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Reference check and backgroundpp


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Reference check and backgroundpp

  1. 1. REFERENCE CHECK AND BACKGROUND Universidad delValle de México Liliana Patricia Coral Baas 430090071 Human Resources Management
  2. 2. Reference Check when an employer contacts a job applicant’s previous: To learn more about his or her job history or educational qualifications.
  3. 3. Background Telling the truth of resumes can contain false or tweaked information It includes:
  4. 4. What Employers Check… It depends on how much verification the employer does during the hiring process. Some employers will confirm, very thoroughly, every detail of your resume or application.
  5. 5. Sample Reference Check Questions  When did (name) work for your company? Could you confirm starting and ending employment dates? When did s/he leave the company?  Why did (name) leave the company?  What was her/his starting and ending salary?  What was her/his position? Can you describe the job responsibilities?  Could I briefly review (name's) resume? Does the job title and job description match the position that (name) held?
  6. 6. What can't be included in a background check?  There is some information that cannot be disclosed under any circumstances, like:
  7. 7. Be Prepared!  The best way to prepare for a background check is to be aware of the information that an employer might find  Make sure you know what your references are going to say about you.  Most importantly, make sure your resume and job applications are accurate and truthful
  8. 8. Interview
  9. 9. Thanks! Liliana Coral