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Dien0371 >yin3 draw a bow 引= lead, trace, draw, mark, welt,line. D-I-E-N


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0371dien >yin3 draw a bow 引

蚓紖靷粌吲鈏鈏 yin
紖 zhen
矧吲訠訠 訠 shen

d’ien> chen3 [zhen] rope by which cattle are led; leads, leashes, traces. Also . Also yin3. See ….

Sien>shen3 = [stretch, a line, a welt, a strap; earthworm]
Base of the tooth; gums as in big grin; LN- still more, how much more/less . S.w.a. 訠 .(ARROW) 矧
To smile; sneer; show gums, stretch the lips. (MOUTH) 吲

Dien>yin3 - [a lead, a trace, a welt; harness.
Draw the bow, pull, stretch, lead, draw, to prolong, to guide. [bow + line) 引

Earthworms; stringlike, stretched out. (INSECT) 蚓
Tin, pewter; hammered out, stretched thin. (METAL) 鈏

Yin3 =
Welts, lines, traces. (FLESH/Corpus)
Horse, collar, harness; pulling strap; strap for pulling carriage. (LEATHER) 靷

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