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Old School, Oxford Academy


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We are pioneering an exciting new initiative in which we are inviting members of the community aged 65 and over, with time on their hands, to come and share the benefit of their life experience with us. Some volunteers are teamed with individual students as part of a carefully-monitored project.

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Old School, Oxford Academy

  1. 1. Tom Peterson & Hannah Jamieson
  2. 2. Background • 11-18 Academy based in Blackbird Leys, Oxford • Area of high social deprivation (in top 10% most deprived in the country) • Strategic review in Jan 2015 concluded that the academy needed to: Become Outward Facing Develop greater levels of trust with its community Develop a management structure for community links Become an agent for community support, change and development Innovate – find and develop bolder, broader solutions to address priorities
  3. 3. Why Old School? • Community strategy identified intergenerational work as an area to target • Local issues with social deprivation & isolation:- -The Oxfordshire health inequalities commission report states wards in our local area (Blackbird Leys, Rose Hill) are in the top 10% most deprived in the country. There is also a significant issue with loneliness affecting older people within urban areas of the county. • Approached by Maverick TV.
  4. 4. How it Works This is a two- way process – not mentoring One to one meetings for 1 hour per week or fortnight Partnerships based on shared interests & experiences The meetings should be mutually beneficial Leads to feelings of trust, companionship and respect
  5. 5. Benefits for Senior Partners A feeling of value Learning new skills Greater understanding of young people Exercising the body and mind Friendship Have a positive impact on your community
  6. 6. Evidence of Senior Benefits Autobiographical memory test up Mobility (down = getting faster) Socialisation up 40% Verbal Fluency scores increased
  7. 7. Benefits for Junior Partners Develop a more mature attitude Address problems on their own terms Greater educational engagement Learning to form strong, enduring relationships Increased self- esteem Friendship Increased attendance Greater understanding of older people
  8. 8. Evidence of Junior Benefits Before (Term 6 2015) Term 1 Term 2 Attendance (as %) 88.6 90.7 92 Punctuality (mins late) 320 271 221 Achievement Pt.s (awarded for positive contributions) 120 174 199 Self Esteem (as average percentile) 25.7 N/A 32
  9. 9. Things to Consider Safeguarding & DBS Recruitment Breaking down stereotypes Time Need to have School SLT support
  10. 10. Pilot Schools Bedminster Down – Bristol Knutsford Academy – Cheshire Cottesloe School – Leighton Buzzard Meadowbrook College (Alternative provision) - Banbury
  11. 11. What’s Next? Silver Robin Community Edible Garden Community learning Links with other providers Scope for up to 2 extra Pilot Schools
  12. 12. Tom Peterson & Hannah Jamieson