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Feedback evaluation

  1. 1. Feedback Evaluation Shanty Town with the marketing campaign complete we met with the client to explain are marketing campaign and how it will happen for Shanty Town with the feedback their was certain areas that didn’t work well or could be improved on the comments below are how we can improve these areas. Expand on the social aspects on Brazil. The client believed the idea of having the game come out near the world cup works well with the marketing but the it could need to be a bit more expanded instead on focusing on the basics of Brazil but start to ask certain media outlets to focus in on the real Brazil to market how the game will be liken to this Potential ways of improving this can be to start to look around at news headlines in Brazil what are the common themes of Brazil what crime stories are the most common and then be able to look at how we can focus in on this and how it will work in marketing campaign. Another way can be to look on certain media tabloids or broadsheets show the news and be able to comment are own views to see how people feel about the issues and how we can overcome them in the game that does not cause any issues within the game. As the world cup approaches there will always be the scare tactic of some thing being a danger to the fans but this is a place of where we can target ourselves to show that this is the country and what happens all the time to show what we mean for the game but also
  2. 2. highlight the game as the real dangers of Brazil that the game highlights the dangers of the country. The second issue was the poster and t-shirts that we had created with the picture of the robber as it doesn’t really show the real Brazil and like a normal robbery were people cover the whole face so this is an area we need to look back at to improve on to give a accurate and detailed description of Brazil through these images Potential ways of doing this is to look through the films and documentaries of favela in Brazil. If you look at the film City Of God in which the game was based on, the style of clothing is very rugged they all were shorts wearing sandals they all were the clothes they can get not trying to hide their identity they show themselves to say that they are from the favela and show this in that way.
  3. 3. Another way of looking at this which is almost a completely different idea all together is to focus on the people themselves even getting images of people from the favela to highlight the game but also show the dangers that the game highlights which can be a very clever marketing ploy using old photos that we can obtain could be a great idea but the issues of the guns would be a big stumbling block for this. The way of how it can marketed though to the audience can work very well for this project. The third issue was how the actual structure of the marketing would happen as we highlighted what we wanted to do but how it would happen or it was triggered was not shown to create a very effective marketing campaign. Potential ways of overcoming this problem would be to look at the facebook and twitter groups and then work out when is it going to begin and what is going to set it off the idea that I have for this to create the schedule in which these ideas will begin the first will start to target the twine community’s to build up are reputation to how we will present ourselves in the Twine Community and market to then start to ask around about looking into are facebook and twitter which should then start to generate a lot of word of mouth.
  4. 4. Which will then take it on to the next section in which we will then start to target the indie bloggers and various gaming magazines to review are game and then give feedback in which we will post the good reviews and the bad reviews will be read to see how we can improve are game to which then we can start to tell are fan base about getting involved and what features will work the best in this game. Which will then start to campaign the game a month before the world cup begins to start to show what are game’s about and then to talk about the current climate of Brazil and how it is at the moment which will start to bring interest to the audience and to a wider area as well if we start to talk about the main issues of brazil in whole. The final area is about the company itself as the client praised about how we were confident about how the company is looking into the future and how we can expand as a company but the main area is that we need to show this is our company Renegade Games and how it is going to work. Potential areas to look at is to explain more about ourselves as a company how we work and trade as a company to explain how the company works and what we are looking for as a Indie Development team and why are company is looking to break through the market with different ideas that will make the company go ahead of the rest and stand out to create games that people have not seen before. Is also worth looking at how the company will help market the game even though we talked about the how the game will be marketed and how it work but we need to say how the company will do it and how it will be effective to work in the marketing the company itself is a big area to talk about and not focusing on the game itself but the
  5. 5. company who is making this game we need to show how it will work in the marketing campaign this is an area we need to improve on in the feature to create the most effective campaign for the game and the company which is the area that needs attention the most. to sum up the process the campaign was very effective but with the slight issues about how it was structured and how the game company needs to show itself more to focus on the game and Brazil to create the best possible for this game are the issues above so the game can work well together and be effective for us and the audience so they become interested in the game.