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William shakespeare biography justo ma


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William shakespeare biography justo ma

  1. 1. William Shakespeare’s Biography by Justo Mariezcurrena
  2. 2. William Shakespeare was born in April the 26th, 1564 in Stratford in England.
  3. 3. In November the 28th, 1582, WilliamShakespeare married the twenty-six andpregnant Anne Hathaway. Barely sevenmonths later, they had his first daughter, Susanna. Then, they had twins.
  4. 4. William Shakespeare died 23April 1616 at the age of 52.
  5. 5. • The World Book Day is celebrated the 23rd of April because it is the Anniversary of Shakespeare´s death, and in that day there is a Readathlon, in which kids from all around the world are encouraged to read books.