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Dress for Success


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This is a presentation pertaining to corporate wardrobe both for men and women. This also includes visual poise and some tips for the interview. All the best!

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Dress for Success

  1. 1. OVERVIEW: Corporate Wardrobe Visual Poise DRESS FOR SUCCESS
  2. 2. Style is serious business…
  3. 3.  The color of your belt & shoes must match  Socks need to be long enough to cover your leg when your legs are crossed  Make sure your tie is conservative, no crazy designs or logos of your favorite cartoon characters
  4. 4. Standard business outfits for women in formal organization in the Philippines are the following:  a three-piece suit (skirt, blouse, blazer) in lightweight fabric  simple, tailored dress  long-sleeved blouse and tailored skirt  tailored short-sleeved blouse and skirt coordinate
  5. 5.  Long skirts which are pleated or flowing are acceptable in professional setting provided they are not too "balloony".  Short-sleeved blouses are not supposed to be considered business clothes except when they are tailored-cut.  Shoes should always be clean and well shined, and have no run-down heels. Recommended shoes are closed shoes or pumps with at least 1 and ½ inches heels.
  6. 6. NEVER WEAR anything:  sleeveless  stained or spotted  needing a hem or missing buttonmini skirts  with ruffles and ribbons  evening or club outfit  halter necklines  skirts with slits more than 2 inches above the knee
  7. 7.  Stockings and pantyhose can give your legs a neat, smart look  Dark colored ones diminish the size of your heavy legs  Light colored stockings enlarge thin legs  Those with patterns are not particularly favored by well dressed women, so avoid them.  The most ideal is the color of your skin tone.  Never use knee-highs when you are wearing a skirt.
  8. 8.  Rings on every finger is not proper A married woman usually wears her wedding and engagement rings on the right ring finger.  Hair accessories should be in good taste and simple  Leather bags are more appropriate
  9. 9.  Jewelry should be kept simple and to the minimum.  Accepted jewelry for business attire are:  gold or pearl studs for earrings  a gold chain or a strand of pearls  gold bracelet
  10. 10.  A gold or leather- strapped watch  Scarves and brooches provide impressive details in your look WOMEN’S JEWELRY AND ACCESSORIES
  11. 11. Standard business attires for men in formal organizations in the Philippines are the following: Dark business pants, long sleeved polo shirt and tie Dark business pants , long sleeved barong A three-piece suit in lightweight fabric
  12. 12. THE PANTS Suggested colors are dark blue, dark gray, black and brown Pockets must not bulge
  13. 13. LONG-SLEEVED SHIRT  White is still the safest  Light blues, beiges and other pastels are appropriate  Besides solids, narrow, muted stripes are desirable, pinstripes are also appropriate.
  14. 14. LONG-SLEEVED SHIRT  Cotton is the fabric of choice; cotton/polyester are also desirable because they are wrinkle resistant  Silks, see-through fabrics and other shiny fabrics are definitely unacceptable for business
  15. 15. TIES  Always darker than the shirt  Made of silk  Designs: diagonal lines, geometric designs and the like  Avoid trendy or loud ties especially those with comic characters.  Should fall just to the level of the belt buckle
  16. 16. BARONG TAGALOG  White and ecru are the safest and the best choice. Other light shades also work.  Darker shades are not very flattering.  Do not roll up your sleeves or unbutton the top button when you are receiving clients.
  17. 17. SHOES  Plain laced-up shoes and slip-on shoes are best for business  Shoes should always be shined and in good condition  Colors of choice are black, brown or cordovan
  18. 18. SOCKS  The color of the socks should blend with the pants and shoes.  Brown pants should be worn with brown socks and shoes.  Grey pants with black socks and black shoes.  The rule is that the pants should be dark, the socks darker and the shoes the darkest.
  19. 19. SOCKS  Do not wear brightly colored socks and never wear white athletic socks.  Corporate socks are black, navy blue or brown.  The texture of your socks should not be too sheer.
  20. 20. BELTS Belt buckles should not be too large or too loud. For pants that are black, navy blue or charcoal gray, wear a black belt. Leather black or brown belts are the most appropriate for office wear.
  21. 21.  Acceptable pieces of jewelry for men is the wedding ring and/ college ring  An ID bracelet and simple necklace is acceptable. Be sure that these are not too thick or ornate.  Plastic watches are inappropriate. Thin gold, silver or leather straps are professional-looking.
  22. 22.  A leather folder or brief case projects a professional image.  A good durable pen is a good investment and looks professional than a plastic one.
  23. 23.  Research your company  Know your resume inside out  Practice with your friends if you have trouble with interviewing  Prepare answers for your weaknesses  Get to there 15 minutes early and give yourself a pep talk  Firm handshake, eye contact, and a smile show confidence
  24. 24.  Proper carriage is a result of practice.  Grace is a quality every woman wants. It combines confidence with unself- consciousness.  Grace is beauty.
  25. 25. Standing – stand with one foot slightly in front of the other, the back foot turned out at a slight angle. Let one foot carry the body weight; always maintain perfect alignment at all times.
  26. 26. There is a difference between collapsing on a chair and sitting gracefully on one. One should conquer the chair, not allow the chair to conquer one.
  27. 27. 1. Approach the chair from an angle and walk closely enough to touch one leg to the edge of the seat of the chair. 2. Then turn and allow the back of one leg to touch the chair as you assume the original standing position.
  28. 28. 3. Make sure that your upper part of your body is straight as you bend at the hip and knee joints to lower yourself onto the chair. 4. Place your buttocks on the front part of the chair first. Then use your hands, if necessary, to gently lift yourself into the chair so that the backrest braces your back.
  29. 29. 1. Original leg position with one foot in front and the other foot slightly slanted behind the front foot. 2. Double L Position because of the L silhouette from a side view of the torso and upper legs and another L formed by the lower legs and the feet.
  30. 30. 3. Semi S Position is done by crossing the legs at the ankle and sweeping them to the side. The position looks like a half opened S. 4. Cross S Position – when you cross your legs at the knees, keep your ankles close together.
  31. 31. Than k You !