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Meditation and Myers Briggs Personality Type


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Meditation has its benefits – it slows down breathing, quiets the mind which allows for our blood pressure to lower, helps our racing mind to be still and relaxes tense muscles.

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Meditation and Myers Briggs Personality Type

  1. 1. Meditation & MBTI Gabriela Taylor
  2. 2. I help entrepreneurs discover and fully live their purpose and business ambitions via a range of services such as:  12-month Certified Empowered Entrepreneur coaching program  Online Marketing Startup Consulting  Assisted Self-Publishing and Author Marketing  Cross Cultural services and interpreting in 7 languages
  3. 3. MBTI(Myers Briggs Type Indicator) Find your personality preference
  4. 4. Do you tend to:  Get your energy from the world around you or from within?  Focus your attention on details or big picture possibilities?  Make decisions based on your feelings and values or based on facts and data?  Be structured or go with the flow?
  5. 5. Meditation Discover your meditation type
  6. 6. Mindfullness: allow whatever thoughts occur to rise, then detach Spiritual: just sit still, form your problem into a query and listen for guidance from your higher powers Zazen: focus on holding position, breathing and being present with a clear mind for long periods of time Mantra: repeat a word or words while meditating Movement: for those that find it difficult to sit still and do nothing or be silent - Yoga, Qi gong,
  7. 7. Meditations to Try Out Based on Your MBTI Type Mindfulness: ISTJ, ISFJ, ISFP and INFJ Spiritual: ESTP, ENTJ, ESFP and ESFJ Zazen: INTP, INFP, ISTP and ENFJ Mantra: INTJ, ISTP and ISFP Movement: ENTJ, ESTJ, ENTP and ENFP