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Transcreation and Translation for Marketing


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One of the main reasons why companies need to translate is to sell their products to customers in other countries, which is why there is a lot of marketing content to translate. It's a very visible area and sales results are expected, so we need to understand what's expected of us as translators. This session will review what can be classified as marketing translation, what is transcreation, and what you need in order to do a successful transcreation job. The stages in a transcreation project, along with possible challenges and solutions, will also be discussed.

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Transcreation and Translation for Marketing

  1. 1. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation TRANSCREATION and translation for marketing 3:30pm-4:30pm Thursday, November 5 10.00am Saturday, November 7 Bigger room this time!
  2. 2. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation Global campaign goal: retaining customers & defining brand positioning globally
  3. 3. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation C’est tout ce que j’aime Ich liebe es Ninaipenda вот что я люблю işte bunu seviyorum Me encanta 我就喜欢 我就喜歡 love ko to ‫أحبـ`ـه‬ ‫أنا‬ Amo muito tudo isso I'm lovin' it
  4. 4. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation Search “I’m lovin it 2003” onYoutube In different countries, the music changed, the scenes, length, lyrics, and so on…
  5. 5. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation WHAT ISTRANSCREATION?
  6. 6. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation Transcreators need: 1.Deep knowledge of the target culture 2.Copywriting skills 3.Marketing knowledge
  7. 7. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation Atlanta Business Chronicle Call to action => expected reaction Emotions are engaged
  8. 8. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation Rodriguez, Silmaris (2015) Great example of amazing reactions
  9. 9. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation Example of unsuccessful campaign = wrong reaction
  10. 10. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation The name was changed in some markets because it was an insult
  11. 11. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation Marketing is the art of creating and satisfying customers at a profit
  12. 12. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation McCarthy, Jerome E. (1960). Basic Marketing.A Managerial Approach. Homewood, IL: Richard D. Irwin Target Market PRODUCT PLACE PRICE PROMOTION THE MARKETING MIX
  13. 13. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation Booms, B. & Bitner, M. J. (1981). Marketing Strategies and Organizational Structures for Service Firms Target Market PRODUCT PLACE PRICE PROMOTION PEOPLE PHYSICAL EVIDENCE PROCESSES THE MARKETING MIX SERVICES If the target market changes, everything else changes, not just promotion (communication)
  14. 14. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation Hanlon,Annmarie (20014) Example of the Marketing Mix applied to services
  15. 15. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation Transcreation => To trigger the same expected reaction
  16. 16. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation • Same text, different images • Back-translation clarifies the translation meaning for final language approval
  17. 17. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation Mooney, Phil (2008) Transcreation => Translation before CAT tools
  18. 18. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation • Companies translate because they want to sell their products • Emotional engagement needs cultural adaptation
  19. 19. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation Robertson, Graham (2012) A copywriter’s creative brief
  20. 20. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation Background / Overview: America received her wings in 1996, when “bulls balls” were introduced to the beverage industry. Red Bull focuses on bringing dynamic energy to all realms of life, let it be Nascar, extreme sports, study habits, etc. In that, Red Bull created a niche market based around “energy enhancing beverages.” With its “wing enabling powers,” Red Bull is considered a “youthful drink” that speaks solely to the youth...until now. What is the objective, the purpose of the ad? To expand Red Bull into the older adult market as a beverage that can give them the focus needed to tackle their deepest desires. Target audience: who are we talking to? What do we know about them that can help us (insight)? Middle-aged men and women reaching the “midlife crisis” aspect of their lives. They are in need of an internal change and lack the motivation and direction to make it happen. They feel they have wasted away their lives and fear only doom lies ahead. What’s the single most important thing to say? What is the big idea? Get your balls back. What are the supporting rational and emotional ‘reasons to believe and buy?’ Red Bull increases performance, increases concentration and reaction speed, improves vigilance, stimulates motivation, and makes you feel more energetic and thus improves your overall well-being. About 5%-12% of middle-aged people experience a midlife crisis. They have fears and anxieties about growing older, and are willing to try new and adventurous things to reach a sense of internal stability in their lives. Red Bull Red Bull didn’t give us wings to fly; it grabbed us by the jugulars and sent us soaring. They need to prove it!
  21. 21. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation
  22. 22. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation
  23. 23. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation THETRANSCREATION BRIEF Requirement Positioning Distribution Timeframe Deliverables Purpose Target audience Response Tone Background/overview Purpose/objective Target audience Message Supporting R&E reasons
  24. 24. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation SOURCETEXT MESSAGE TARGET CULTURE RESPONSE #1 takeaway
  25. 25. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation Translation is about 
 the ability to understand 
 someone else’s language. Transcreation is about 
 the ability to write 
 in your own. 2011 #2 takeaway
  26. 26. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation Transcreator => Skilled copywriter who understands the source culture intent as well as the target culture perception
  27. 27. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation Pre-production Production Post-production THETRANSCREATION PROCESS •Client interview •Brief creation •Clarification •Project instructions •Style guide •Translation
 •Proofreading •Client review •Change 
 implementation• TRANSCREATION Transcreation => an additional step in translation, in addition to pre- and post-production stages, to check that the reaction is the intended one
  28. 28. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation ISO 17100 proofing proofreading after-format proofing revision review spot-checking quality control QA in-country review mechanical review language sign-off Watch out for confusing terminology related to tasks
  29. 29. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation ISO 17100 internationalization international copy adaptation localization creative international marketing multilingual copywriting marketization copy adaptation cultural adaptationmarketing translation cross-market copywriting creative translation
  30. 30. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation How to charge?? Houry for pre-production, reports, etc. Experienced translators benefit more from rates linked to units other than time
  31. 31. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation 1, Not meeting client expectations => Shape them w/questions 2. Lack of internal communication 3. Previous experience with translation of a client
  32. 32. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation CONCLUSIONS Ray, R. and Kelly, N. (2010) Reaching New Markets throughTranscreation. Common Sense Advisory, Inc. • Similar to copywriting • Marketing & target culture knowledge - talented writer • The brief is critical • Pre- and post-production • Team communication, including client • Little room for automation or MT
  33. 33. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation –Nelson Mandela “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.”
  34. 34. @gablemoine #HLAtranscreation