2014 Ideas & Events for groups travelling to Italy


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Readymade and custom programs for all your group travel needs in Italy! Fresh ideas, new insights to better organise your coach travel and events in the most beautiful country of the world!

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2014 Ideas & Events for groups travelling to Italy

  1. 1. 2013 - 2014 5 offices in Italy, 20 staff members, 1000 clients all over Europe, 2000 groups every year and 60.000 visitors that we welcome to the most beautiful Country in the world every year. These are numbers that give a quantitative idea of our business, while our success is confirmed by customers returning to us year after year. We put a lot of efforts in offering always something new to our clients; a small idea is what makes a simple travel a true experience! 1
  2. 2. 2013 - 2014 Some of our Best-sellers! Great fun at the Riviera of Flowers! A long week-end at the Italian Riviera including programme and entertainment which will surprise your clients... for groups up to 500 persons! 4 nights in one of the best hotels of Northern Italy, in Liguria. A perfect hotel for large groups with attractive and comfortable common spaces, including an outdoor and an indoor swimming-pool. A rich breakfast and dinners with a wide choice of Menu; Hospitality Desk at arrival of groups Attention to details: the smallest Rose in the world, as welcome gift in every room; 3 of the most beautiful excursions of the Riviera area: Monaco & Nizza; Dolceacqua & Hanbury Gardens; Genoa, Rapallo & Portofino; 1 Boat excursion Rapallo-Portofino-Santa Margherita 1 Entry ticket to the Hanbury botanic gardens 1 Gala dinner at the Hotel. Including the „Goodbye Cake“ with your Company Logo! 1 Live Music entertainment with "Mimmo"; A professional and attentive on site service offered by our colleagues; Printing of Info material with your company logo; Package price per person, 5 days, from € 272 (Min. 80 Pax) Riviera of Flowers - Italy's smallest theatre Italy's smallest theatre, the Teatro Salvini outside of Imperia, has the charm and elegance of grand stages, only in miniature. Rent this tiny theatre for a big event - exclusively for your customers. Savona - the city of Popes Two out of the past seven Ligurian Popes were born in Savona. They are Sixtus IV and Julius II, from the Della Rovere family. The first one built the Sistine Chapel in Rome and commissioned the greatest artists of his time to paint its frescoes. The second is still considered the greatest patron of the arts of all times. The two Popes commissioned many works of art and buildings also for their home town, but unfortunately most of them were lost in 1528, when the town was destroyed by Genoa. Despite this, Savona still has numerous works of art left to admire (approx. length 2 hours). 2
  3. 3. 2013 - 2014 Cooking and tasting Ligurian food: Ligurian cuisine awaits you! The Riviera: a narrow strip of land, green hills, a row of bays surrounded by steep cliffs or sandy beaches, olive groves and vineyards that slope down to the see in terraces, sophisticated coastal towns and quiet medieval villages in the interior. This region breaths history: museums, historic palaces and Baroque churches, old oil mills and country inns where you can taste the dishes of the Ligurian tradition, a very aromatic cuisine whose character lies in the aroma of its herbs and unique ingredients, its extra-virgin olive oil and the DOC wines of its vineyards. Day 1 - Arrival and check-in into the hotel for a 3-night stay. Dinner in the hotel. Day 2 - Today we go to Taggia, the cradle of the famous "Taggiasca" olives. Taggia boasts an interesting historical legacy and small treasures: the medieval patrician palaces, whose antique slate portals are decorated with the coats of arms of Taggia's noble families. Here we visit an old mill and taste the locally produced olive oil. Free time up to midday. Toward midday, we head on towards the Olive Oil Museum in Oneglia, full of interesting information about the tradition and history of olive oil. In the late afternoon, we arrive at Elvira, the chef of a small restaurant, for our cooking course. You will learn the local dish of the day and familiarise yourself with antipasti and pasta of real Italian cuisine. The day ends with a relaxed evening meal in a family establishment in the middle of olive groves, feasting on local wine and great food the essence of true Liguria! Day 3 - After breakfast, we head for Sanremo, one of the most important winter health resorts in Italy. Here, in the capital town of the Riviera, we take a walk: the romantic historic centre, the Casino, the Russian Church and the wonderful boutiques await you! We then drive through the vineyards where the "Rossese" wine is grown, in the Ligurian interior, until we reach Dolceacqua, a lovely 12th century village. Visit the tiny alleyways and the typical stone houses; the medieval bridge shaped as a donkey's back will not fail to impress you! Later, a wine tasting with a side dish of typical Ligurian products awaits you. In the afternoon, return to the hotel and dinner. Day 4 - After breakfast, departure. 3 nights BB in a 3* Hotel in Alassio - Sanremo area 2 dinners at the hotel Welcome drink Salad buffet 1 full-day escorted tour of Taggia - the Olive oil route 1 olive oil tasting 1 entry ticket to the olive oil museum 1 mini Ligurian cuisine cooking course followed by evening meal & drinks (1/2 l. water + 1/4 l. wine) 1 full-day escorted tour to Sanremo and Dolceacqua 1 wine tasting with snack Package price per person, 4 days, from € 150 3
  4. 4. 2013 - 2014 The brilliant colours of the Riviera ... that is to say: the blue of the seaside, the green of the pestos, the little houses huddled against each other that were once brightly coloured are slowly fading witnesses of a past era. These are the colours that will follow and fascinate you during your journey. You will sleep in the 4* Loano 2 Village hotel, only 1.5 Km from the coast. From there, each day, you will explore the so-called “old borghi”, the boutiques of Alassio and the alleys of Genoa. However, you will not only take in the beauty of this region, but also discover the funny side of its lively inhabitants. Take part in an amusing pasta quiz, where you have to guess different types of sauces and pastas and, of course, eat them at the end of the game! Day 1 - Arrival and check-in for a 3-night HB stay Day 2 - Today we go to Cervo, a picturesque fishing village, a swarm of white houses perched on a cliff on the Riviera of Flowers. From here, you can enjoy a wonderful view over the bay of Diano Marina. Following the Via Aurelia we get to Alassio, a sunny location with a beautiful sandy beach and a small love wall that is its landmark. Toward midday, we leave to have luncheon in the hinterland of Imperia. In this restaurant, your guests will be able to enjoy a warm, friendly atmosphere and typical Ligurian dishes. After lunch, return to the hotel and free time. Day 3 - We head for Genoa, the capital of Liguria, which owes its historical centre (one of the largest in Italy) to its past as one of the great Maritime Republics. Sightseeing and departure towards Rapallo, one of the best-known holiday resorts of the Eastern Riviera. Visit to the luxurious promenade and the yacht harbour. From here, we navigate along the most elegant strip of Italian coastline to Portofino. The Portofino cape is a promontory covered in olives and maritime pine and its bay is where VIP's yachts and boats are moored today. Day 4 - After breakfast, departure. 3-night HB stay in a 4* hotel 1 welcome drink Salad buffet 1 Half-day guided tour of Cervo and Alassio 1 Pasta Festival by Le Mignole 1 Full-day guided tour of Genoa-Portofino 1 boat excursion from Rapallo to Portofino and return Package price per person, 4 days, from € 167 4
  5. 5. 2013 - 2014 The Riviera of Flowers... a true classic! A classic in any Italian tour: the Riviera of the Flowers and the Cote d'Azur. From tiny tourist groups in the 50es to the millions of people that today take the memory of the smells and the colours of the sea and the Ligurian coastline back to their homeland. We offer you this experience, with a couple of extra surprises, such as a dinner based on regional specialities set in a Ligurian olive grove... Day 1 - Travel and check-in in the hotel for a 4-night HB stay. Day 2 - This morning we travel through Monaco to Nice, with a short stop on the way to Eze Village, to visit a perfume factory. Once you arrive in Nice, the modern districts, as well as the old town alongside the harbour, with its wonderful Liberty buildings, will captivate you. Free time for shopping and lunch. After visiting the capital of the Côte d'Azur, departure for Monaco in the afternoon. Visit to the historical centre and the Prince's Palace in the fortress, taking in also the "Hotel de Paris", "Café de Paris" and the Casino. The drive back takes us over the Formula 1 circuit and "Autostrada dei Fiori" (Motorway of the Flowers) back to the hotel. Day 3 - After breakfast, we leave for Genoa, where the city guide is waiting for us: the incredible wealth of the Genoese Maritime Republic can be spotted from the quays of the old harbour with its imposing palaces and colourful façades in lovely architectural styles. We cast a curious glance to these 150 noble houses of aristocratic Renaissance families to discover the luxury of unexpected courtyards, gardens, atria and external staircases. Today the Via Garibaldi, one of the most magnificent streets in Italy, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the afternoon, free time or the chance of joining a tour to Portofino. In the evening, dinner at a restaurant with local dishes. Day 4 - After breakfast, departure for Sanremo. The first thing that strikes the visitor is the way in which the Art Nouveau style has shaped the town, as demonstrated by the many hotels, villas and the Casino. Other key elements that have left their visual mark on the town, apart from the Russian Church and the San Siro Cathedral, are the flower plantations dotted around the hills above Sanremo, whose products are exported all over the world. We leave in the late afternoon, meandering through the "Rossese" wine vineyards in the Ligurian interior until we get to Dolceacqua, a lovely village that stems from the 12th century. Visit to the tiny alleyways and the typical stone houses, followed by a wine tasting accompanied by a generous snack. Day 5 - After breakfast, departure back home. 4 nights BB with breakfast buffet in a 3* hotel 3 dinners at the hotel 1 welcome drink salad buffet 1 full-day escorted tour of Nice and Eze Village and Monaco 1 half-day guided city tour of Genoa 1 full-day escorted tour of Sanremo and Dolceacqua 1 wine tasting including a side dish of typical Ligurian products 1 typical dinner at a restaurant Package price per person, 5 days, from € 163 5
  6. 6. 2013 - 2014 Cinque Terre - 5 miles of pure beauty! The rocky coast of Cinque Terre is filled with little inlets and narrow promontories: these are some of the local features which create a truly unique landscape. The continual alternating of beaches, woods, and inlets charms and attracts tourists the world over to visit the Riviera di Levante and its two most precious pearls: Cinque Terre and Portofino. Hotel Bristol, in the town centre of Lavagna, will pamper you with its fine cuisine and warm familial atmosphere. 4 nights half board at the 3* Hotel Bristol 1 Welcome drink Salad buffet 1 Special candlelit dinner at the hotel 1 Full-day guided excursion to Cinque Terre 1 Train + Via dell'Amore ticket 1 Half-day guided excursion to Genoa 1 Full-day guided excursion to Portofino and Golfo del Tigullio 1 Ferry from Rapallo to Portofino and back to Santa Margherita Package price per person, 5 days, from € 170 (Min. 25 Pax) Taste the original farinata "Farinata" is the Italian name for a pancake whose main ingredients are chickpea flower, olive oil, salt and water. The recipe originates from Genua and is a local speciality, with different variants, in a number of towns in Liguria. Liguria - Ahoy Cinque Terre! Visit the Cinque Terre either as captain or crew, navigating from Genoa to the Cinque Terre. The most beautiful marinas, such as Portofino, Camogli or Monterosso are a must! The view over the picturesque Cinque Terre from the sea is particularly spectacular and a very pleasant alternative to the usual land tours. And, if you are looking forward to having solid ground under your feet again, the "Via dell'Amore" awaits you! The Riviera of Flowers - The smallest rose in the world It is so small that it can fit into an espresso cup! Surprise your customers with something unique and exclusive, a very nice "Rose to go"! Known for its resilience and beauty, it is a really special gift! 6
  7. 7. 2013 - 2014 Piedmont, wine & food tour A short though intensive tour to discover Piedmont and to try some of its best known regional products! The land of wine and cuisine, Langhe and Roero offer a wide range of memorable activities. The rolling hills of the Bassa Langa, the Rocche del Roero, and the green Alta Langa are the backbone of an area which offers views out over the native land of the noble vineyards of Piedmont and the great D.O.P. cheeses. 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Nights half board in the 4* Hotel Diamante Full-day escorted tour Alba and Langhe region tasting of truffle-based products Full-day escorted tour of Asti and Monferrato Cheese tasting Wine tasting Full-day guided tour of Turin and the National Automobile Museum Entry ticket to the National Automobile Museum Cappuccino break in Turin Package price per person, 5 days, from € 246 (Min. 25 Pax) Torino - Caffè Platti, an icon of coffee culture Visit an old caffè, dripping with history and charm and let yourself be tempted to one of the small (great) pleasures of life by the many drinks and desserts on offer and by the friendliness of the staff. Nowadays the Caffè is known for its wide range of chocolate products. Langhe - Cooking course in the "Io e Luna" restaurant Watch your chef prepare your menu and learn what ingredients and combinations of herbs and local specialities will end up on your plate. And, later, tuck into the freshly cooked meal whilst looking onto the vineyards of the Roero area! Piemonte - Dance your way through Piedmont! We offer you dance courses that can be adapted to the needs of your clients and can be held wherever you want: in the hotel, in a restaurant or in a particularly suggestive location. The dancers are professional, reputable teachers that know how to get their clients going with their passion and dedication. Course can be structured depending on client requirements, level of ability and age. 7
  8. 8. 2013 - 2014 Royal Piedmont The residences and castles in Turin and the surrounding area are all part of a splendid UNESCO world heritage site that we would like to present to you. The kingdom of Savoia naturally also influenced the surrounding strips of land belonging to wealthy noble families, bringing to light stunning palaces and castles throughout the area. Join us on a journey back through history in a totally unprecedented programme! Some of these buildings have been radically renovated and restored, in particular the Reggia di Venaria, in which the extraordinary, recently restored 'Galleria di Diana' can now be visited. Day 1 - Arrival, accommodation in a 4* hotel in Piedmont for 3 nights HB Day 2 - This day is devoted to some of the Savoia residences located mainly in Turin and the surrounding area. These are true works of art which are even on the list of UNESCO world heritage sites. These palaces are of striking beauty and have a particularly wide variety of decorations. The architectural style is a mixture of Mannerism and the triumphant Piedmont Baroque. Feel like a king and take a stroll through magnificent chambers, finely laid out gardens and pompously decorated galleries. Dau 3 - After breakfast, the first stop is in the Barolo region, where counts and the higher nobility of the time built their castles, shaping the romantic image of the world famous vineyards until this day. A wine-tasting session is an absolute must, and will naturally include the king of Piedmont wines, Barolo. Day 4 - After breakfast, journey home 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 nights HB in 4* hotel in the Asti & Langhe region full day guided tour to Turin admission to the Venaria Reale and gardens admission to Palazzo Madama admission to Palazzo Reale full day guided tour to the Barolo & Langhe region admission to Barolo castle wine-tasting with light snack admission to the castle of Grinzane Cavour admission to Castello Govone Package price per person, 4 days, from € 209 8
  9. 9. 2013 - 2014 Boat party at Lake Maggiore! Take advantage of Lake Maggiore's mild climate and plan a trip close to home at the beginning or end of the season. 5 days with us will recharge your batteries! And to really wow your customers, arrange for a special dinner aboard a ferry with a scenic and romantic tour of Lake Orta: an unforgettable experience as you sway along to the music… 4 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 nights, B&B in a 3-star Hotel on Lake Maggiore dinners at the hotel Welcome drink Full-day guided tour to the 2 Borromeo Islands and Stresa boat ride to Isola Bella & Isola Pescatori Half-day guided city tour of Milan Half-day guided tour on Lake Orta Ferry ride to Saint Orta Giulio and Isola San Giulio Ortensia motor yacht charter for exclusive use Gala 4-course dinner, drinks included and live music aboard Package price per person, 5 days, from € 246 (Min. 40 Pax) The camellia, Maggiore star flower of Lake The camellia could be considered as the symbol of Lake Maggiore and it is only here that it can claim PDO status. However, its origin lies far away from the lake, more precisely, in the East, from where merchants came in the 8th century to trade tea plants with the English. The most wellknown species are the Camellia Japonica, which flowers in spring, the Christmas Camellia, which flowers in autumn, and the Camellia Reticulata, which is the one of the most delicate species. In addition to these species, also remember the Camellia Sinensis, from which different types of tea can be grown. The popularity of this flower is linked to the novel by Dumas, "The Lady of the Camellias". For outdoor enthusiasts, taking trekking tour a breath- You will take the panoramic cable railway from Stresa to Alpino. From here, you will continue on foot along a path which leads to the summit of the Mottorone mountain which soars to a height of 1491 metres between Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta. For its outstanding beauty, the mountain is considered one of the most stunning natural balconies of the entire Piedmont region. You will then travel back down to the halfway station of Alpino. A short, pleasant walk will lead you to the unusual botanical gardens with alpine plants, called "Alpinia", from which you can also admire a breath-taking view! 9
  10. 10. 2013 - 2014 The most beautiful cities and lakes landscapes of Lombardia Between the Alps and the Po river, there’s one of the richest regions in beauty and variety of landscapes... just waiting for you! Apart from its main city, Milan, considered the capital of fashion, the region Lombardia can offer a wide choice of historic cities and breath-taking landscapes thanks to the famous lakes surrounded by the Alps. Bergamo, Lake Maggiore, Lake Como und Pavia are just some of the most well-known destinations of the region, attracting visitors with their charme and unique panoramas. 6 nights B&B in a semi-central 4* Hotel in Milan 5 dinners at the Hotel 1 dinner with 4-course Menu, drinks included, at a Restaurant in Milan downtown All bus services from/to Airport Milan Malpensa and for all excursions as per the listed programme 1 half day guided tour of Milan 1 Entry ticket to the La Scala Theatre’s museum 1 full day guided tour of Bergamo and Iseo See 1 half day guided tour of the Borromeo islands and Stresa at Lake Maggiore 1 boat trip to the Islands Bella & Pescatori at Lake Maggiore 1 half day guided tour of Como 1 full day guided tour of Pavia 1 wine tasting in the Oltrepò Pavese wine region Package price per person, from 11 to 15 Pax, from € 792 Package price per person, from 16 to 20 Pax, from € 699 Package price per person, from 21 to 25 Pax, from € 651 Airport considered: Milan Malpensa Como, between mountains the lake and the An unusual way to also enjoy the panorama that surrounds Como: your visit begins by ascending to Brunate by cable-car, to admire the view of the city, the lake and the surrounding mountains from a height. Brunate is situated at 900m, on the summit of one of the hills that surround the city of Como and enjoys a superb position from which to view the panorama. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was one of the most expensive holiday resorts for the Milan elite. Upon your return, an hour-long crossing by boat will allow you to admire some of the famous villas that overlook the lake, surrounded by stupendous gardens. 10
  11. 11. 2013 - 2014 Discover Lake Iseo and its culinary specialties Lake Iseo is a small jewel shared between Bergamo and Brescia provinces; the smallest of the alpine lakes, the changeability of its landscape makes it one of the most fascinating and romantic in all of Italy. Montisola, the largest lake island in Europe, is at its centre. This green beauty is covered with scattered little neighbourhoods and stand alone, aristocratic villas. Thanks also to its vicinity to Northern Europe, three days are enough to get a complete full view of this area and enjoy all it has to offer. And to really get to know the local flavour, we can't miss stopping at a traditional valley restaurant to sample the famous Franciacorta wine. 3 1 1 1 1 1 nights HP in a 3-star hotel in the Lake Iseo/Bergamo area full-day guided tour of Brescia and Lake Iseo with Montisola ferry to Montisola island, return full-day guided tour of Bergamo and Franciacorta visit of a winery in the Franciacorta wine area lunch at a farm inn or traditional restaurant including wine tasting Package price per person, 4 days, from € 216 (Min. 25 Pax) Pavia and Oltrepò Pavese - city of culture and agricultural tradition The Pavese province and territory represent one of the richest areas in Northern Italy, and stronger still is the agricultural aspect of the territory, whose products are considered to be excellent by the enogastronomic world. Every weekend, hundreds of Milanese enjoy trips into the Oltrepò Pavese countryside, accompanied by good wine, bread and cured meats or tasty cheeses. In the morning, a visit to the university town of Pavia, followed by a visit to the flat Pavese countryside. Vigevano - The castle of Vigevano An immense masterpiece of military architecture: with its 70,000 sq.mts. it could fit twice Buckingham Palace or 3 times Saint Peter's cathedral. Immediately before the castle is Piazza Ducale, one of the most stunning squares in Italy: Measuring 134m in length and 48m in width, it is one of the most characteristic examples of Renaissance architecture and urban planning. Da Luca on Lake Iseo: haute cuisine for everyone In the centre of Sarnico, on Lake Iseo, there is a restaurant which does justice to Italian haute cuisine, without straining your pocketbook. The dishes are beautiful to look at and delicious to taste! 11
  12. 12. 2013 - 2014 Garda Lake... for everyone's taste! For those who like travelling to the Garda Lake on a more active or unusual holiday. Here is a tour of the Lake from North to South with either boat or bus transfers, but mainly by foot. Nothing really hard, but comfortable shoes are recommended. It's a more energetic way to enjoy the Lake and its beauties, at everyone's reach. You will still have the chance to admire less known places, which are usually unreachable by classic bus-tours. A nice mix of experiences for a different perspective view of travelling around the lake. A tour dedicated to those who like walking outdoor, enjoying the nature, picturesque villages and their history and simple wine & food tradition. So... really for everyone's taste! 6 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 nights HB in a 3* Hotel, North Garda Lake area Welcome drink lunch packets full day escorted tour from Riva to Sirmione boat excursion from Riva to Sirmione full day escorted tour Torbole, Malcesine, Brenzone boat excursion from Torbole to Malcesine guided tour of Verona (2 Std.) full day escorted tour Punta S. Vigilio, Garda, Lazise full day escorted tour to Cascata del Varone and Arco Admission ticket to Cascata del Varone visit to a winery with wine tasting and snack bottle of wine, as gift Package price per person, 7 days, from € 316 (Min. 25 Pax) Bardolino - True wine Fratelli Zeni's Winery tradition at The Zeni family has been enthusiastically committed to the production of premium Classic Veronese Wines for five generations, since 1870. This is testified by the greater care devoted to every single stage of the long and complex wine production process, from the growing of the vine to the harvest, to vinification, finishing, bottling and marketing of wine as finished product. Here we enjoy a wine tasting of up to 4 wines together with trying some regional products. Isola del Garda floating garden - the enchanting The trip from Gardone to the only island in Lake Garda takes just ten minutes by motor boat. The one kilometer long island, belonging to Count Cavazza, provides an impressive micro-cosmos. Our two-hour walk leads us through untouched vegetation, English gardens and Italian style parks, as well as some of the halls of the magnificent neoGothic, Venetian style villa, and includes the boat trip, visit to the island and aperitif. 12
  13. 13. 2013 - 2014 Exploring Veneto: cosy little villages, Venetian villas, important cities and great wines... A 6-day tour that will take you on an exploration of the symbolic places of the region. First up, Padua, with its hills and the beautiful scenery and very famous wines that are produced in this very area. Then we have dedicated a whole day to take a trip by boat along the Brenta, including a visit to two of the most well-known Venetian villas. A day in Verona, with a stop in Valpolicella, is compulsory, as well as Vicenza, Bassano del Grappa and Marostica. Thus, in a few days we see all the beauties of the region and more… 5 nights HB in a good 3* hotel in the Monselice area 2 Bus transfers from and to the airport Treviso or Venice (Arrival/Departure) 4 Bus rentals for the excursions in programme 1 full day guided tour of Padua and Euganean Hills 1 wine tasting with snack 1 full day guided tour of Brenta, from Stra to Malcontenta 1 boat trip from Stra to Malcontenta 1 lunch at a typical Brenta restaurant, drinks included 1 admission ticket to Villa Widmann 1 admission ticket to Villa Malcontenta 1 full day guided tour of Verona and Valpolicella 1 tasting with snack in Valpolicella 1 full day guided tour of Vicenza, Bassano and Marostica 1 visit to Grappa Museum with grappa tasting Package price per person, from 11 to 15 Pax, from € 801 Package price per person, from 16 to 20 Pax, from € 648 Package price per person, from 21 to 25 Pax, from € 567 Airport considered: Treviso or Venice (Airports Verona or Milan on request) Padua - Visit Padua… along its canals! Sailing through the canals of Padua allows us to get to know a new aspect of the city; a different way of discovering the ancient walls, banks and streets that once characterised the nature of the city. We start right in the heart of the city, a stone's throw from the Scrovegni Chapel, arriving in Bassanello, an ancient fishing village. 13
  14. 14. 2013 - 2014 Eine Sonderreise... in Venezia! A special trip... to Venice! An unforgettable experience for your customers! The perfect programme for your season’s opening or closing tour! For groups of more than 180 persons, including a programme in Venice with lunch on the galleon while cruising about the lagoon... 3 1 1 2 1 1 nights half-board in a good 4* hotel in Abano Terme; Welcome drink; gift in each room: the world’s smallest rose; days with highly informed full-day tour guides; Guided city tour of Venice; Lunch on board the galleon while cruising about the lagoon, with disembarkation near Piazza San Marco Dinks all-inclusivea formula (Wine, water and coffee); 1 Hearty snack at a well-known wine cellar in the Euganean Hills 1 "Lord for a Day“ programme – 3 Activities in the Bevilacqua Castle: Mini Gothic handwriting course · Tour of the Castle · Archery Package price per Person, 4 days, from € 325 (Min. 40 Pax) Venice - the Galeone Veneziano What our customers say... „The evening on the galeon was really a great experience and for many of our customers an unforgettable event! Simply fantastic!” This ship was created thanks to the passion of Andrea Longo for his home town, Venice, and his sea, the Lagoon. A genuine Venetian Galleon was planned on the basis of the original 18th century drawings. Guests enjoy a trip to the most well known islands such as Murano, Burano and Torcello, or the lesser known yet beautiful islands of Sant'Erasmo, San Francesco del Deserto, San Servolo and San Lazzaro degli Armeni. Yet the most wonderful adventure of all happens in the evening, as the Galeone glides slowly along the canals of the Lagoon to reach Saint Mark's square. As it cruises along, experienced personnel provide music and entertainment whilst guests savour an opulent buffet or dinner served at the table, with an enchanting view over Saint Mark's square. 14
  15. 15. 2013 - 2014 Exclusive! For your VIP clients in Venice! Something unforgettable waits for you: a visit to a worldwide famous atelier for original venice-style costumes and an unusual Venetian rowing course, to feel like a true local venetian inhabitant. As a perfect closure, a gala dinner dressed-up in venetian style in a very exclusive restaurant in Venice! 2 nights B&B in a very nice 4* Hotel in Venice 1 Tour escort and assistance at arrival at the Venice airport 1 Taxi boat transfer to the Hotel with a small tour around the lagune 1 guided city tour in Venice 1 Aperitive in a typical Bacaro 1 dinner at a restaurant with 4-course menu including drinks 1 full day tour escort on 2nd day from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. 1 Private boat transfer for the whole day 1 Visit of an Atelier in Venice 1 Visit of a Gondola factory 1,5/2 hours rowing course (easy, for every age) 1 lunch in a typical restaurat, drinks not included 1 Costume rental, including hat, per person 1 Gala dinner in a very exclusive restaurant, drinks included 1 2 hours of tour in Venice wearing typical costumes 1 Cake with Company logo, served at breakfast on the departure day 1 guide assistance to the airport 1 Taxi Boat Transfer from Hotel to the airport Venice Printed material with your company logo Package price per person, 3 days, from € 1.162 (min. 25 Pax) Venice - Rowing in Venice… like the Venetians Right on Venice lagoon, a particular rowing technique was born that is part of the most ancient traditions of the city. This is "voga veneta" ("Venetian rowing"), used today in competitions during the Regata Storica (Historic Regatta). With a mini-course of about two hours, you have the chance to try out and learn this technique, firmly linked to the population of this lagoon city. Venice mask! - Make your own Venetian The masks of the Venice Carnival are famous throughout the world. A specialist from Venice will reveal all the tricks for making a real Venetian mask and then he will show you how to create a personalised one in papier-mâché. 15
  16. 16. 2013 - 2014 Wine tour in Friuli Friuli is one of the most famous regions for producing great wines in Italy. Here is a little tour for aficionados that aims to deepen their knowledge of the typicality of the different Friuli production areas. The two day trips will take you to the Collio and Colli Orientali del Friuli (COF) areas, the main hubs where the great Friuli white wines are produced. You will have the chance to visit two wineries on each day and to taste their products. They are prestigious cellars, renowned for the quality of their products. In addition to all this, we have also thought about the more 'cultural' aspect of the tour, with a visit to some spots nearby. All that remains, therefore, is to drink a toast to a successful trip! Cheers! Day 1 - Arrival and accommodation for 3 nights HB in hotel in the Udine area. Day 2 - A guided tour of the city of Udine, capital of the Collio province, is planned for today. This is then followed by the visit to the first winery established at the end of the 1800s. It is not only valued for its wine production, and recognised by countless international awards, but also for the beauty of the countryside in which it is situated. A short distance from here, we arrive at the Castle of Spessa, famous for its wines and splendid location - the castle is also suitable for hosting special events. After the visit to the cellars, there is a wine tasting. Return to hotel in late afternoon for dinner. Day 3 - Today we depart for Cividale del Friuli, where an introductory guided tour to the Colli Orientali del Friuli area is planned. Afterwards, around lunchtime, we will visit a very famous winery in the area. Here, we can offer you a light lunch with a tasting menu: a short menu with several courses, each of which has been paired with a wine from the cellar. Warning: only products that are typical of the region will be tasted! In the afternoon however, you will visit the Abbey of Rosazzo, which is equipped with a cellar to store wines from a notable Friulian wine-producing business. Wine tasting with snack. Return to hotel in late afternoon for dinner. Day 4 - After a final group photo, departure for return journey. Goodbye, Friuli! 3 1 1 1 1 nights HB in a good 3* hotel in the Udine area full day guided tour of Udine and trip to two Collio cellars winery visit and tasting with snack winery visit and wine tasting full day guided tour of Cividale and two cellars in Colli Orientali del Friuli (COF) 1 winery visit and tasting menu with matching wines 1 winery visit with tasting and snack Package price per person, 4 days, from 243 (min. 25 Pax) 16
  17. 17. 2013 - 2014 Gourmet tour of Emilia Romagna The trip is perfect for exploring the beauty and delicacies of Emilia Romagna, a region famous for its beautiful towns surrounded by hills where some of Italy's most world-famous traditional products are tucked away: Reggiano Parmigiano, Parma Ham, balsamic vinegar and Lambrusco wine. This trip will give you a chance to experience all the region's most traditional offerings. The ultimate expression of this will be the rich, traditional Romagna dinner and wine tasting in the Modena hillside at well-known farm that has been run by the same family for over 5 generations; the experience will begin with a tour of the wine cellars guided by the winemaker. 4 overnights with enlarged breakfast in a good 3-star hotel in Reggio Emilia 2 dinners at hotel (three-course menu) 1 special, traditional Romagna dinner at hotel (four-course menu) 1 full-day escorted tour to Bologna 1 guided city tour of Bologna 1 light lunch with a platter of typical assorted cured meats and Bologna-style fried gnocchi 1 full day escorted tour to Modena and surroundings 1 guided city tour of Modena 1 guided tour of one of the most important vinegar producers in Modena 1 light lunch with traditional balsamic vinegar tasting at the vinegar producer's 1 wine cellar tour led by the winemaker in the Modena area 1 traditional seven-course dinner with drinks at a Modena area wine cellar 1 full day escorted tour along the Modena wine trail (Sorbara, Carpi, Castelvetro) Package price per person, 5 days, from € 209 (min. 25 Pax) Bologna - Pasta-making class at a farm in Altedo Take a basic cookery class at a traditional organic farm to learn some of the secrets of tagliatelle and tortellini making alongside the dextrous and knowledgeable so-called master pasta makers. During the break (while the "dough rests") students will be offered a tasting of Lambrusco and Parmigiano Reggiano with traditional balsamic vinegar from Modena. Maximum group size of 15 people. 17
  18. 18. 2013 - 2014 VIP Programme in Tuscany! 4 days to discover the hospitality, the cuisine, fine wines, surprises and entertainment offered by this region, that always has something astonishing to reveal. 4 nights B&B in a sup. 4* Hotel between Florence and Montecatini 1 Welcome drink with finger-food and a hospitality desk 5-day local guide for das whole visiting programme as listed 1 cable car to Montecatini Alto 1 dinner at an outstanding restaurat in Montecatini Alto 1 full day excursion to the Oliveto castle with 2 activities by choice between the following ones: Archery · Quad Tour · Jeep Tour · Wine Seminar · Cookery lessons · Musical surprise 1 light lunch at the castle and a traditional buffet at dinner 1 photo rally in Florence (camera and material provided) 1 dinner at Piazzale Michelangelo with panorama over Florence 1 Trekking along the Leonardo da Vinci path and visit of the Vinci museum, entrance included 1 typical buffet at an agriturismo/farm 1 Gala dinner at Villa Rospigliosi 1 Show with our Tenor Gino Pollazzi from Florence Assistance by our staff Printed material with your company logo Package price per peson, 5 days, from € 585 (Min. 25 Pax) Pisa and surroundings - Gelato break at the mobile gelato stand A nice surprise for your clients: a lively and colourful mobile gelato stand, customised with the logo of the customer where they can sample delicious Italian gelato! You can never turn down a good gelato: a delicious treat for young and old alike! Pistoia - Visit a farm guesthouse with tasting and carriage ride Visit a farm where they cultivate vegetables, fruits, and raise cows. There is also, an olive oil mill where high quality extravirgin olive oil is produced. Transport from the bus parking lot to the company is via a fun ride on a wagon pulled by a tractor! Truly a full immersion experience in the olive groves! Pizza or Pasta course with tasting Today you can learn several important secrets about making pizza or pasta: divided into several work stations equipped with all the essentials, the practicing cooks will learn about how to make various types of pizza or pasta and will then be able to taste them all together over lunch at the end of the course. 18
  19. 19. 2013 - 2014 Event travel... to Firenze! A romantic weekend in Florence already tested for 750 guests from Switzerland… and a unique performance in Italy! Not only to discover the fascination of Florence but also to take part in a hugely successful show created specifically for your by a troupe of dancers, singers, actors and presenters! Possible for more than one arrival, up to 300 pax each. Ask us for the photoes of the show: they explain the opportunity better than a thousand words. 2 overnight stays in a central 4* Hotel in Florence area Rich breakfast buffet 1 Dinner-tasting in a farm close to Lucca 1 Guided city tour of Lucca 1 Guided city tour of Florence 1 Dinner with show at the most famous Varieté location in Italy Printed material with your company logo; Package price per person, 3 days, from € 172 (Min. 25 Pax) Florence - Visit the Central Market You can discover a splendid cross-section of Florence life by visiting the colourful covered market in Florence. Stalls which almost seem like boutiques will awaken all your senses from smell to taste. Butchers display their products from the typical Florentine-style steak to the "lampredotto" (veal stomach) and there are multi-coloured stalls filled with fruit, cheeses, cured meats, olive oil, and wine. Toscana – Vespa Tour A Vespa tour through the Tuscan hills with an escort and planned route: who isn't familiar with our good friend the Vespa? The Vespa will be your companion on a tour to explore the sights and take in breathtaking views: like Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn in "Roman Holiday"...basically, it's everything you have always dreamed of with the only difference being this time it won't be imaginary! Siena - Tasting of the pastry products from the Nannini family The family of the famous singer Gianna Nannini boasts a more than a century-long tradition of pastry making: you can sample panforti (fruit cake), cantucci (almond biscuits), ricciarelli (almond paste cookies) and other typical Tuscan sweets at the family pastry shop in Siena, including an excellent espresso which started everything off back in 1911 with Siena's very first espresso machine.! 19
  20. 20. 2013 - 2014 Tuscany in small bites To get to know Tuscany also means to "sample it" slowly, by savouring it in the shade of an olive tree, a wine cellar, or some historic sight. It means discovering its monuments, its views, and its destinations which may be less well known but are certainly no less beautiful. The group accommodations are in Versilia, on the north coast of Tuscany, in a good 3-star hotel with excellent half-board services. Versilia is an excellent base for many classic excursions through Tuscany; it is also well-suited for day trips in bordering Liguria (Cinque Terre) or Emilia Romagna. Spring is the best time to go, with March and October having the best quality/price ratio. There is also an engaging pizza course and a very nice gelato break with a mobile gelato stand which can be customised with your agency's logo! 2 4 5 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Bus transfers from and to Airport Pisa (on Arrival/Departure) Bus rentals for the excursion programme as listed nights with buffet breakfast in a good 3-star hotel in Versilia Three-course dinners at the hotel with an abundant salad and starters buffet Full-day with escort to Pietrasanta and Carrara - 1 Small tasting of Lardo di Colonnata with wine Full-day with escort to Chianti, Montalbano, and Vinci Walk among the olive groves and vineyards with a tasting of olive oil, with bread and wine "Pizza" course with a dinner of pizza, bruschetta and wine Full-day with escort to Pisa and Lucca - 1 "Buccellato" and cappuccino break at an old cafe "Surprise" gelato break with a mobile gelato stand personalised with your logo Traditional Lucca dinner with soup and pan-fried greens Full-day escort to San Gimignano and Volterra Etruscan dinner in an inn in Volterra with drinks included Package price per person, from 11 to 15 Pax, from € 521 Package price per person, from 16 to 20 Pax, from € 419 Package price per person, from 21 to 25 Pax, from € 379 Airport considered: Pisa (Airport Florence on request) Tuscany - Olive harvest with tasting (from November to February) A day out in the open air to uncover the secrets of producing this yellow liquid gold beloved around the world, from olive harvest to the final product: olive oil. Following the harvesting there is an explanation of the different processes involved. Then you proceed to a tasting with bruschetta (grilled Tuscan bread) with the so-called new olive oil. 20
  21. 21. 2013 - 2014 Elba, an island for dreaming Elba is the largest island in the Tuscan archipelago and the third largest island in Italy following Sicily and Sardinia. Elba offers a mild climate and a wide variety of landscapes: from romantic fishing villages, rock-perching towns, ancient castles, to green valleys alternating with enchanting bays lined with splendid sand and pebble beaches. This brief trip will enable you to visit the entire island and get to know even its most hidden corners, admire its depths, and explore its small markets. A trip for those who want to leave behind the stress of daily life and enjoy a relaxing and peaceful seaside holiday. 1st day: Elba, Marina di Campo. Arrive at Porto di Piombino, unload the bus and passengers and transfer to Elba. Disembark at Portoferraio, proceed to hotel for check in, dinner, and overnight. 2nd day: Marina di Campo, Porto Azzurro. After breakfast, depart for a guided excursion to the south-eastern part of the island. Breathtaking views, the bluest possible seas, and breathtaking natural beauty will accompany you on your tour through the splendid sights of Marina di Campo and Porto Azzurro. Stops at scenic points and sight tours. Short stop to sample a traditional Elba dessert, "schiaccia 'briaca" (drunken tart) and wine. In the late afternoon, return to the hotel for dinner and overnight. 3rd day: Portoferraio, Marciana. After breakfast, head out for a guided excursion to the north-western part of the Island. Visit the old city of Marciana with its splendid waterfront. Continue on to Portoferraio with a walk along the streets of downtown and through the port. In the late afternoon, return to the hotel for dinner and overnight. 4th day: Glass-bottom boat ride and market. After breakfast, depart for a tour of a typical local market. Continue on to Marciana and embark on the Natuilus, an experience which will enable you to admire the view of the Elba coast as well as discover the marina flora and fauna along its pristine depths through the 80 m2 of glass lining the bottom of the boat (duration approx. 2 hours). In the late afternoon, return to the hotel for dinner and overnight. 5th day: After breakfast, depart for Portoferraio, embark for return trip home. 4 Nights HB with enlarged breakfast in a good 3-star hotel in Marina di Campo Ferry from Porto di Piombino to Portoferraio for bus and passengers, Return 1 Guided excursion to the south-eastern part of the island 1 Guided excursion to the north-western part of the island 1 "schiaccia 'briaca" (drunken tart) tasting with wine 1 Full-day escort for the boat and market tour 1 ride in the glass-bottom boat Package price per person, 5 days, from € 198 (Min. 25 Pax) 21
  22. 22. 2013 - 2014 South Tuscany - Umbria... All Inclusive! A 4-day Programme to discover the Southern part of Tuscany and Umbria, two of the most beautiful regions in Central Italy... Visit famous cities like Perugia, Assisi, Montepulciano, Pienza and Montalcino or the less known but beautiful Corciano, in order to discover the unique beauty of Tuscany’s and Umbria’s landscapes. Try the extraordinary restaurant of the Hotel El Patio 3* in Corciano (Pg) just few kms away from Perugia. This family run hotel will make you feel like at home! Furthermore, enjoy some drinks... all inclusive! 3 nights with enlarged breakfast buffet in Hotel El Patio 3* 1 Welcome drink Salad buffet 1 3-course dinner at the hotel 1 dinner with Umbrian traditional dishes at the hotel 1 „candle light“ Good bye dinner at the Hotel with Live Musik Drinks at the hotel included from 5 p.m. till Dessert time (wine of the house, draught bier, soft drinks, tea, coffee and cappuccino, water) 1 full day guided tour Perugia and Assisi 1 full day guided tour Montepulciano, Pienza and Montalcino 1 Wine tasting with snack in Montepulciano Package price per person, 4 days, from € 146 (Min. 25 Pax) Pienza - Visit and Pianporcino Farm tasting at the The renowned Pianporcino Farm received the 2007 award for the best pecorino in Italy. After visiting the farm and hearing an explanation about all the different production techniques involved with this delicacy while decked out in a hygienic cap and gown, you will proceed to the tasting of over 7 different types of pecorino paired with two kinds Val D'Orcia DOC wine, also their production. Plant nursery il Lavandeto in Assisi A small nursery specialized in the cultivation and sale (also online) of over 50 varieties of lavender officinalis, rosemary, thyme, sage, santolina, helichrysum, mint, and many others. If you bring a photo of your garden and leave it with the Lavandeto, you will receive a small complimentary design proposal for your garden which you can complete by purchasing their products (also available online)! 22
  23. 23. 2013 - 2014 Umbria: a warmest welcome! A good 3* hotel with excellent cuisine: try it to believe it! The region of Umbria has much to offer: unspoiled nature, the numerous ancient villages and towns, the excellent, traditional cuisine and finally, the boundless hospitality of the people! It is both worthwhile as well as exciting to open yourself up to an Umbrian adventure and get to know the many aspects of the region! 4 nights HB with an enlarged breakfast buffet in a good 3 * hotel in Corciano All dinners include regional specialities 1 farewell dinner with a 4 course menu 1 welcome cocktail 1 full day guided tour to Lake Trasimeno and Corciano 1 full day guided tour to Todi, Montefalco and Torgiano 1 boat trip on Lake Trasimeno 1 half day guided tour to Orvieto 1 cappuccino break in Castiglione del Lago 1 wine tasting with snack in Magione Package price per person, 5 days, from € 200 (Min. 25 Pax) Orvieto - Pastry course Preceded by a visit to underground Orvieto, the course lasts approximately 2 hours. Following the explanations of a master pastry chef the participants will prepare 3 types of traditional Italian sweets. The prepared sweets will be served at the end of a lunch or dinner. Alternatively, you could enjoy them as a snack, alongside an excellent cappuccino. Spello - Infiorata del Corpus Domini (Corpus Christi Flower Art) Spello is famous for the Infiorata del Corpus Domini, wonderful floral decorations created by actual artists who plan and prepare for months and only use plant and flower materials. These multicoloured ornamental "carpets" are found throughout the streets and the small piazzas, giving off their perfume and providing a joyful show of colours. Norcia - Tour of a Norcineria highquality cured meats Working with pork in Umbria and in particular Norcia is an ancient tradition that dates back to Roman times. There are many quality products to sample today, from Umbrian Prosciutto to Capocollo, to Lombetto, paired with typical cheeses: complimentary tasting.. 23
  24. 24. 2013 - 2014 "Sardinia, almost a continent..." ... So goes the title of a famous work by Sardinian writer Marcello Serra. Sardinia's incredibly rich environment and culture have everything you are looking for: amazing views, traditions, smells and colours! On this 8 days tour, you will get to know the island inside out...whether arriving by plane or bus! 2 6 2 2 2 2 1 6 Bus transfers from and to Airport Olbia (on Arrival/Departure) Bus rentals for the excursion programme guided assistance from/to Airport nights HB in a good 4* Hotel on the Emerald Coast nights HB in a good 4* Hotel in Alghero area nights HB in a good 4* Hotel in Quartu Sant'Elena area night HB in a 4* Hotel in Olbia area full day guided excursions: the Gallura und Tempio Pausania · Alghero · Bosa abd the West Coast · Cagliari and the South Coast · Costa Smeralda and La Maddalena. 1 ferry transfer Palau-Maddalena island and back (bus and passangers) Package price per person, from 11 to 15 Pax, from € 931 Package price per person, from 16 to 20 Pax, from € 747 Package price per person, from 21 to 25 Pax, from € 651 Airport considered: Olbia Monti - Tenuta Masone Mannu A land fragrant with myrtle and juniper, where lush nature and delectable fruits welcome lovers of authentic flavour: this is the birthplace of 'Tenuta Masone Mannu', in the heart of the Gallura in Su Canale (Monti). With the farm's main activities centred on high quality wine production, it can provide visitors with a real taste of Sardinia through a sampling of its own products as well as by arranging interesting wine, food and sightseeing excursions. Green Train A splendid trip aboard the historic "green train": a fascinating journey that takes you over bridges and past train stations and rail inspector houses in the hinterlands of Sardinia. Travelling by boat is another great way to see the wonders of the landscape. Lines include: Macomer-Bosa, Sassari -Tempio-Palau, IsiliSorgono, Mandas-Arbatax. 24
  25. 25. 2013 - 2014 Sardinia Trekking Sardinia, the land of many contrasts, is the perfect destination for trekking enthusiasts! Rocky outcroppings, ancient juniper trees, white sand beaches and dunes, and emerald and turquoise coloured waters. Explore the most beautiful hiking the island has to offer with an 8-day tour accompanied by an expert trekking guide. Lodging in 2 good 4-star hotels best suited to facilitate our itinerary. Excellent half-board at the hotels with a hearty breakfast buffet before heading out for the day of trekking and a robust dinner to cap off each beautiful day. Bus and guide rental for arrival and departure. Day 1 - Airport arrival and assistance for transfer to 4-star hotel in Orosei. Dinner and overnight. Day 2 - Walking excursion in the Biderosa Natural Park, a peaceful oasis of sea and nature with woods, ponds, and 5 pristine beaches. Dinner at the hotel and overnight. Day 3 - Free day or the option of a guided trekking tour to the highest peaks of Supramonte. Your Jeeps await you near Oliena and take you to Padru (1225 m). From here the trail leads up to the summit of Monte Corrasi, one of the highest peaks on the island. Up here you can enjoy a 360° view of the beautiful Barbagia landscape, the heart of Sardinia: dinner and overnight. Day 4 - Trekking along the Emerald Coast's chic beaches. Passing from one creek to another, the turquoise sea, golden beaches, and the aromatic scrub brush will delight you.Dinner and overnight at 4star hotel in Santa Teresa di Gallura. Day 5 - Trekking in Caprera, in the footsteps of Garibaldi. You reach La Maddalena Islands and from there proceed to the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park on the Island of Caprera; here there is spectacular trekking, with a breathtaking parade of sea and mountain views which are sure to move you. On the way back, why not stop for a cappuccino in Piazza Garibaldi?Dinner at hotel and overnight Day 6 - Walking excursion Capo Testa, Luna Valley and Santa Teresa. Its breathtaking landscape makes it one Sardinia's meccas for trekking enthusiasts. If you are lucky, you will be able to see the beautiful caves of Bonifacio in the distance. Dinner and overnight. Day 7 - Trekking around Isola Rossa. You start out from the large Aragon tower in the small fishing village in the north of Sardinia; proceed along the trail leading to Punta li Canneddi, one of the island's most beautiful beaches; along the way you will be amazed by the contrast between the crystalline waters and reddish rocks. Dinner and overnight. Day 8 - Transfer and assistance to the airport for return flight. 2 5 3 4 Bus Transfers with guide assistance (airport-hotel-airport) Bus rentals for the excursion programme as described nights HB with enlarged breakfast at a 4* hotel in the Orosei area nights HB with enlarged breakfast at a 4* hotel in the Santa Teresa di Gallura area 5 days walking guide for the programme as described 1 Ferry Palau-Maddalena and back to Palau for Bus and passengers Package price per person, 8 days, ab 545 25
  26. 26. 2013 - 2014 Spring tour in Rome with Operetta! The Eternal City... as Rome has always been described, can offer many other unknown aspects which deserve a visit! Together with the Colosseo and the Vatican museums, take the chance to visit some of its beautiful villas, parks and blooming gardens which make Rome one of the greenest capitals in Europe. 4 days to discover some of the these beautiful attractions, hidden in the heart of the city. And, as Highlight, a farewell dinner at a very typical restaurant in town. Enjoy the entertainment offered by 4 Opera singers, dressed up with traditional costumes, who will sind and dance for you some of the most popular airs from the Opera and folk tradition! A real must! 3 nights B&B with buffet breakfast in a semi-central 4* hotel 1 Fruit welcome cocktail „Spring special“ 1 half day tour “the most ancient streets of Rome up to the Pincio” with Photostop 1 Farewell dinner with regional specialties in a centrally located Restaurant with Operetta singers Package price per person, 4 days, from € 155 (Min. 25 Pax) Roma - pizza-making course with a certificate! An original Italian pizza-maker lets you in on the secrets of original Italian pizza: how to make the pizza dough, use the ingredients correctly and not least, the correct "cottura" in a wood-fired oven. You can find out yourself whether you have what it takes to be a good pizzaiolo, because naturally you'll get to eat your first hand-made pizza yourself at the end. Pizza-making course and certificate. Lunch with some appetizers, various kinds of pizza, fruit salad, drinks not included. Roma by night Rome and its monuments by starlight. Accompanied by our guides, you will be able to lose yourself in the streets of the capital to experience the evocative atmosphere of night-time, when the city is alive with new life. A word of advice: don't forget your camera to record the emotions of your Roman night forever! Winetasting in the Alban Hills In the bucolic setting of the Alban Hills, a visit to a farmhouse and its cellars in the Frascati region, with a tasting of homemade wines accompanied by delicacies of the local cuisine. 26
  27. 27. 2013 - 2014 Discovering Sorrento and the Amalfi coast, via delicacies, history and archaeology Staying on the Sorrento peninsula, we will become acquainted with some famous spots, such as Amalfi, one of the four Maritime Republics of the 10th century. A large Paper Museum is situated here, where you can see how artisan paper is produced. Then we will explore Ravello, overlooking the sea from a height of over 300m, where a maze of little houses cling to the rocks, a riot of colours accented by bougainvillea and the blue of the sea. We will also unlock the secret behind the famous "limoncello" liqueur... A calmer day will be dedicated to beautiful Sorrento and a visit to a farm for a tasting of bruschetta flavoured with tasty d.o.p. oil. The final excursion will take you to Paestum, to visit a cheese factory followed by a picnic based on buffalo mozzarella and other cheese products. We will then move to the archaeological area to jump over into Ancient Greece. Day 1 - Arrival on the Sorrento peninsula, accommodation and dinner in the hotel for 4 nights half-board. Day 2 - After breakfast, departure for the Amalfi coast. First stop in Amalfi where an expert guide will introduce you to this splendid city, the Duomo, including the ancient basilica, the bell tower and the Chiostro del Paradiso. At the paper museum, you will be able to make a sheet of artisan paper with your own hands, and receive a certificate! We will then proceed to Ravello, the garden village, which has inspired such great artists as Boccaccio and Wagner. A stop in a distillery is planned to taste the famous limoncello, the liqueur that symbolises the Amalfi coast. Return to hotel for dinner. Day 3 - After breakfast, a morning visit to Sorrento, an extremely charming town whose kindness and hospitality attracts visitors from all over the world. Looking out to the horizon, you can make out Ischia and Procida, whose outlines can be seen quite clearly. In the historic centre, that retains the mark of its Roman origins, lie the Duomo with its Neo-Gothic facade and the Church of Saint Francis of Assisi, with a remarkable thirteenth-century cloister. Next up, a gastronomic stop at a farm to try bruschetta with tasty, local extravirgin oil d.o.p., a typical regional snack. Return to the hotel in the afternoon and dinner. Day 4 - Breakfast and departure for an excursion to Paestum, where the morning will be spent visiting a cheese factory to observe the production process of buffalo mozzarella, followed by a picnic with cheese products, water and wine. In the afternoon, a visit to the archaeological area, with its majestic Doric temples, amphitheatre and Greek housing. Return to hotel for dinner. Day 5 - Breakfast and departure. 4 2 1 1 1 1 1 nights HB in 3* hotel on the outskirts of Sorrento half-day guided tours (Sorrento and Paestum) full day guided tour (Amalfi coast) Mini-course at the paper museum in Amalfi limoncello tasting in Ravello oil tasting with snack in Massalubrense visit to a dairy factory with picnic in Paestum Package price per person, 5 days, from € 179 (Min. 25 Pax) 27
  28. 28. 2013 - 2014 The wonders of Puglia For anyone arriving by air to Bari or Brindisi, which are also linked to all of Europe by low-cost airlines, here is a tour based from Torre Canne / Savelletri (in the Brindisi area) that will allow you to discover a region that is special not only in terms of its art and landscape, but particularly its food. Puglia can offer, like no other region, culinary delicacies in surroundings of incomparable beauty. Taste traditional dishes in a 'trullo' (a distinctive building typical of the region), visit the caves at Castellana and succumb to the sin of greed in Polignano a Mare, jutting out over the sea. Splendid Bari and lunch in a farmhouse to try mozzarella that is still warm. The Mediterranean Maquis alternating with olive trees, Matera, Cisternino and meat cooked in a wood-fired oven... Then up till Trani and the Gargano area for the last excursions: a tour of Gargano and a boat excursion to the grottoes of Vieste. Lassen Sie sich verführen und kommen Sie mit uns, um die Vortrefflichkeiten von Apulien zu entdecken! 4 nights B&B in a superior 3* hotel in the Torre Canne-Savelletri area welcome drink 3 dinners at the hotel 3 nights HB in a good 3* hotel in the Vieste - Gargano area Bus transfers to and from airport Bari or Brindisi Bus rental for excursions as per programme guided assistance from airport 1 full day guided tour Alberobello, Castellana grottoes, Polignano Mare 1 full day guided tour Matera, Martina Franca 1 half-day guided tour Bari 1 lunch at a typical "trullo" restaurant in Alberobello 1 lunch at a farmhouse in the Bari area 1 special dinner at a butcher's shop in Cisternino 1 ice-cream break in Polignano Mare 1 half day guided tour of Trani 1 full day Gargano tour 1 half day guided boat excursion to the Vieste grottoes Package price per person, from 11 to 15 Pax, from € 754 Package price per person, from 16 to 20 Pax, from € 625 Package price per person, from 21 to 25 Pax, from € 557 Airport considered: Bari oder Brindisi Puglia - Die "Orecchiette" der Masseria Priore Beim Mittagessen auf einem landestypischen Gutshof werden Sie nicht nur mit Spezialitäten der Region verwöhnt, sondern können dem Koch bei der Zubereitung der traditionellen Orecchiette-Nudeln über die Schulter schauen. Danach erwartet Sie ein Verdauungsspaziergang durch den Blumengarten und die Orangerie. 28
  29. 29. 2013 - 2014 Sicily Tour - Discover the land of the sun A complete tour of the island's most important places, a place filled with priceless artistic beauty and unique landscapes. Close your eyes: do you smell the Zagara flowers? If so, then you are already in Sicily… and you are ready to begin our tour! We start out on the western part of the island with a stop in Palermo to visit the aristocratic city and Monreale. We take an excursion to Erice, famous for its delicious marzipan cakes; in the afternoon, we visit the ancient Greek city of Selinunte. Then the tour stops in Agrigento, with its impressive Valle dei Templi, before proceeding eastward to Giardini Naxos. From here, we will visit the lively Catania and Syracuse with its Archaeological Park. A full day is dedicated to Mount Etna, Europe's largest active volcano, as well as a tour of Taormina with its unusual terrace-like shape and breathtaking views... 2 1 3 2 nights HB in a 3* Hotel in Palermo area night HB in a 3* Hotel in Agrigento area nights HB a 3* Hotel in the area Giardini Naxos-Letojanni bus transfers from Palermo Airport / to Catania Airport (on Arrival/Departure) 1 half day bus rental for the excursion Palermo and Monreale 4 full day bus rentals for the other excursions as listed Programm 1 half day guided tour of Palermo and Monreale 1 half day guided tour of Selinunte 1 half day guided tour of Agrigento 1 half day guided tour of Catania 1 half day guided tour of Siracusa 1 full day guided tour to Etna and Taormina Marzipan tasting in Erice 1 Aperitivo at the Conte Federico’s Palace in Palermo Granita tasting in Catania Honey tasting in Zafferana Etnea Package price per person, from 11 to 15 Pax, from € 738 Package price per person, from 16 to 20 Pax, from € 594 Package price per person, from 21 to 25 Pax, from € 518 Airport considered: Palermo (arrival) and Catania (departure) Agrigento - Festival of the Flowering Almond Tree (February) The snow-white blossoms of the almond tree announce the return of spring to the Valle dei Templi. Agrigento becomes an embodiment of the harmony and culture of its population. The spirit of joy, peace, and kinship permeating the Festival transcends all racial and ideological barriers. An event which has been repeated for more than half a century, it includes various sporting and traditional activities ranging from a Sicilian cart parade to performances by international folklore groups. 29
  30. 30. 2013 - 2014 In the footprints of Saints: a journey through faith and culture It is a trip to discover Italy through a pilgrimage to several important sites of Saints and Christianity. Italy is filled with sanctuaries and religious sites, some of them splendid and largely unvisited, others quite famous and receiving millions of pilgrims each year. The stops planned for the tour are: Loreto in Marche, world famous for the Sacred House of Nazareth conserved within its basilica; San Giovanni Rotondo in Puglia, for the sanctuary of Padre Pio; Cassino in Lazio, for the Abbey of Monte Cassino; and in Rome, several of the eternal city's most important churches. You head back up to Umbria to visit the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi, then to Cascia and Gubbio, closing with La Verna in Tuscany. 6 1 1 1 nights HB at good mid-class hotels, as per the programme full day guided tour of Rome full day guided tour of Assisi and Cascia half-day guided tour of Gubbio Package price per person, 7 days, from € 267 (Min. 25 Pax) Are you travelling by air instead? Let us know your inbound & outbound airports and we will organise all bus transfers for you! Gubbio - the Festival of the Candles (May) The Race of the Candles, held every year on 15 May, takes place over more than 4 kilometres through the narrow medieval streets of Gubbio, adorned with banners and tapestries of the colours of three candles: Saint Ubaldo, Saint George, and Saint Anthony. During the race, the Candles sway back and forth in a terrifying manner, often grazing walls and windows. It is a test of great strength and ability to be able to run with the Candle held as upright as possible, and avoiding a "fall". Est! Est!! Est!!! großen Weines... Die Legende eines Est!! Est!! Est!! The Legend… It is said that while travelling to Rome, a bishop with a passion for wine sent his servant to scout ahead for the best wines. Whenever he found a good wine, he was to write, "est" or "c'è" near the door of the inn, and, if the wine were really good, he was to write, "est est". Once the servant reached Montefiascone and tasted the local wine, finding no other way to communicate its excellent quality, he decided to repeat the signal three times, reinforcing the message with six exclamation points: Est!! Est!! Est!! 30
  31. 31. 2013 - 2014 The most beautiful coastlines of Italy's Tyrrhenian Sea This is your chance... A tour from the world-renowned Amalfi Coast, along the coast of Calabria, to the breathtaking beaches of Sicily. Enjoy wonderful views and discover the sea with all its shades of blue. If all this were not enough, we will take you on a journey into the past to the ruins of the temple in Paestum and the Greek theatre in Taormina. What are you waiting for? 7 nights, half-board, with enlarged breakfast in good 3* hotels 2 bus transfer from Napoli Airport / to Catania Airport (on Arrival/Departure) bus rental for all the excursions as per listed 1 full day guided tour Amalfi Coast 1 half day guided tour Paestum 1 full day guided tour Tropea und Capo Vaticano 1 full day guided tour Locri und Gerace 1 half day guided tour Reggio Calabria 1 half day guided tour Taormina Package price per person, from 11 to 15 Pax, from € 767 Package price per person, from 16 to 20 Pax, from € 617 Package price per person, from 21 to 25 Pax, from € 538 Airport considered: Napoli (Arrival) and Catania (Departure) Calabria - The Moliterno museum or distillery? workshop: Visit this unexpected city of art, try the Calabrian specialities and check out Moliterno workshop - it has been curating the history of Calabrian liqueur since the 1800s and houses unique liqueur production instruments and recipes. The real surprise - the distillery, where new recipes are being tested all the time. You can taste up to 17 types of original, natural liqueurs. Why not a porcini mushroom liqueur? Catania - What a feast! The flavour of horse meat is considered a real delicacy by the people of Catania, and it is something to sample while taking a walk through the centre. Dressed in oil, vinegar, and oregano, it is cooked by the road side on large barbecues, giving off an appetizing aroma which attracts customers from hundred of metres away. Beyond the grilled specialities, you can also try various traditional Sicilian appetizers for a true gastronomic experience... at prices that won't break the bank! 31
  32. 32. 2013 - 2014 New office in Rome Another important step in the development of Gadis: a new office in Rom, which is also a strategic destination for group travel to Italy. Also this 5th office (after Liguria, Lake Maggiore, VeronaVeneto and Vico Pisano-Tuscany) is connected to Gadis’ main frame. The Rome office allows us to offer a wider and punctual service to our clients travelling to the Italian Capital. Gadis Roma Graziano Lacaita, office manager Via Monte Massico 53 00139 Roma Tel +39 06 87195064 Fax +39 0183 548222 roma@gadis.it Gadis is now partner of the Vatican Museum in Rome! In June 2013, Gadis became partner of the Vatican Museum in Rom. Book your VIP-Ticket and your groups travelling to Rome won’t waste their time in queuing up... With Gadis, queuing up to visit the Vatican Museum is no longer a problem! 32