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Skype 5 for Mac beta, User Experience Review


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Published in: Technology
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Skype 5 for Mac beta, User Experience Review

  1. 1. Skype 5 for Mac beta User Experience Review Good • The new compact design works well for most uses. • Video with multiple participants is great. • Sort of up to par with the Windows version. Bad • The new compact design works does not work well for some uses. Most notably, it’s bad for people having dozens of ongoing conversations, open for days on end. • The new graphic design wasted screen real estate. Too many horizontal scroll bars.
  2. 2. The backg toolbar is the list. Make this on black d the 2.x ye The way th user move Use a smo y This list must be compacted. A lot. How about boxes in columns, like the s icons, ist. pact, with ion, so ct mode. ore. Make adge above rsations
  3. 3. Reverse the W for sent and re all, it makes se white editable only.items need ray badge items. e, instead Always sho scroll bar w ie beyond the height Make the input area more like a text field. When on focus, highlight it with the nice blue Put the date two line, da the text line whole wind This white spa conversation M edge.
  4. 4. This whol exist. Replace it - Gray ou panel. - On top o show a wh with a thic There should bar on a win space. m in the list el.