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cv gaber


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cv gaber

  1. 1. Curriculum Viate ( CV ) Gaber khaled abdalla mohamed Mobile :(+2)0114045799601065357944 (Abo teshet)s.t,Qena PERSONAL STATEMENT: I’m a newly graduated accountant who focuses on building a successful career in the field of banking and finance as a part of your organization as the environment in this field and your organization will give me the challenge I thrive on. I’m currently developing myself to get more knowledge and experience in this field to start building my career and achieve my goals. EDUCATION: Bachelor of Commerce – Arabic Section – Accounting Department Average Grade: Good Graduation Year: 2013 Percentage:78.62% Courses and certifications. 3-11-2012 to 8-11-2012 M.S Excel Has attended attaining course in accounting and administrative applications on the computer using m.s excel. Personal skills: Languages: •Arabic: Mother Tongue. Resume – Gaber khaled 1 28st SEP 2013 "3 th oct 2013 " Accountant's Preparation Certificates. Completed the training course on using computer in the Preparation of Accountants 1st DEC 2015 International Computer Driving License (ICDL).
  2. 2. •English: Good IT Skills: • Daily user of databases • Customized database to suit unique departmental needs • Microsoft Office – word, excel, access and power point Managerial Skills: • Facilitate staff planning meetings, promoting individual high level of personal achievement • Evaluate individual work performance and advised on career development • Organize and priorities personal schedule. Other Skills • Quick Adjusting: In new work environment. • Flexibility: As I have the capability to work in distant places other than Qena. Personal Information: • Date of Birth: 16 November 1991 • Marital Status: Single. • Military Status: completed. Resume – Gaber khaled 2