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Comprehensive media plan for expansion of Austin based Big Top Candy Shop into the Hillsborough Village area of Nashville by myself and 5 other classmates from UT. Includes research and analysis of local area including demographics, available media, and competition. Identified primary and secondary targets, and planned out 8 month campaign that established Big Top brand and met all impression, transaction, social media, and interaction objectives. Then effectively pitched this media plan to prospective client.

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Big Top Candy Shop Media Plan

  1. 1. big top Candy shop A MEDIA PLAN BY SOMA ADVERTISING 1
  3. 3. #whatsinyourbag MEET SOMA Gabe's  bag  is  Zilled   with  gummies  of  all   shapes.  He  can  be   heard  eating  them   at  all  hours  of  the   night,  and  the  SOMA   team  wonders  if  he   eats  anything  else   at  all.   GABRIEL  CHAMBERS Sugar,  spice,  and   everything  nice.   Austin’s  bag  includes   Sour  Patch  Kids,  Sweet   Watermelon  Pieces,   and  Cherry  Heads,   which  combine  Zlavors   from  every  shade  of  the   candy  spectrum. AUSTIN  PATTERSON Ben's  bag  contains   chocolate  covered  nuts,   chocolate  covered   bananas,  and  yogurt   covered  pretzels.  This   gives  him  the  illusion   that  eating  the  entire   bag  in  one  sitting  is  not   entirely  unwholesome.   Don't  tell  him  this  isn't   the  case. If  the  old  saying  “you   are  what  you  eat”  holds   true,  then  Lauren  must   be  a  Starburst  of  good   ideas  with  the   (gummy)  brains  to   back  them  up.   LAUREN  MCKAIG Sour  yet  sweet.   Paul’s  bag  of  Sour   Gummi  Worms  and   Airhead  Xtream   Sour  Belts  are   reZlective  of  his   shocking  yet  sweet   personality. PAUL  VILLARREAL BEN  OLINS Hard  to  break   through  then  a  little   sizzle  and  pop.  Alli’s   candy  bag  contains   Now  and  Laters,   Pop  Rocks,   Starbursts  and   Skittles.  Alli   deZinitely  doesn’t   have  a  case  of  sweet   teeth  anymore! ALLI  YARBROUGH 1
  4. 4. Campaign scope This  media  plan  creates  a  comprehensive  strategy  to  support  the  opening  of  a   new  Big  Top  Candy  Shop  in  Nashville,  Tennessee.  The  new  location  will  open   along  21st  Avenue  in  the  Hillsboro  Village  area  on  May  10,  2013.  This  plan  will   use  geographic  and  target  proGiles,  situation  analysis  and  competitive  proGiles   to  determine  the  most  effective  media  strategy.   The  marketing  goals  the  plan  will  accomplish  are:   •  To  create  a  good  understanding  of  the  local  Nashville  Big  Top  trade  area •  To  achieve  an  average  of  1150  visitors  each  week,  with  an  average   transaction  rate  of  $8.50. •  To  establish  a  loyal  customer  base  of  at  least  500  in  the  Girst  year-­‐  8   months  total. The  advertising  goals  the  plan  will  accomplish  are:   •  To  achieve  a  30%  awareness  of  the  Big  Top  name  and  location  across  the   recommended  target(s)  in  the  determined  trade  area  and  surroundings. •  To  establish  regular  bi-­‐monthly  interactions  with  the  loyal  customer  base. •  To  successfully  support  two  local  promotions,  establishing  at  least  one  of   these  promotions  as  a  long-­‐term  tool  for  future  Big  Top  efforts. 2
  5. 5. Executive Summary   Moving  to  a  new  city,  especially  for  the  5irst  time,  can  be  a  detriment  for  a  small  organization.  However,  SOMA  Advertising’s   comprehensive  media  plan  for  Big  Top  Candy  Shop  will  ensure  that  the  expansion  from  the  popular  Austin  location  to  Nashville  will   be  both  seamless  and  lucrative.    A  reference  to  the  pleasure  inducing  medication  in  Aldous  Huxley’s  novel,  Brave  New  World,  SOMA   guarantees  that  Big  Top’s  5irst  eight  months  of  business  in  Nashville  will  set  the  course  for  a  5lourishing,  long-­‐term  operation.     After  conducting  signi5icant  primary  and  secondary  research,  SOMA  concluded  that  two  types  of  consumers  regularly  shop  at   mom  &  pop  candy  stores  like  Big  Top:  1)  People  who  are  looking  for  a  speci5ic  type  of  specialty  candy  and  2)  People  who   incidentally  pass  by  the  store  and  are  drawn  in  by  it’s  charm.  While  the  only  plausible  way  to  target  the  former  audience  is  through   Search  Engine  Marketing  and  Social  Media,  both  of  which  we  employ,  the  second  target  can  be  reached  through  a  myriad  of  vehicles.   Based  on  our  secondary  research  and  interactions  with  Big  Top  employees  and  customers,  SOMA  divided  the  latter  audience  into   two  distinct  targets:  wealthy  mothers  of  young  children  and  college  students  that  attend  either  Vanderbilt  or  Belmont  University.   We  catered  our  media  buys  and  schedule  around  reaching  these  two  groups  of  people.     A  budget  of  $75,000  will  be  allocated  through  a  pulsed  schedule  with  four  de5inite  media  5lights.  The  5irst  5light  employs  a   large  guerilla  focus  and  will  spark  buzz  around  the  store  before  it  opens.  A  second  5light  that  runs  from  the  night  of  the  grand   opening  through  mid  August  will  directly  speak  to  our  primary  target  of  af5luent  mothers  through  print  and  online  vehicles.  The   third  5light  begins  the  week  local  college  students  return  to  Nashville,  and  will  reach  our  secondary  target  through  online,  print,   and  mobile  sources,  as  well  as  various  grass  roots  and  in  person  tactics.  A  5inal,  fourth  5light  will  focus  on  the  candy  heavy,  holiday   season,  and  will  ask  Big  Top  to  become  a  community  sponsor  for  the  annual  Nashville  Christmas  Parade.  These  four  5lights  will   result  in  a  manifestation  of  the  Big  Top  name  amongst  two  distinct,  well-­‐de5ined  targets,  both  of  which  have  the  capacity  and  desire   to  shop  at  the  store  on  a  regular  basis.     The  act  of  candy  shopping  is  fun  and  customers  frequently  walk  out  with  more  than  they  intended  to  buy.  SOMA  took  the  same   approach  when  searching  for  relevant  consumers,  and  with  our  proposed  media  plan,  Big  Top  will  come  out  with  signi5icantly  more   than  they  bargained  for.  The  only  question  that  remains  is,  “How  much  can  you  5it  in  your  bag?” 3
  6. 6. BRAND PROFILE Under  the  Big  Top Walking  down  the  busy  street   of  South  Congress  in  Austin,   Big  Top  Candy  Shop  will   immediately  grab  your   attention.  The  crimson  and   gold  walls  adorned  with  circus   memorabilia  invite  you  inside   and  greet  you  with  a  warm   rush  of  nostalgia.  Big  Top  is   not  afraid  to  go  over-­‐the-­‐top   when  it  comes  to  providing   consumers  with  a  unique   shopping  experience.  With  the   old-­‐fashioned  soda  fountain,   the  enormous  bulk  candy   selection,  to  the  availability  of   hard-­‐to-­‐Zind  favorites,  Big  Top   has  it  all.  Based  off  of  the   success  of  the  Austin  location,   the  owners  have  decided  that   it  is  time  to  take  this  show  on   the  road  to  Nashville.   PRODUCT: With  over  2,000  unique  Zlavors  and  types  of  candy  and  treats,  this  circus-­‐themed  shop  provides  the   opportunity  for  a  sweet  and  fun-­‐Zilled  family  outing.  The  old-­‐fashioned  soda  fountain  and  antique   popcorn  machine  offer  customers  an  experience  that  transcends  the  typical  drugstore  candy  run.   PLACE: Big  Top  Candy  Shop  Zits  right  in  with  the  eclectic  landscape  of  South  Congress,  and  allows  customers   to  satisfy  their  sweet  tooth  while  doing  some  outdoor  shopping.  Big  Top  is  located  in  an  area   frequented  by  families  and  tourists  out  to  enjoy  the  beautiful  weather  and  local  hotspots  like  the   Food  Trailer  lot.    The  shop’s  circus-­‐themed  decor  fosters  feelings  of  nostalgia  and  offers  parents  a   chance  to  reminisce  on  their  childhood  with  their  children.   PRICE: With  candies  ranging  in  both  rarity  and  size,  the  prices  of  candy  served  at  Big  Top  Candy  shop  ranges   from  $1.27  per  quarter  pound  to  $2.27.  Individually  wrapped  candy,  like  Turkish  Taffy  starts  at   $1.47,  and  the  different  Haribo  Candy  start  at  $1.97.  Big  Top  Candy  Shop  is  able  to  provide  customers   with  a  premium  service  for  a  premium  price.  The  company  never  settles  and  always  remains   passionate  about  sweets. PROMOTION: Through  the  use  of  Tumblr,  Facebook,  and  Twitter,  Big  Top  Candy  Shop  is  able  to  remain  relevant   among  both  its  loyal  customers  and  the  general  public.  With  very  positive  reviews  from  sites  like   Yelp  (4.5/5)  and  Facebook,  online  reviews  allow  for  positive  word-­‐of-­‐mouth  and  exposure  to   potential  customers.  Big  Top  is  also  consistently  reviewed  by  local  papers  like  the  Daily  Texan,   Austin  Chronicle,  and  Austin  Monthly  generate  additional  exposure. Sources:  Product,  price-­‐ 4
  7. 7. geography HILLSBORO-­‐WEST  END (37203,  37205,  37212,  37215) 1.  Nearby  educational  institutions:  Vanderbilt  University,   Belmont  University  School  of  Music,  Saint  Bernard’s  Academy,     University  School  of  Nashville. 2.  Approximate  residents:  37,213 3.  Median  age:  36  years 4.  HH  with  children:  35.73% 5.  Bachelors  Degree  or  Higher:  74% 6.  Average  HH  income:  $121,463 7.  Average  home  price:  $402,000 8.  Lifestyle  Indices: Total  HH  expenditures:  157 Entertainment:  158 Food:  158 9.  Hillsboro  Village:  popular  retail  and  entertainment  district  located  3  miles   southwest  of  downtown.  Home  to  vintage  clothing  shops,  a  used  bookstore,  art   galleries,  a  non-­‐proVit  theater  and  restaurants.With  a  walkability  index  of  94,   Hillsboro  Village  offers  area  residents  a  chance  to  stretch  their  legs  in  an   otherwise  pedestrian-­‐unfriendly  city.  Hillsboro  Village  livens  up  the  city  with  its   vibrant  night  life,  art  and  cultural  events,  shopping  opportunities  and  dining   options.   Sources:­‐search,  city-­‐  zipcode).html,­‐Nashville/,,­‐neighborhoods 5
  8. 8. Geography TRAVIS  COUNTY (AUSTIN,  TX) DAVIDSON  COUNTY (NASHVILLE,  TN) •  Population:  820,611 •  Population:  609,  644 •  Female:  49.4%  Male:  50.6% •  Female:  51.5%  Male:  48.5% •  Est.  median  HH  income:  $51,596 •  Est.  median  HH  income:  $46,141 •Avg.  people  per  household:  2.37 •Avg.  people  per  household:  2.38 •  Avg.  people  per  sq.  mile:  2,653.8 •  Avg.  people  per  sq.  mile:  1,265.4 •  Percent  of  HH  with  children  under  the  age  of  18:  27.2% •  Percent  of  HH  with  children  under  the  age  of  18:  27.9% •  Claim  to  fame:  Live  music  capital  of  the  world! •  Claim  to  fame:  County  music  capital  of  the  world!, 6
  9. 9. Map of Competition DIRECT  COMPETITION Sweet  CeCe’s Provence  Café   Circle  K  Station Vanderbilt  Campus  Market INDIRECT  COMPETITION Las  Paletas Maggie  Moo’s Gigi’s  Cupcakes Colt’s  Chocolates Source:  Google  Maps 7
  10. 10. direct COMPETITION (32  Reviews) cookie  and  fresh  fruit  topping  options. •Marketing  scheme  revolves  around  providing  customers  with  a  “healthy”  snacking   experience  in  a  light,  friendly  atmosphere. •‘Taste  of  Nashville’  partner  with  the  Vanderbilt  Commodore  Card. 1708  21st  Ave.  S Nashville,  TN  37212 0.0  miles  away (84  Reviews) 1705  21st  Ave.  S Nashville,  TN  37212 0.0  miles  away •Located  within  the  Hillsboro  Village  area •Self-­‐serve  frozen  yogurt  shop  featuring  over  a  dozen  Zlavors  and  countless  candy,   •Located  within  the  Hillsboro  Village  area •Bakery  and  café  that  specializes  in  French  Artisan  bread •Goal  is  to  bring  the  taste  of  France  to  Nashville •Selection  of  sweets  varies  from  large,  custom  cakes  to  individual  cookies  and  trufZles.   •‘Taste  of  Nashville’  partner  with  Vanderbilt  Commodore  Card. •Markets  are  located  throughout  the  Vanderbilt  campus •Sell  on-­‐the-­‐go  meals  and  snacks  like  chips,  cookies  and  candy •Biggest  competitor  for  Vanderbilt  students  because  of  the  proximity •Vanderbilt  students  can  use  their  VU  meal  plan  dollars  on  their  Commodore  Cards  to  pay 2001  Belmont  Blvd. Nashville,  TN  37212 0.58  miles  away •Convenience  store  located  between  Vanderbilt  and  Belmont  Universities •Largest  selection  of  name  brand  candy  of  any  nearby  competitors •Convenient  location  for  students  and  late  night  hours  allow  for  midnight  snacking Sources:,,,,, 8
  11. 11. inDIrect Competition (229  Reviews) 2905  12th  Ave  S Nashville,  TN  37204 (1.5  miles  away) (89  Reviews) 1816  Broadway Nashville,  TN  32703 (1.3  miles  away) (15  Reviews) 2817  West  End  Ave. Nashville,  TN  37203 •Sell  Gourmet  Mexican  popsicles  (Paletas)  made  without   preservatives  or  syrupy  artiZicial  additives   •Offer  a  variety  of  different  toppings •Highest  number  of  yelp  reviews  and  rating  among  the  competitors •Competitive  pricing-­‐-­‐  each  paleta  costs  around  $2.50 •National  cupcake  chained  concentrated  in  the  eastern  US •Sell  a  variety  of  different  cupcake  Zlavors •Flavor  menu  changes  daily  prompting  customers  to  make  repeat  trips  to   Zind  their  favorites •Custom  orders  available  upon  request   •National  ‘Ice  Cream  &  Treatery”  shop  with  multiple  locations  in  Nashville •Offer  a  variety  of  frozen  treats  like  frozen  yogurt  and  ice  cream  cakes/cupcakes •Scooped  and  tossed    with  candy  toppings  on  a  frozen  marble  slab (1.2  miles  away) (3  Reviews) 609  Overton  St. Nashville,  TN  37203 (2.2  miles  away) •Local  chocolate  shop  that  sells  chocolate  dipped  animal  cracker,  gooey  butter   pies,  trufZles  and  Roy  Rogers’  Happy  Trails  Chocolate •Client  list  reads  like  a  Who’s  Who  of  country  music •Have  integrated  a  country  music  theme  into  their  store  and  their  products   have  become  collectable  novelty  gifts.   Sources:,,­‐paletas-­‐gourmet-­‐popsicles/152523121429659,,, 9
  12. 12. Competitive ANALYSIS Big  Top  will  have  signi5icant  competition  in  its  new  neighborhood.  The  Hillsboro  Village   area  is  5illed  with  local  artisan  restaurants  and  eateries.  Within  a  block  of  Big  Top  is  Sweet   Cece’s,  a  yogurt  shop  with  a  healthful  position  in  the  local  market,  and  Provence,  a  specialty   bakery.  Both  of  these  establishments  are  partners  with  Vanderbilt  Dining  Service’s  “Taste  of   Nashville”  program  and  will  provide  direct  competition  for  Big  Top  in  terms  of  geographic   location,  pricing  and  target  market.  Campus  Dining  markets  and  Circle  K  convenience  stores  will   also  serve  as  direct  competitors  as  they  both  offer  an  abundant  stock  of  affordable  candy  and  are   located  nearby  and  on  the  Vanderbilt  campus. Several  more  distant  locations  will  also  act  as  competition  for  the  new  Big  Top.  Colt’s   Chocolates  and  Las  Paletas  are  both  specialty  treat  shops,  the  former  obviously  basing  their   products  and  services  around  chocolate,  the  latter  a  traditional  Mexican  popsicle  shop  with  a   large  variety  of  5lavors  and  options.  Both  stores  have  favorable  reviews  on  Yelp  and  have  built  up   a  large  following  within  the  local  Nashville  community.  Gigi’s  Cupcakes  and  Maggie  Moo’s  Ice   Cream  Shops  are  both  national  chains  that  will  serve  as  competition  due  to  their  competitive   pricing  and  focus  on  offering  the  customer  the  ability  to  personalize  their  shopping  experience,   much  like  Big  Top. In  order  to  remain  competitive  in  such  a  saturated  market,  Big  Top  needs  to  carve  a  niche   into  Hillsboro  and  surrounding  areas  through  through  the  implementation  of  sound  and   reasonable  media  placement. 10
  13. 13. primary target  WOMEN,  AGE  35-­‐45  WITH  CHILDREN MEET  SUSAN  ANDERSON: She  is  a  36-­‐year-­‐old  and  married  with  two  children.  Susan  attended  the  University  of  Tennessee  and  worked  as  an  accountant  at  the  Nissan  Corporate   headquarters  prior  to  starting  a  family.  Susan  now  stays  at  home  with  her  two  young  children  who  attend  Saint  Bernard’s  Academy  in  Hillsboro.  Susan’s   husband  works  in  pharmaceutical  sales.  Their  annual  household  income  is  around  $125,000.  Like  many  Generation  X’ers,  Susan  enjoys  being  busy  but   likes  to  stay  connected  with  friends  and  local  businesses  on  her  smartphone  and  tablet.  Susan  spends  her  free  time  volunteering  at  the  Nashville   Children’s  Hospital  and  bonding  with  her  family  outdoors.  According  to  Candy  USA’s  sweet  insights,  81%  of  chocolate  eating  occasions  involve  adults  and   according  to  a  recent  census  bureau  report,  chocolate  is  the  number  one  product  category  in  the  candy  market.  The  demographics  of  top  chocolate   consumers  are  70%  white,  53%  married  and  24%  with  household  incomes  of  $100,000  or  more.  A  Mintel  report  also  found  that  households  with  two  or   more  children  under  the  age  of  18,  have  a  much  higher  percentage  than  childless  households  of  indicating  the  purchase  of  candy  on  a  weekly  basis.  Not   only  does  Susan  Zit  perfectly  in  the  top  chocolate  consumer  market,  but  she  also  has  children,  which  will  also  likely  foster  repeat  trips  to  Big  Top.   11 Sources:  Mintel,  Candy  USA
  14. 14. secondary target COLLEGE  STUDENTS,  AGED  18-­‐24 MEET  VIRGINIA  QUINN: Meet  Virginia  Quinn.  She  is  a  20-­‐year-­‐old  sophomore  at  Vanderbilt  University.  She  is  from  Little  Rock,  Arkansas  and  lives  on  campus  with  one  other   roommate.  Since  undergraduate  students  are  not  allowed  to  have  vehicles  on  campus,  Virginia  and  her  friends  frequent  the  Hillsboro  Village  Shopping   Center  which  is  within  walking  distance  from  campus  (WI  94).  Big  Top  Candy  Shop’s  new  location  is  adjacent  to  both  Vanderbilt  and  Belmont  University   and  within  walking  distance  of  Music  Row.  Due  to  its  close  proximity  to  campus,  the  targeted  population  will  be  able  to  conveniently  walk  the  store.   Nearly  40%  of  people  in  Davidson  County  and  73%  of  those  living  within  our  deZined  territory  (37203,37205,  37212,  37215)  graduated  with  either  a   Bachelor’s  degree  or  higher.    With  a  large  number  of  alumnus  continuing  to  reside  in  the  area  after  graduation,    Big  Top  hopes  to  build  and  maintain  a   strong  relationship  with  these  customers  to  develop  a  long-­‐term  loyal  base.   Sources:  Mintel,  Zillow,  Trulia 12
  15. 15. •  While  64%  of  non-­‐chocolate  buyers  most  often  purchase  products  on  impulse,   a  full  100%  admit  to  buying  on  impulse  at  some  point. •  Specialty  shops  build  on  a  sense  of  discovery  by  “offering”  guests  a  chance  to   experience  one-­‐of-­‐a-­‐kind  service  featuring  products  that  have  been  speciVically   tailored  to  their  wants  and  needs. •  Consumers  are  not  averse  to  paying  higher  prices  at  specialty  stores  in   comparison  to  similar  items  at  supermarkets.   •  These  channels  are  especially  popular  among  young  consumers,  who  over   index  in  participations  in  the  category  and  with  men. •  “Employees  are  top  notch  fantastic.” •  “I  really  like  their  selection.  I  like  the  decor.” •  “You  won’t  Zind  most  of  this  stuff  at  your  neighborhood  Walgreens  or   CVS.” •“Kids  can  get  their  candy  and  their  parents  can  enjoy  the  artwork.” •  “It  has  just  about  every  candy  I  have  heard  of  and  beyond.” STRENGTHS •  Only  one  if  Zive  candy  consumers  are  willing  to  make  a  special  trip   to  a  specialty  store. •  Consumers  from  the  lowest  income  earning  households  are  more  likely   than  average  to  buy  store  brand  candy  over  name  brand. •  “They  don’t  take  cash  under  $5.” •.  “I  love  the  products  that  they  carry,  but  the  service  is  excusably  awful.” •  “The  marked  price  was  about  50%  higher  than  what  I  had  experienced  recently  at  other  retailers  for  similar  product.” •  “Very  few  people  come  to  the  store  before  noon-­‐  students  included.” •  “Most  younger  customers  spend  around  or  just  over  Zive  dollars.” WEAKNESSES •  Specialty  stores  can  beneVit  by  focusing  on  premium  selection  and   holiday  promotions,  rather  than  price  cuts,  to  increase  sales.   •  Conveying  the  idea  that  consumers  should  treat  themselves  to   these  products  to  acknowledge  that  they’re  “worth  it”  should  be   prioritized  in  product  advertising. •  Women  are  more  likely  than  men  to  turn  to  candy  when  they  are   stressed  or  when  they  are  looming  to  lift  their  mood. •  Asian  and  black  respondents  are  more  likely  than  average  to   consume  most  types  of  non-­‐chocolate  confectionary. •  More  than  two-­‐thirds  of  candy  buyers  look  for  speciVic  brands. •“This  is  the  best  place  to  go  after  you  have  been  looking  at  all  the   places  your  parents  want  to  go.” •  “I  can’t  wait  until  I  can  take  my  kids  there  again.” •  “Many  people  come  in  for  desert  after  eating  dinner  and  to   pick  up  something  for  their  kids  back  home  with  the  babysitter.” OPPORTUNITIES THREATS •  Supermarkets  represent  20.6%  of  category  sales  in  2012  or  $1.3  billion.  This   accounts  for  a  20%  gain  from  2007  totals. •Specialty  stores  face  increasing  competition  from  mass  merchandisers  such   as  WalMart  and  Target,  and  drug  store  chains  with  their  expanding  grocery   options  and  robust  candy  selections. •Supermarkets  offer  the  combination  of  convenience,  wide  product  selection  and  a   chance  for  cost  savings  that  cannot  be  attained  at  other  purchase  locations. •  Drug  stores  represent  12.9%  of  category  sales  in  2012  or  $785  million  which   accounts  for  a  20%  gain  from  the  2007  total. •Competition  in  the  Nashville  location:  Sweet  CeCe’s  Frozen  Yogurt,  pharmacies,   other  candy  shops,  etc. •Store  opens  during  the  summer  break  for  nearby  universities. Sources:  Mintel,,  interviews 13
  16. 16. situational analysis                        Big  Top  Candy  Shop  is  a  generally  well-­‐reviewed  confectionary  store  in  Austin,  Texas.   Customers  tend  to  favor  the  shop’s  quirky  decor,  large  variety  of  products  and  friendly  (although   inconsistent)  service  over  other  sweets  retailers  like  pharmacies,  gas  stations  and  grocery   stores.  On  a  national  scale,  however,  these  three  locations  are  all  gaining  ground  on   confectionary-­‐speci5ic  stores  due  to  their  convenience  and  favorable  pricing.  Big  Top  draws   much  of  its  criticism  from  marked  up  prices.  This  being  said,  there  are  two  well  de5ined  groups   of  customers  that  visit  Big  Top  on  a  regular  basis:  those  looking  for  a  speci5ic  type  of  candy  not   commonly  available  in  a  convenience  store,  and  those  walking  by  the  store  who  are  drawn  in  by   its  charm.  Regarding  the  opening  of  the  Nashville  location,  in  order  to  combat  increasing   competition  from  non-­‐specialty  confectionary  stores  and  the  number  of  other  sweet-­‐product   offering  shops  in  the  new  neighborhood,  Big  Top  needs  to  exploit  the  high  walk-­‐ability  of  its   location  to  maximize  foot  traf5ic  from  the  latter  type  of  customer.  Those  looking  for  a  speci5ic   type  of  candy  are  too  inde5inable  of  a  group  to  target  effectively.  The  store  should  consider   targeting  women  speci5ically  because  they  are,  “more  likely  than  men  to  turn  to  candy  when  they   are  stressed  or  when  they  are  looking  to  lift  their  mood.”  (Mintel,  2012)     14
  17. 17. Media VISION Who  is  Big  Top  trying  to  reach? Those  who  stroll  and  those  with  strollers.   We  want  to  target: People  who  hire  babysitters. People  who  like  to  take  a  walk  after  dinner.   People  who  like  wear  their  school’s  colors. A People  who  like  to  Instagram  their  food. People  with  twenty  minutes  to  kill. 15
  18. 18. Media Menu OOH SPECS RATE #  OF  PANELS COST  PER  4  WEEK  FLIGHT   ($) 3,200 PEOPLE 18+  DEMOGRAPHIC PERMANENT  BULLETIN POSTER ROTARY  BULLETIN DIGITAL  BULLETIN BUS 1 5 12 18 #  OF  PANELS 20 40 60 #  OF  PANELS 1 5 12 18 SPOTS/DAY 1,332 SIZE FULL  BUS  WRAP FULL  SIDE  WRAP 16,000 38,400 57,600 COST  PER  4  WEEK  FLIGHT   ($) 16,000 30,920 43,260 COST  PER  4  WEEK  FLIGHT   ($) 3,200 16,000 38,400 57,600 COST  PER  4  WEEK  FLIGHT   ($) 7,840 COST  PER  4  WEEK  FLIGHT   ($) 2,400 1,900 AVG  EOI/PANEL CPM  ($) 277,127 277,127 277,127 277,127 AVG  EOI/PANEL 36,424 36,424 36,424 AVG  EOI/PANEL 295,842 295,842 295,842 295,842 4  WEEK  REACH 23 PROD.  PRICE 9,800 5,900 2.45 2.45 2.45 2.45 CPM  ($) 2.04 1.97 1.84 CPM  ($) 2.45 2.45 2.45 2.45 PERSON RATE  ($)/HOUR SOCIAL  MEDIA  INTERN 9 GUITARIST/MUSICIAN 9 CAMPUS  REPRESENTATIVE 9 ROGER  THE  MAGICIAN 50 RADIO 18+  DEMOGRAPHIC CPP  ($) AM  (6-­‐10) PROMOTION DAYPART 124 DAY  (10-­‐3) 111 EVENT TYPE COST  ($) WELCOME  TO  VANDY SINGLE  BOOTH 275 MAJOR  SPONSOR 10,000 PM  (3-­‐7) 129 COMMUNITY SPONSOR 5,000 EVENING  (7-­‐12) 62 FRIENDS  OF  SANTA 2,500 NASHVILLE  CHRISTMAS  PARADE 16
  19. 19. Media Menu TV 25-­‐54  Demographic DAYPART EARLY  MORNING TYPE SIZE 375 PRIME  ACCESS FREE  WITH  WELCOME  TO  NASHVILLE   PACKAGE 357 EARLY  NEWS COST 310 EARLY  FRINGE LOCATION 250 DAYTIME MOBILE CPP  ($) 379 PRIME 602 INSIDEVANDY.COM  APP BANNER NASHVILLE  LIFESTYLES   DIGITAL BANNER 211  X  239 750/MONTH LATE  NEWS 435 ISLAND 300  X  250 500/MONTH LATE  FRINGE 281 PRINT MAGAZINE CIRCULATION #  OF  TIMES 1  PG.  RATE  ($) 1/2  PG.  RATE  ($) EXTRA NASHVILLE  PARENT   36,311 86,000 NASHVILLE  SCENE 43,671 THE  TENNESSEE   547,977 VANDERBILT  HOUSING  GUIDE 8,000 2,120 1,275 3,340 2,325 2,805 2,528 16,195 14,576 1,900 2,060 1,160 3,075 2,175 1,767 1,560 1,689 9,555 1,100 +COLOR=  450 NASHVILLE  LIFESTYLES 1 3 1 4 1 6 1 3 1 THE  BELMONT  VISION 8,000 1 500 297 4 445 259 NEWSPAPER COL.  INCH  RATE  ($)  13X 345.39 253.36 SAT:  110,092 345.39 361.92 SUN:  179,897 THE  VANDERBILT  HUSTLER COL.  INCH  RATE  ($)  1X   MON-­‐FRI:  104,109 THE  TENNESSEAN CIRCULATION 409.55 REG  ISSUE:  8,000 12.5 SPEC.  ISSUE:  10,000 15.5 +COLOR=890 17
  20. 20. Media Menu GUERILLA/MISCELLANEOUS TYPE SEARCH  TERMS CPC  ($) Est.  #  of  Monthly  Searches PRICE  ($) CUSTOM  M&M  PACKET SEARCH  ENGINE  MARKETING AMOUNT 500 895 1000 210 5000 862 30X90  SQ.  FT.  TENT 1 1200 DUNKING  BOOTH 1 200 MOON  BOUNCE 1 225 Est.  Monthly  Cost  ($) “candy  nashville” 0.71 1,900 26.98 “chocolate  nashville” “nashville  candy  store” “nashville  sweets” “ice  cream  nashville” “desert  nashville” “hillsboro  deserts” “vanderbilt  restaurants” 1.39 0.66 1.35 1.44 3.17 1.42 1.37 1,000 320 720 1,300 720 8,100 1,900 27.8 4.22 19.44 37.44 45.64 230 52.06 CUSTOM  STICKERS ONLINE SITE SIZE  (PIXELS) LOCATION  (NAME) UNIQUE  VISITORS RATE  ($) INSIDEVANDY.COM 728X90 160X600 211X239 300X250 160X600 211X239 HEADER/FOOTER VERTICAL  SIDE SITE  SPONSOR  HEADER VERTICAL  SIDE  ISLAND VERTICAL  SIDE  SKYSCRAPER EMAIL  NEWSLETTER 45,000 45,000 105,000 105,000 105,000 105,000 400/MONTH 400/MONTH 1750/MONTH 750/MONTH 750/MONTH 2500/MONTH VARIES 728X90 300X250 300X250 160X600 728X90 BANNER  AND  VERTICAL  PACKAGE LEADERBOARD SCOREBOARD VERTICAL  SIDE SKYSCRAPER LEADERBOARD 36,311 40,000 40,000 1550/MONTH 5500/MONTH 5500/MONTH 7/CPM 8/CPM 8/CPM NASHVILLELIFESTYLES.COM NASHVILLEPARENT.COM THE  CITY  PAPER PANDORA SPOTIFY SOCIAL FACEBOOK TYPE COST  ($)/CPM SPECS AUDIENCE  SIZE VERTICAL  BANNER 0.16 PARENTS  WHO  LIVE  IN  NASHVILLE  AND  LIKE:  COOKING,  VANDERBILT,  HILLSBORO  VILLAGE 69,420 VERTICAL  BANNER 0.08 MALES  AND  FEMALES  AGES  18-­‐24  WHO  LIVE  IN  NASHVILLE  AND  LIKE  VANDERBILT   UNIVERSITY 17,940 18
  21. 21. media BUDGET PRINT %  OF  BUDGET 1725/FULL  PAGE  COLOR 6.000 217,866 6.278% $10,350 13.800% 500/SEMESTER 1.000 8,000 0.231% $500.00 0.667% 1575/FULL  PAGE  COLOR  AD 3.000 24,000 0.692% $4,725.00 6.300% NASHVILLE  SCENE 1767/HALF  PAGE  COLOR  AD 3.000 131,013 3.776% $5,301.00 7.068% NASHVILLE  LIFESTYLES 3340/SPECIAL  ISSUE  FULL  PAGE   1.000 AD 86,000 2.478% $3,340.00 4.453% VEHICLE COST  ($) FREQUENCY PURCHASED  GIs %GIs TOTAL COST %BUDGET INSIDEVANDY.COM FREE  WITH  HUSTLER  FULL   PAGE  AD 1.000 45,000 1.297% $0.00 0.000% NASHVILLE  LIFESTYLES 500/MONTH 1.000 105,000 3.026% $500.00 0.667% VEHICLE COST  ($) FREQUENCY PURCHASED  GIs %GIs TOTAL  COST %BUDGET 1  PANEL  BULLETIN  BOARD 3200/MONTH 6.4200 $20,552.00 27.403% VEHICLE COST  ($) TOTAL  COST %BUDGET WELCOME  TO  VANDY  EVENT 275.00 1.000 8,000 0.231% $275.00 0.367% NASHVILLE  CHRISTMAS   PARADE SEM TOTAL  COST VANDERBILT  HUSTLER PROMO FREQUENCY PURCHASED  GIs %GIs BELMONT  VISION OOH COST  ($) NASHVILLE  PARENT   MAGAZINE MOBILE VEHICLE 5000/EVENT 1.000 100,000 2.882% $5,000.00 6.667% COST  ($) FREQUENCY PURCHASED  GIs %GIS TOTAL  COST %BUDGET 443.58/MONTH 8.000 $3,548.64 4.732% 1,779,155 127,680 51.273% 3.677% 19
  22. 22. media BUDGET GUERILLA TOTAL  COST %  OF  BUDGET 0.028% $1,790.00 2.387% 210/1000 2.000 2000 0.057% $420.00 0.560% 30  X  90  SQ.  FOOT  TENT 200/HOUR 3.000 $600.00 0.800% DUNKING  BOOTH 66/HOUR 3.000 $200.00 0.267% MOON  BOUNCE 75/HOUR 3.000 $225.00 0.300% FREE  PRODUCT 200 1.000 $200.00 0.267% TYPE COST  ($) % OF BUDGET 9/HOUR FREQUENC Y 195.000 TOTAL COST MUSICIAN $1,755.00 2.340% SOCIAL  MEDIA  INTERN 9/HOUR 160.000 $1,440.00 1.920% CAMPUS  REPRESENTATIVE 9/HOUR 50.000 $450.00 0.600% ROGER  THE  MAGICIAN SOCIAL PURCHASED   GIs 1000 %GIs 1.79/PACKET FREQUENC Y 1000.000 CUSTOM  STICKERS ONLINE COST  ($) CUSTOM  M&MS PEOPLE VEHICLE 50/HOUR 3.000 $150.00 0.200% VEHICLE NASHVILLELIFESTYLES.CO M INSIDEVANDY.COM PANDORA SPOTIFY VEHICLE FACEBOOK COST  ($) 1750/MONTH 400/MONTH 7/CPM 8/CPM COST  ($) $.24/CPM FREQUENC Y 3.500 2.500 TOTAL  COST $6,125.00 $1,000.00 $2,000.00 $1,000.00 TOTAL  COST $700.00 %  OF  BUDGET 8.1667% 1.333% 2.667% 1.333% %  OF  BUDGET 0.933% FREQUENC Y PURCHASED   GIs 367,500 112,500 142,857 125,000 PURCHASED   GIs 87,360 %GIs 10.590% 3.242% 4.117% 3.602% %GIs 2.518% MEDIA TOTAL  GIs TOTAL  %  OF  GIs TOTAL  COST %  OF  OVERALL  COST PRINT 466,879 13.455% $24,216.00 32.288% MOBILE 150,000 4.323% $500.00 0.667% OOH 1,779,155 51.273% $20,522.00 27.403% PROMO 108,000 3.113% $5,275.00 7.034% SEM 127,680 3.667% $3,548.64 4.732% GUERILLA 3,000 0.085% $2,210.00 2.947% ONLINE 747,857 21.551% $10,125 13.4997% 20
  23. 23. BUDGET BY FLIGHT FLIGHT   TOTAL   COST MEDIUM COST SEM TOTAL $11,520.00 ONLINE $6,125.00 $2,002.00 $275.00 $8,000.00 PRINT $10,526.00 ONLINE $3,000 $450.00 $1,000.00 $5,000 PRINT $5,175 MOBILE CONTINGENCY OOH FLIGHT'IV' 19%' $5,175.00 PROMOTION $13,515.00 $1032.25 MOBILE FLIGHT  FOUR OOH PEOPLE $23,251 $2210.00 OOH FLIGHT  THREE GUERILLA FLIGHT'I' 5%' $700.00 PROMOTION $24,822.00 $3,168.00 GUERILLA FLIGHT  TWO $3242.25 PEOPLE PRINT FLIGHT ONE $7,416.64 CONTINUOUS' 10%' PERCENTAGE $3,548.64 SOCIAL CONTINUOUS SPENDING  BY  FLIGHT $3340.00 $2,753.11 9.888% 4.323% FLIGHT'II' 34%' FLIGHT'III' 32%' 33.096% TOTAL  BUDGET:  MEASURABLE  MEDIA UNMEASURABLE:  10% 31.001% 18.02% MEASURABLE:  90% 3.6% $75,000 100% 21
  24. 24. CONTINUOUS FLIGHT CONTINUOUS  FLIGHT:  MEDIA  MIX 9.44% SEM 47.8% 42.7% $3,548.64 PEOPLE $3,168.00 SOCIAL $700.00 TOTAL  CONTINUOUS  MIX:  $7,416.64 Social  Media  Intern:  As  part  of  our  continuous  media  Vlight,  a  social  media  intern  will  be  employed  from  the   Virst  day  of  the  campaign  to  the  last  in  order  to  stay  relevant  in  the  competitive  online  sphere.  The  social  media   intern  will    work  5  hours  a  week  updating  our  Facebook  page,  Instagram,  Twitter  account,  etc.  Local  stores  are   frequently  plagued  by  indelicately  cultivated  online  personas.  Our  social  media  intern  will  ensure  this  is  not  the   case.   Social  Media  Strategy:  #whatsinyourbag Facebook:  Content  is  centered  around  major  campaigns,  posting  pictures  from  events,  announcing  new   promotions  and  providing  a  forum  for  Big  Top  shoppers  to  discuss  their  experience. Instagram:  Efforts  will  be  tracked  by  #whatsinyourbag.  Customers  who  use  this  hashtag  and  post  a   picture  of  their  bag  from  Big  Top  will  automatically  be  entered  into  the  “Sweet  Tooth  of  the  Month”  contest.   The  winner  will  receive  a  $20  store  gift  card  through  a  free,    third  party  application. Twitter:  The  Nashville  location  will  have  its  own  account,  and  will  be  used  as  a  means  of  reaching   customers  and  monitoring  feedback.  Twitter  offers  the  unique  opportunity  to  respond  quickly  and  directly   to  customer’s  inquiries,  questions  and  general  comments  about  the  service,  products  or  experience  of  Big   Top.  Hashtags  can  be  used  to  track  reach  and  awareness  of  the  campaigns. YouTube:  Feature  short  videos  of  events  held  at  the  store  provide  an  additional  branded  entertainment   medium  for  local  customers. Search  Engine  Marketing  (SEM)  is  a  tool  that  Big   Top  will  use  to  keep  in  contact  with  the  target   market  throughout  the  duration  of  the  campaign.   SEM  allows  Big  Top  to  secure  placement  near  the   top  of  Google  searches  for  related  search  terms  like   “Nashville  candy  stores”  and  “Deserts  Hillsboro.”     With  more  than  62%  of  internet  users  clicking  on   links  on  the  Virst  page  of  results  returned  by   Google,  it  is  clear  that  being  near  the  top  makes  a   signiVicant  difference  when  it  comes  to  reaching   consumers.  With  this  idea  in  mind,  we  intend  to   buy  all  search  terms  listed  on  the  media  menu.     Search  Engine  Optimization  (SEO):  Big  Top’s   website  and  social  media  posts  will  be  loaded  with   rich  keywords  that  will  promote  a  better  Google   PageRank.  SEO  will  help  ensure  that  when  customers   are  searching  relevant  terms  like  candy  and  desert,   Big  Top  will  be  near  the  top  of  the  list  of  results.   Organic  searches  for  a  brand  or  product  are  key   indicators  of  the  success  of  an  advertising  campaign  Guitarist:  Big  Top  will  tie  in  Nashville’s  musical   culture  into  its  promotional  events  by  hosting   regular  in-­‐store  musical  performances-­‐  “Under  the   Big  Top”  .  The  guitarist  will  play  Thursday  nights   during  the  Hillsboro  Art  Walk  and  on  weekends   during  peak  after-­‐dinner  desert  hours.  Student   musicians  will  be  encouraged  to  participate  to  gain   exposure  and  build  awareness  for  the  store  at  nearby   universities.   22
  25. 25. flight one MISSION:  RUIN  THE  APPETITE Our  5irst  5light  begins  on  May  1,  ten  days  prior  to  Big  Top’s   FLIGHT  ONE:  MEDIA  MIX GUERILLA $2,210.00 OOH 32% $1,032.25 68% TOTAL  FLIGHT  ONE:  $3242.25 grand  opening.  The  goal  is  to  spark  curiosity  among  Nashville   residents  and  draw  attention  to  Big  Top’s  initial  social  media   campaign.  A  heavy  guerilla  marketing  effort  based  around   distributing  packets  of  custom  M&Ms  throughout  the  Hillsboro   Village  area  will  set  the  plan  in  motion.  The  M&M’s  will  have   phrases  including,  but  not  limited  to,  “Big  Top,”  “Bulk  Candy,”   “Circus,”  and  “Local.”  The  Vanderbilt  campus,  as  well  as   surrounding  neighborhoods  will  be  blanketed  in  customized  Big   Top  stickers  with  the  saying,  “What’s  in  your  bag?”  A  billboard  in   the  Hillsboro  Village  area  will  direct  those  walking  and  driving  by   to  the  Big  Top  Facebook  page  where  they  can  take  part  in  the   #whatsinyourbag  social  media  campaign.  The  mission  of  this   5light  is  to  create  an  intense  curiosity  among  local  citizens,  and  by   carefully  implementing  these  communications  tools,  the  arrival   of  Big  Top  will  be  no  surprise.  Residents  of  Nashville  will  be  dying   to  ruin  their  appetite.   Out  of  Home:  A  1-­‐panel  billboard  will  be  placed  at  a  nearby  high-­‐trafVic  intersection  (21st   Ave.  South  and  Edgehill  Ave).  The  target  will  be  visible  to  both  our  primary  and  secondary   targets  as  they  make  their  way  around  town  and  to-­‐and-­‐from  campus.  The  billboard  will  be   contracted  starting  at  the  beginning  of  the  Virst  Vlight  on  May  1,  through  the  end  of  the  third   Vlight  in  late  October.  The  circus-­‐themed  billboard  will  introduce  area  visitors  to  the  Big  Top   brand  and  the  #whatsinyourbag  social  media  campaign.   Guerilla:  In  order  to  build  relevant  buzz  among  the  local  community,  customized  packets  of   M&Ms  and  stickers  will  be  spread  throughout  the  area  that  includes  both  the  Belmont  and   Vanderbilt  University  campuses.  Stickers  will  invite  viewers  to  “like”  Big  Top  on  Facebook  in   order  to  prepare  to  take  part  in  the  #whatsinyourbag  social  media  contest.  The  M&M’s  will  have   a  number  of  Big  Top  related  words  and  phrases  printed  on  them  in  order  to  spark  conversations   about  the  upcoming  grand  opening  among  local  residents. BIG TOP BIG TOP BIG TOP BIG TOP BIG TOP BIG TOP BIG TOP Sources:  OOH-­‐  Lamar  Outdoots,  Custom  M&Ms-­‐,  Stickers-­‐ 23
  26. 26. flight TWO MISSION:  SWEET  TEETH FLIGHT  TWO:  MEDIA  MIX 8.065% 24.67% $5,175.00 $11,520.00 $6,125.00 PROMO 20.85% PRINT OOH ONLINE $2,002.00 46.41% TOTAL  FLIGHT  TWO:  $24,822.00 OOH:    SOMA  plans  to  use  a  one-­‐panel  bulletin  board  throughout  several  Vlights   of  the  campaign  because  research  indicates  that  OHH  advertising  brings  in  a   higher  ROI  than  both  TV  and  Print  media. Grand  Opening  Event:  The  grand  opening  of  Big  Top’s  new  location  will  be  marked   with  a  pop-­‐up  carnival.  A  30x90  square  foot  big  top  tent  will  be  set  up  in  an  adjacent   park  and  will  house  a  number  of  attractions  including  a  moon  bounce,  candy   giveaways  and  a  performance  by  local  legend-­‐  Roger  the  Magician.  The  fun  carnival   event  will  not  only  increase  awareness  among  our  target  audience  (and  their   children)  but  will  engage  the  consumer  in  a  way  traditional  advertising  cannot.  The   success  of  the  grand  opening  will  create  local  buzz  and  begin  establishing  a  loyal   customer  base  right  out  of  the  gate. Sources:  Print-­‐SRDS,  Online-­‐  Media  Kit,  OOH-­‐Lamar  Outdoor,  Tent-­‐  Grand  Central  Party  Rental,  Magic  by  Roger-­‐,   Flight  Two  begins  on  May  10,  Big  Top’s  opening  date,  and  will   continue  steadily  through  the  middle  of  the  summer.  The  5light  will   begin  with  a  grand  opening  carnival  event  in  an  adjacent  park,   initiating  an  undoubtedly  strong  relationship  with  the  Nashville   community.    Flight  Two’s  focus  will  be  on  attracting  the  business  of  our   primary  target,  af5luent  mothers  of  young  children.  In  order  to  do  this   several  full-­‐page  advertisements  will  be  taken  out  in  the  Nashville   Parent  Magazine,  a  popular  media  source  amongst  our  local  target.  Big   Top  will  also  become  the  site  sponsor  for,  the   online  counterpart  to  the  trendy  magazine.  Both  advertisements  will   encourage  readers  to  stop  by  Big  Top  for  dessert  or  to  pick  up  a  treat   for  the  kids  back  home.  The  billboard  bought  during  5light  one  will   remain  in  place  during  5light  two  in  order  to  perpetuate  the  “What’s  in   your  bag?”  social  media  campaign.    The  new  candy  destination  will  instantly  be  a  staple  in  the  local   community,  and  the  entire  city  of  Nashville  will  suddenly  all  have  a   case  of  Sweet  Teeth.   Online:  is  the  web  version  of  the  magazine  and  reaches   an  audience  predominantly  composed  of  educated  and  afVluent  30-­‐to-­‐40-­‐year   old  females  looking  to  Vind  out  what  is  trendy  in  Nashville.  SOMA  will  buy   targeted  banner  ads  on  this  site  to  reach  our  target  audience,  stay  at  the  top  of   their  minds  and  further  push  the  #whatsinyourbag  campaign.   Print:  Nashville  Parent  has  been  the  “go-­‐to”  magazine  for  Central  Tennessee  families   for  nearly  20  years.  The  award-­‐winning  magazine  is  published  every  month  and   covers  a  complete  range  of  parenting  topics  pertaining  to  behavior,  health,  education   and  family  entertainment.  Advertising  in  Nashville  Parent  magazine  reaches  Big  Top’s   primary  target-­‐  mothers  with  children,  and  makes  them  aware  of  the  new  location  in   Hillsboro  Village.   24
  27. 27. MISSION:  A  SWEET  INTRODUCTION flight THREE 1.17% 1.93% FLIGHT  THREE:  MEDIA  MIX PROMO 34.26% $8,000.00 $4,000.00 PRINT 45.07% OOH ONLINE 17.13% $275.00 $10,526.00 PEOPLE $450.00 FLIGHT  THREE  TOTAL:  $23,351   As  the  heart  of  August  approaches,  a  wave  of  new  faces  will  5lood   the  Hillsboro  Village  neighborhood  and  surrounding  areas  as  Vanderbilt   and  Belmont  University  students  return  for  the  school  year.  This  marks  a   point  of  transition  as  the  campaign  moves  from  its  primary  target  of  local,   af5luent  mothers  to  young  and  eager  college  students.     Advertisements  in  the  Vanderbilt  Hustler,,  and   the  Belmont  Vision  will  draw  the  attention  of  the  large  student  crowd  as   they  get  acclimated  to  the  city.  A  full-­‐page  ad  in  the  Vanderbilt  Hustler   grants  Big  Top  access  to  the  “Welcome  to  Nashville”  fair  for  incoming   freshmen  at  Vanderbilt,  as  well  as  a  month  of  free  advertising  on  the   Inside  Vandy  mobile  app.  In  addition,  an  of5icial  campus  rep  will  be  hired   to  help  spread  the  word  in  person.   Big  Top  will  then  increase  brand  awareness  on  more  age   appropriate  media  outlets  in  the  Nashville  area  by  advertising  through   the  Nashville  Scene’s  mobile  app.  Targeted  banner  ads  will  be  bought  on   Spotify  and  Pandora  in  order  to  attract  students  that  use  online  radio   sites.  The  goal  of  5light  three  is  to  spread  awareness  of  the  new  Big  Top   Candy  Shop  to  the  thousands  of  area  college  students  that  come  to   Nashville.  Through  these  various  platforms,  Big  Top  will  be  sure  to  give   the  students  the  sweetest  possible  welcome.   Spotify:  Using  Spotify  to  promote  Big  Top   will  support  other  attempts  to  reach  local   college  students.  Spotify  has  over  20  million   active  users,  many  of  whom  are  young,  tech-­‐ savvy  adults.  Big  Top’s  banner  ads  will   appear  only  on  the  playlists  of  those  aged   18-­‐24  living  in  Nashville.  Advertising  on  this   site  will  facilitate  awareness  about  the  store   and  its  “Under  the  Big  Top”  musical  events. Print:  The  Nashville  Scene  is  the  premier  local  publication  for  in-­‐depth  reporting,  lively  arts   coverage  and  the  latest  in  music  and  entertainment.    The  newspaper  reaches  approximately   132,100  readers  a  week  via  a  controlled  circulation  strategy.  Copies  of  the  Scene  are  dropped   off  in  bulk  midweek  to  high  trafVic  sites  and  businesses,  and  redelivered  to  the  most  popular   sites  on  Thursday  and  Friday.  Over  35%  of  the  paper’s  market  lives  in  Davidson  County,  and   the  content  of  the  publication  attracts  readers  from  higher  income  levels.   Pandora:  Banner  advertisements  on  Pandora  will   reach  students  who  prefer  radio-­‐formatted  listening   over  personalized  playlists.  With  over  47  million   active  users,  Pandora  is  the  premier  company  for   reaching  young  people  that  listen  to  music  online.  As   with  Spotify,  the  ads  will  promote  the  location  of  the   new  store  and  encourage  students  to  check  out  the   “Under  the  Big  Top”  musical  events  on  Fridays  and   Saturdays.   Campus  Rep:  When  college  students  come  back  for  the  fall  semester  in  August,  Big  Top  will   hire  a  campus  representative.  This  student  will  be  paid  to  spread  the  word  about  Big  Top’s   promotions  and  events  around  the  Vanderbilt  and  Belmont  campuses.  In  addition,  an  ofVicial   campus  rep  will  be  given  Vlyers  and  candy  to  hand  out,  and  will  encourage  student  groups  to   host  proVit  shares  and  social  events  at  the  brick  and  mortar  store.   25
  28. 28. flight THREE Print:  Belmont  Vision  is  a  student-­‐organized  online  and  print  newspaper  for  Belmont   University.  During  the  regular  school  year,  a  print  edition  of  current  campus  news  is   published  each  semester.  Considering  Belmont,  much  like  Vanderbilt,  is  adjacent  to  the   future  location  of  Big  Top  and  will  be  frequented  by  many  college  students,   promotional  advertisements  in  the  Belmont  Vision  would  be  an  adequate  way  to   promote  the  store’s  proximity  and  special  events  to  the  secondary  target.   Next Stop Candy Shop; Austin Treatery Comes to Hillsboro Print:  The  Vanderbilt  Hustler  is  the  ofVicial  student  newspaper  of  Vanderbilt   University.  The  newspaper  is  published  three  times  weekly  and  is  frequently  updated   online,  providing  campus  news  about  sports,  entertainment  events  and  calendar   information.  Vanderbilt  University  is  across  the  street  from  the  future  Big  Top  Candy   Shop  location  and  the  school’s  newspaper  will  therefore  be  an  imperative  medium  in   order  to  attract  attention  from  college  students  and  drive  purchases  from  potential   consumers  in  our  secondary  target  market.   Online:  is  the  highly  popular,  informational  website  catered   speciVically  to    Vanderbilt’s  12,000  students.  Averaging  45,000  unique  visitors  a   month,  the  site  includes  a  wide  variety  of  news,  photos,  and  campus  event   information.  Insidevandy  .com  also  provides  a  direct  link  to  the  Vanderbilt  Hustler,   another  media  vehicle  employed  for  this  campaign.   26
  29. 29. flight FOUR MISSION:  STUFF  THOSE  STOCKINGS                As  stated  in  a  2012  Mintel  report  on  non-­‐chocolate   confectionary,  specialty  stores  have  an  opportunity  for   signi5icant  increases  in  sales  by  associating  candy  with  a   FLIGHT  FOUR:  MEDIA  MIX speci5ic  holiday  or  event.  With  this  in  mind,  5light  four’s  focus   will  be  on  making  Big  Top  Nashville’s  go-­‐to  stop  for  all   38.29% 36.99% $5,000.00 PRINT 24.71% Christmas  related  candy.  To  make  this  a  reality,  the  media  buys   will  again  shift  back  to  the  primary  target  of  af5luent  mothers  of   $5,175.00 young  children.     Big  Top  will  be  a  community  sponsor  of  the  ever-­‐popular   MOBILE $3,340.00 PROMO FLIGHT  FOUR  TOTAL:  $13,515.00 Print:  We  will  place  Big  Top  ads  in  Nashville  Parent  Magazine  to  maintain  a  presence  during   the  holiday  season  and  remind  our  target  where  they  can  Vind  their  holiday-­‐themed  treats.   Approximately  86%  of  adults  18+  in  Mintel’s  database  indicated  that  they  purchase  candy  to   mark  holiday  occasions.  Seasonally  packaged  candy  generates  the  highest  percentage  of   purchase  among  all  age  groups.   Nashville  Christmas  parade,  and  the  augmented  slogan,  “What’s   in  your  stocking?”  will  appear  on  a  massive  balloon  overlooking   the  event.  A  full-­‐page,  color  advertisement  will  be  taken  out  in   Nashville  Lifestyle’s  special  Christmas  Issue  and  Big  Top’s  name   will  again  appear  in  the  Nashville  Parents  Magazine.  Both  ads   will  promote  Big  Top  as  “Holiday  Candy  Central,”  and  the   tagline  will  of  course  switch  to,  “What’s  in  your  stocking?” Event:  At  the  end  of  December  Big  Top  will  sponsor  the  Nashville  Christmas   Parade.  For  $5000  the  Big  Top  name  will  be  displayed  on  a  Helium  Balloon,   as  well  as  on  all  promotional  materials  including  newspapers,  billboards,  and   recognition  on  all  brochures,  Vlyers,  and  invitations.  We  will  also  be   mentioned  as  a  sponsor  in  all  press  releases  and  be  promoted  on  Christmas   Parade  web  site.  This  parade  will  be  overVlowing  with  our  target  audience,  as   Print:  Nashville  Lifestyles  is  a  fashionable  monthly  magazine  that  offers  lists  of  restaurants,  events   and  entertainment  in  the  Central  Tennessee  area.  The  magazine  is  distributed  through  paid  and   veriVied  subscriptions  with  single  copy  offers  at  newsstands.  With  52%  of  the  magazine’s  readership   consisting  of  households  with  an  average  income  of  $100,000+  and  63%  of  readership  made  up  of   people  who  own  homes  valued  at  $300,000+,  the  publication  offers  an  excellent  opportunity  to  reach   our  target  consumers  with  disposable  income.   more  than  100,000  spectators  and  families  from  throughout  the  middle   Tennessee  region  will  attend  the  event  looking  to  entertain  their  children   and  have  a  good  time.   27 Sources:  Mintel:  Seasonal  Chocolate,  Parade-­‐,  Print-­‐  SRDS/
  30. 30. media flowchart 28
  31. 31. Going forward 1.  Continue  to  connect  to  the  target  audience   through  guerilla  marketing  efforts  during  local   social  and  cultural  events.  Continue  to  spread  the   word  about  the  weekly  “Under  the  Big  Top”   musical  performances  and  build  this  into  a  more   sustainable  event.   2.  Maintain  a  relationship  with  local  university   students  by  involving  them  in  promotional   campaigns  and  providing  opportunities  for   marketing  and  social  media  internships  in  order   to  integrate  into  the  local  educational   community. 3.  Partner  with  local  philanthropic  organizations   to  help  support  local  charity  initiatives,   speciZically  with  nearby  Vanderbilt  Children’s   Hospital.  Working  with  a  philanthropy  will  not   only  help  support  the  community,  but  will  foster   feelings  of  goodwill  towards  the  Big  Top  brand.     4.  Continue  to  build  and  maintain  a  social   media  presence  as  a  means  to  consistently   engage  with  consumers  and  build  brand   identity.   29
  32. 32. so what? SOMA  Advertising  knows  exactly   what  it  takes  to  make  Big  Top’s   move  to  Nashville  a  resounding   success.  Reaching  the  carefully   deGined  target  market,  properly   allocating  Ginances  and  serving  the   Nashville  community  will  launch   the  store  into  a  bright  future.   With  SOMA  Advertising,  it’s  in   the  bag.     30