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Social Media analysis case study – Carsharing market in Toronto


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This presentation is about the carsharing market in Toronto and how much social activity is happening around the Canadian and locally-owned AutoShare.

Using information found by a social media analytics platform, the report is prepared through the analysis of data collected from blogs, Twitter, forums and major new sources.

To determine who leads conversations, I analyzed talks around the three top carsharing brands in Toronto: AutoShare, Car2go and Zipcar throughout the reporting period specified.

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Social Media analysis case study – Carsharing market in Toronto

  2. 2. INTRODUCCTION:Using a recognized social media analytics tool we will show an inside look at thecarsharing market in Toronto and how much social activity is happening aroundAutoShare.To determine who leads conversations, we analyzed talks around the three topcarsharing brands in Toronto: AutoShare, Car2go and Zipcar from November 11, 2011to November 9, 2012.Joining AutoShare and Zipcar in June 30, the new competitor - Car2go - launchedshort-term car rental in Toronto. For this reason, insights of the local market forAutoShare are mainly focused on the second half of the period.
  3. 3. Focus Points
  4. 4. A. Overview of the North American Market for Carsharing Overview of mentions collected from all Carsharing conversations from November 11, 2011 to November 09, 2012.
  5. 5. Overview of the North American Market for Carsharing • Overall, conversations about Carsharing produced 50,896 total mentions. News and Twitter were the top source of mentions.• Because of membership requirements and on-line accessible method, it is not a surprise that more than a half of conversations are between the ages of 21-35. Younger social media users do not participate in Carsharing talks and only 36.4 % of mentions are from people in the 36 or older.
  6. 6. Overview of the North American Market for Carsharing (Continued)• Twitter accounted for 90% of demographic mentions (1).• Men were who talked the most about Carsharing across the social space. Carsharing in Canada is twice as popular as in the US (2). • The main concept of Carsharing is a short periods of time car rental model. The word “time” showed up as one of the five most frequent mentioned words in the word cloud along with “cars”, “company”, “vehicles” and “program”. • Carsharing had a 91% overall positive talk in social media.
  7. 7. B. Insights into AutoShare - Toronto MarketCompetitive study of conversations around AutoShare compared to thetop local competitors - Car2go and Zipcar
  8. 8. B1. DASHBOARD INSIGHTS – Share of Voice November 10, 2011 to May 9, 2012 May 10, 2012 to November 9, 2012• AutoShare had the most total mentions over the one-year period. In the second half Car2go jumped to the second place as one of the most talked. It is interesting to note that Car2go started leading the overall conversations since August (see Trend graph slide 14).• Zipcar, collecting 88% of the conversations compared to AutoShare in the first semester, dropped to 63% in the second one with the appearance of the new player (Car2go) (3).
  9. 9. B1. DASHBOARD INSIGHTS (Continued) November 10, 2011 to May 9, 2012 May 10, 2012 to November 9, 2012 1,660 • In terms of overall 4,998 Total Mentions Total Mentions mentions, there was a considerable increase in the number across social channels when mentions grew three times from 1,660 to 4,998. • Clearly, over the whole time looked at, the greatest number of conversations came from Twitter (92% and 97%).
  10. 10. B1. DASHBOARD INSIGHTS (Continued) November 10, 2011 to May 9, 2012 May 10, 2012 to November 9, 2012• This detailed breakdown reproduces the main points highlighted earlier. Column1 Carsharing (All) AutoShare Zipcar Car2go Column1 Carsharing (All) AutoShare Zipcar Car2go TOTAL MENTIONS 280 717 631 32 TOTAL MENTIONS 721 1,667 1,062 1,548 17% 43% 38% 2% 14% 33% 21% 31% BLOGS 29 9 17 0 BLOGS 46 11 15 14 53% 16% 31% 0% 53% 13% 17% 16% FORUMS 24 11 40 15 FORUMS 19 23 24 46 27% 12% 44% 17% 17% 21% 21% 41% TWITTER 227 697 574 17 TWITTER 656 1633 1023 1488 15% 46% 38% 1% 14% 34% 21% 31% SENTIMENT 86% 84% 84% 88% SENTIMENT 93% 86% 79% 90%• The sentiment around Carsharing increased and was favorable.• All of the conversations around the three brands were positive and had an 80% or higher positive rating, except for Zipcar where the rate fell in the second period.
  11. 11. B2. DEMOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS Demographic breakdown showing who has been talking about carsharing in general and about each brand. Carsharing (All) AutoShare Car2go Zipcar• Generally speaking, men talked more about carsharing and branded competitors than women. One of the reasons for these may be that men tend to use carsharing more than women.• Men were more likely to talk about AutoShare than about the other brands, consequently woman preferred to talk more about Car2go and Zipcar. (*) Gender demographics take Twitter into consideration, while from blogs there is not sufficient data to show age demographics.
  12. 12. B3. POPULARITY COMPARISONThe graph shows the mentionvelocity for the three brands.• Despite Car2go’s vigorous irruption and adoption, AutoShare managed to keep attracting attention across social conversations capturing 50% of the highest spikes. On the other hand, Zipcar rarely concentrated huge amount of talks since then. (*) Blogs, Forums and Twitter
  13. 13. B3. POPULARITY COMPARISON – Peak Analysis• According to the word cloud analysis around each of the highest speaks for all competitors, conversations coincided with promotions (free food, free membership, free car demo, free drive).• Car2go was generally talked about in a positive rating while AutoShare had a lower favorability.• Rating declined considerably on July 3rd when people went critical on AutoShare’s social media management and customer service.• Remarkably, on Car2go’s official launch, impressions exceeded 174 thousand (from 28 mentions).
  14. 14. B4. OVERALL MENTION TRENDS This six-month and year-to-date graph represents the total volume of mentions across all sources 400 500 400 300 300 200 200 100 100 0 0 May-12 Jun-12 Jul-12 Aug-12 Sep-12 Oct-12 AutoShare Car2go Zipcar AutoShare Car2go Zipcar• AutoShare led all social media conversations until July. Since its landing in Toronto, Car2go boosted conversations dramatically about branded carsharing.• Car2go received the most talks since August.• While Zipcar and AutoShare had a similar performance during the first months, Car2go’s boost was not as pronounced for Zipcar which remained pretty much flat across the entire period.
  15. 15. B5. TEXT ANALYTICS Text analysis of the carsharing industry: Insights are based on mentions results around each of the brands and general carsharing The following page illustrates: - Word cloud analysis for each search along with the top ten most frequently mentioned words from all sources (1). - Entity word cloud to see popular phrases that are driving the conversation (2).(1) Carsharing; sharing; toronto; "car sharing"; "car-sharing" and Toronto have been excluded from word cloud results for each search along with the brand name (AutoShare; Car2go, and Zipcar) in its corresponding word cloud.(2) Entities analysis is based on mentions on Twitter.
  16. 16. B5. TEXT ANALYTICS (Continued)• Looking at the general Carsharing conversation (including brand names) Car2go showed up as the term used most frequently.• Both AutoShare and Zipcar appeared in each others’ word cloud (without any brand names), showing that the two brands are talked or compared to each other quite often. On the other side, Car2go is the only brand whose competitors are not part of the most frequently mentioned words.• The word “free” showed up in all word clouds representing a 13% of total mentions.• The term “rt” appeared in all entity word clouds, meaning that people is spreading conversations around carsharing and brands to their followers.• Only AutoShare’s talks mentioned one of the type of vehicles their offer (fiat 500).
  17. 17. C. Key Conclusions , Recommendations and Future Opportunities - Strengthen of social media management - People is increasingly talking about and customer service. carsharing (branded and non branded). - Focus on fleet variety to reach potential new customers. - Although still having a strong social presence, AutoShare is struggling to remain - Keep attracting attention with new on top of conversations. innovative promotions (“free” – most frequently mentioned word). Boost AutoShare social presence using Fiat500 as the coolest car.
  18. 18. Notes:Boolean SyntaxBoolean queries used to create the data showed in this report:Q=QUERYQ1: Generic Carsharing mentions(carsharing OR “car-sharing” OR “car sharing”)Q2: AutoShare(autoshare OR “@autoshare”)Q3: Car2go(car2go OR “@car2go”)Q4: Zipcar(zipcar OR “@zipcar”)
  19. 19. Notes:References(Slide 6)(1) 21,965 mentions (Twitter) + 2,648 mentions (Blogs) = 24,613 mentions (Demographic)Twitter mentions = 21,965/24,613 = 89.24%(2) Canada’s population is 11% (Wikipedia) of US’s while conversations in Canada and US: 4,449 vs 20,095. Calculation:US: Twitter: 21,965*0.81= 17,791,65 / Blogs: 2,648*0.87= 2,303.76US Total: 20,095CA: Twitter: 21,965*0.187= 4,107.45 / Blogs: 2,648*0.129= 341.60CA Total: 4,449.04(Slide 8)(3)Half 1: AutoShare: 43% / Zipcar: 38%. Zipcar gets 88% of AutoShare’s mentions (38%/43% )Half 2: AutoShare: 33% / Zipcar: 21%. Zipcar gets 63% of AutoShare’s mentions (21%/33%)