets Aug 2011 GJ05 Making Aggregation Work in Uncertain and Probabilistic Databases Aug 2011 GJ06 A Personalized Ontology Model for Web Information Gathering Apr 2011 GJ07 Static and Dynamic Delegation in the Role Graph Model Oct 2011 GJ08 XPath Query Relaxation through Rewriting Rules Oct 2011 Network Security Balancing Revocation and Storage Trade-Offs in Secure GroupGJ31 Jan - Feb 2011 Communication Deploying Cryptography in Internet-Scale Systems: A Case Study onGJ32 Sept - Oct 2011 DNSSEC On Complexity and Approximability of Optimal DoS Attacks on Multiple-GJ33 Mar - Apr 2011 Tree P2P Streaming TopologiesGJ34 Prime: Byzantine Replication under Attack Jul - Aug 2011 SAT: A Security Architecture Achieving Anonymity and Traceability in Mar – AprGJ35 Wireless Mesh Networks 2011 May - JuneGJ36 Reliability for Networked Storage Nodes 2011
  6. 6. Distributed Systems Multicloud Deployment of Computing Clusters for Loosely CoupledGJ11 Jun 2011 MTC Applications Decomposing Workload Bursts for Efficient Storage ResourceGJ12 May 2011 Management Enabling Public Auditability and Data Dynamics for Storage SecurityGJ13 May 2011 in Cloud Computing Exploiting Dynamic Resource Allocation for Efficient Parallel DataGJ14 Jun 2011 Processing in the CloudGJ15 Flexible Robust Group Key Agreement May 2011GJ16 Traceback of DDoS Attacks Using Entropy Variations Mar 2011GJ17 Energy-Efficient Localized Routing in Random Multihop Wireless Aug 2011 NetworksGJ18 Rumor Riding: Anonymizing Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Systems Apr 2011 Supporting Scalable and Adaptive Metadata Management in UltraGJ19 Apr 2011 large-Scale File SystemsGJ20 Toward Efficient and Simplified Distributed Data Intensive Computing Jun 2011 Energy-Efficient Localized Routing in Random Multihop WirelessGJ21 Aug 2011 Networks
  7. 7. Networking A Practical Adaptive Pacing Scheme for TCP in Multihop Wireless Aug 2011GJ41 Networks Anomalous Loss Performance for Mixed Real-Time and TCP Traffic inGJ42 Aug 2011 Routers With Very Small Buffers Efficient Control of False Negative and False Positive Errors withGJ43 Jun 2011 Separate Adaptive Thresholds FINDERS: A Featherlight Information Network With Delay-EndurableGJ44 Aug 2011 RFID SupportGJ45 Improving Application Placement for Cluster-Based Web Applications Jun 2011 Jul - AugGJ46 In-network live snapshot service for recovering virtual infrastructures 2011GJ47 Node Reclamation and Replacement for Long-lived Sensor Networks Sep 2011GJ48 Period-Controlled MAC for High Performance in Wireless Networks Aug 2011 Perpetual and Fair Data Collection for Environmental EnergyGJ49 Aug 2011 Harvesting Sensor Networks