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Mango and nokia


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Slideshare about WP7 Mango and Nokia, a look at the competition, history and the future.

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Mango and nokia

  1. 1. Mango and NokiaIts finally here, now what?
  2. 2. Introduction to Gadget-Review.orgKoen Speelmeijer – Android, Windows@nemesiskoenRuben Evens – iOS, OSX@RubenEvensBram De Vos – iOS/Meego, Windows@Brammer
  3. 3. Introduction to Gadget-Review.orgOnline Gadget MagazineWe review gadgetsWe report about the Tech World
  4. 4. Introduction to Gadget-Review.orgWe visit the biggest consumer electronic conventionsWe do live blogsWe attend the biggest launch events
  5. 5. Which direction should Microsoft and Nokia take?
  6. 6. History: Windows MobileDesktop OS on a small screen:Pocket PC 2000/2002Windows Mobile 2003/SEWindows Mobile 5/6
  7. 7. Look at the competition: iOSGreat synergy for Mac usersEasy to useGreat DesignOne device to rule them allRows of tiles
  8. 8. Look at the competition: AndroidWhole range of devicesVery customizableOpen SourceTakes time to set up and learnFragmentation
  9. 9. Which Windows Phone devices are out there?There’s a few awesome phones Samsung Omnia 7 Dell Venue Pro HTC HD7 HTC TitanAnd some other pretty cool ones: HTC Mozart LG Optimus 7 HTC Radar
  10. 10. Partnership with the companythat brought you the Nokia 3310
  11. 11. Nokia Lumia SeriesGreat Design
  12. 12. Is it enough?
  13. 13. No…
  14. 14. Which directions should they take?Microsoft has to play catch upCombine Synergy with availabilityThey need to do this FASTWindows Phone needs a flagship phone
  15. 15. Deadline: Mobile World Congress 2012
  16. 16. One more thing
  17. 17. Find us on the Internet@GadgetReviewOrg