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Walmart presentation

Walmart campaign presentation

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Walmart presentation

  1. 1. “Back to School” at Gabriel Sarnacki, 4/7/14
  2. 2. What is Walmart  The company was founded by Sam Walton in 1962  Initiated in 1969  Headquarter Bentonville, Arkansas  American retail corporation that functions as a large discount department store
  3. 3. Who is the Target Audience  18-21 year olds (college-aged)  Friends and Family of college students  Followers of college teams
  4. 4. “Back to School” campaign for Walmart  Concentrating on the back-to-school drive of college students or new coming high school seniors  The campaign will run from June-September  Campaign uses mainly social media such as:  Blogs, facebook, twitter, google plus, instagram , google ad words
  5. 5. Main goal of the campaign  The main goal of this campaign is to feature discount deals for school supplies, furniture, and college sports attire.  Create a ease of use website that displays all of the items being discounted.  The ultimate goal would be to increase sales by 10% from the previous year
  6. 6. Social Media  Walmart will promote specials using facebook, twitter, and instagram  Promote “liking” and “following” to enter to win a gift card to Walmart  Only “followers” will have exclusivity  tweeting deals daily for customers.
  7. 7. Blogging  Blogs will be linked to all the social media pages and referenced in them  Safety tips for college students, tips for staying on campus, and study tips  Blogs will ensure versatility in the campaign
  8. 8. Adwords  The google ad word keyword tool helps to decide which words are best associated with the campaign  To create an ad using terms such as “college” and “dorm” it would cost an avg. of $2.50 cost per click which would allow for roughly 5,000 clicks a day
  9. 9. Budget  Adwords:5,000/day x 30 days x 4 months = $600,000  Contests: $100 x 5 social media raffle=$500  Online strategist: $250/4hr weeks x 5 days x 4 weeks x 4 months= $80,000  Total cost= $680,500
  10. 10. Measuring the Campaign  Click counters monitor the ads run through google ad words  Monitoring the amount of increase of “followers” and “likes”  Compare sales from previous years