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Powerful Quotes from BrightonSEO 2016 Speakers


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As it was expected, BrightonSEO 2016 was an epic event with lots of great learning! Here you can find 15 powerful quotes from the speakers.

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Powerful Quotes from BrightonSEO 2016 Speakers

  1. 1. From the experts: 2016 speakers from Powerful quotes
  2. 2. If you are marketing to everyone you are marketing to no one. @OlgaDrienko, SEMRush
  3. 3. Your audience is your most important asset: your competitors are unable to replicate it. @SamJaneNoble, Koozai
  4. 4. @NicholaStott, theMediaFlow Be fast. Be mobile. Be everywhere.
  5. 5. @MelCarson, Delightful Communications Your LinkedIn is not your CV: Make it a living profile.
  6. 6. @NathalieNahai, web psychologist Emotions is what enable us to take actions.
  7. 7. Think about the relationship of your content creators and content consumers. Natalie Jones , @Woorank
  8. 8. Don’t be an idiot: Do not segment the market by gender unnecessarily. Catherine Warrilow, @Seriously_PR
  9. 9. Good content should grab, provoke and convert. @NathalieNahai, web psychologist
  10. 10. Generation Z is more interested in a cool product rather than a cool experience. @NicholaStott, theMediaFlow
  11. 11. Your community is your living room. @emcgillivray, MOZ
  12. 12. @lauraHampton, @impressiontalk It is only when we truly know our audience that we can create content which appeals to their needs and persuades them to convert.
  13. 13. Be nice. A happy blogger is a happy brand! @HannahFButcher, @Whitedotnet
  14. 14. @ditapac, 90 Digital Don’t expect users to convert instantly. Micro conversions improve the success rate of your macro conversions.
  15. 15. @OlgaDrienko, SEMRush Every local business aspires to grow. Every global business should go local.