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Top 10 wordpress plugins for creating landing pages that convert


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Here you will get Top 10 wordpress plugins for creating landing pages that will increase your conversion. just read this top 10 wordpress plugins feathers and make wounderful landing page.

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  • Thanks for the nice list of plugins. I have found Blog Designer Pro an excellent way to design an eye catching Blog page on our website & Avartan Slider Pro plugins to design an awesome slider.
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Top 10 wordpress plugins for creating landing pages that convert

  1. 1. TOP 10 WORDPRESS PLUGINS FOR CREATING LANDING PAGES THAT CONVERT What’s a landing page? A landing page is basically a page that you direct people to. A landing page is build with an objective in mind. It might be selling a product or service, attracting new subscribers, or having people sign up for at no cost trial. The achievement of your purpose, whatever it may be, mainly depends upon a well-designed landing page. Unless you’re comfortable building your landing page from scratch, including HTML and CSS, drag and drop functionality is really critical.
  2. 2. Most of the plugin options included below let permit you to create attractive landing pages using a user-friendly interface and drag and drop functionality. 1. OptimizePress 2.0 If you desire drag and drop functionality, you’ll love OptimizePress. OptimizePress lets you create stunning and responsive pages using a live visual editor that offer you to see all the changes you’re making in real- time. There are so many of individual drag and drop components that you can select from when making your pages. This means OptimizePress will allow you to design about any type of page – from marketing, sales, long form, and any other regular page that you require on your website. OptimizePress is one of the mainly popular choices for creating landing pages in WordPress.
  3. 3. This plugins main feature is that it frees you from the requirement of being technically proficient when it comes to building landing pages from scratch. With comparative ease, you’ll be able to recreate any page that you get interesting. OptimizePress comes in both i.e. plugin and theme formats. If you’re in beloved with your current blog design, just select the plugin format. This plugin also assists in building email lists. There are particular modules for collecting email addresses and OptimizePress works with all of the leading email marketing stand. There’s also special Members Portal which lets you allowance and limit access according to your users’ membership level. 2. Thrive Landing Pages Thrive Landing Pages is another one top plugin for creating high converting landing pages and is branded as being the best ever landing page builder plugin for WordPress. Like OptimizePress, you don’t have to be good at coding in order to create landing pages.
  4. 4. Thrive Landing Pages pays particular attention to the loading time of your pages – promising code that is optimized for speed. Never a bad idea considering Google can now dish out penalties for sites which are slow. 3. Authority Pro This is a drag and drop landing page builder which lets you to perform editing live on the website.
  5. 5. 4. Landing Pages Landing Pages is an immense plugin that is geared towards growing your email list. It comes with a useful visual editor that lets you view changes as you make them in genuine time. Your campaigns can be easily optimized through using the included and detailed conversion statistics. Landing Pages supports A/B testing so you can examine several versions of a page in order to decide which one converts the really best.
  6. 6. There are a lots of pre-made design templates or you can create your own template from scratch – one of the reasons why its one of the very popular free landing page builder plugins. There are lots of free and paid add-ons for WordPress Landing Pages including WordPress Calls to Actionand WordPress Leads. If you desire to use this plugin with your email marketing platform to set up auto responders, you’ll be required to purchase premium add-ons. 5. WP Lead Plus Squeeze Page Creator WP Lead Plus lets you make stunning and responsive squeeze pages.
  7. 7. A squeeze page is a page on which you inquire for your users’ email information. If you are searching to grow your email list, squeeze pages can demonstrate to be very effective. With over 15 ready-to-use templates, WP Leads Plus assists you set up professional opt-in forms and popups on your site. You can make unblockable popups too. The pro version comes with advanced exit intent technology which means when users come into view to be leaving your website, they’ll be presented with a popup. The use of images, advanced conversion tracking, A/B split testing, and widgets are all possible with this plugin.
  8. 8. 6. InstaBuilder InstaBuilder 2.0 is also an easy-to-use drag and drop landing page builder that allows you to build mobile responsive designs. It also features more than 100 templates in case speed of expansion is critical. InstaBuilder 2.0 comprises tons of suitable design elements including text, images, videos, columns, tabbed content, buttons and more. You’ll have entire control over every part of your design and function. 7. Parallax Gravity You can use Parallax Gravity to create limitless landing pages. This plugin is responsive and creates great looking pages optimized for mobile and tablet devices. Parallax Gravity is also SEO friendly as there’s support for custom keywords.
  9. 9. Since a landing page is frequently created specifically for one campaign, there are times when the offer has expired, but people are still visiting the landing page. Parallax Gravity lets you redirect the campaign specific pages to a custom URL. You can also employ this plugin to create impressive product showcases. 8. PT Instant PT Instant advertises “pro marketing pages within 2 minutes only”. Nothing is more boring than being prompted to sign up for a site that you have already signed up for. PT Instant lets you avoid this annoying situation with their “I remember you” given option.
  10. 10. There’s an attractive pricing table module. This module includes a popular button which you can exercise to emphasize a specific option. You can choose to delay displaying certain elements of your page like the opt-in form or your CTA. Legal pages like the privacy pages, affiliate policies, TOS, and more are presented by default and you only have to fill out your particulars once. If you desire to add a map displaying your location and details of how to arrive at you, you can do so using a simple function in PT Instant. Your visitors can just scan a QR code with their smartphones and the rest is taken care of. This option is obviously more important to those with a corporal store or office premises. You can present a regular or Facebook opt-in to your client and by displaying simple text popups, you can redirect the people those who are about to leave your site to specific pages.
  11. 11. 9. Impact Template Editor Impact assists you “break free from your theme”. You can make all sorts of landing pages with Influence. While this plugin provides you utmost control over your page design, it does needs some technical knowledge. But if you’re a developer, this is not actually a concern considering the kind of power that this plugin provides. Impact provides real-time preview so you can view the changes as you make them. The plugin comes with 15 active widget areas and Impact Hooks will permit you to insert your custom text, HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. Impact is responsive which means you can anticipate great looking pages appropriate for mobile and tablet traffic. Just keep in mind that this plugin is geared unto designers and developers.
  12. 12. 10. Thrive Builder Imagine that you are writing a roundup post and you realize that you want to add a table comparing all the listings. Your first challenge will be getting the HTML for the table. And then of course you’ll enter the endless cycle of coding, editing, previewing and tweaking. If you don’t desire to get lost in code, install Thrive Builder. Thrive Builder restore your traditional visual editor with one that is power- packed. It comes close to perfecting the intangible concept of “What you see is what you get”. You can create your content beautiful by including some of the various design elements that are conveniently included with this plugin. Basically
  13. 13. plugin will give you more conversion. Some of the other wordpress plugiin that will help to increase your sells for example: woocommerce product slider plugin, logo slider wordpress plugin, testimonials slider wordpress plugin ETC. Thanks for read our content and if you have any more quarries just mail us on our contace us page about those plugin. We would like to happy to answer your question and resolve your problem.