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Int. Roundtable on Transboundary Waters Management, 15-16.12.2011, Holger Treidel


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Protection and Sustainable Use of the Dinaric Karst Aquifer System (DIKTAS)
International Roundtable on Protection and Sustainable Use of Trans-boundary Waters in South East Europe, 15-16 December 2011, Zagreb, Croatia

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Int. Roundtable on Transboundary Waters Management, 15-16.12.2011, Holger Treidel

  1. 1. Protection and Sustainable Useof the Dinaric Karst Aquifer System Holger Treidel, UNESCO‐IHP Neno Kukuric, IGRAC
  2. 2. – a GEF-UNDP-UNESCO project• facilitate the equitable and sustainable utilization of the transboundary water resources of the Dinaric Karst Aquifer System, and• protect the unique p q groundwater dependent ecosystems that characterize th Di i h t i the Dinaric Karst region of the Balkan peninsula. peninsula
  3. 3. – a GEF-UNDP-UNESCO project• Albania, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Croatia g , and Montenegro• Slovenia, Greece and Italy• Regional and international partners i t ti l t• 2010-2014• PCU h t d b water hosted by t agency in Trebinje, BiH
  4. 4. – the tools- •Improving the understanding of the SCIENCE resource and of its environmental status. & d f it i t l t t- • COOPERATION Establishing cooperation mechanisms among countries.- Facilitating the harmonization of policies g p and priority reforms.- Communication dissemination and Communication, replication of activities.
  5. 5. Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis A l i (TDA)Identification of:• priority issues of transboundary concern• environmental and socio economic socio-economic impacts• underlying/root causes• analysis of governanceTDA is a• scientific and technical fact-finding analysis l i• objective assessment and not a negotiated document• agreed upon by the countries
  6. 6. Information exchange gInterministerial Committees at national level:• Relevant governmental institutionsConsultation and Information Exchangeg Body• Establishing cooperation mechanism among countries sharing the aquifer
  7. 7. Strategic Action Programme (SAP)•bbased on th TDA d the• negotiated policy document• establishes clear priorities for action to resolve the priority transboundary waters problems• identifies policy, legal and institutional reforms and investments needed to address the priority transboundary waters problems t b d t bl• The preparation of a SAP is a cooperative process among k stakeholders i the key k h ld in h countries of the region.
  8. 8. Stakeholder involvement • Perceived issues of transboundary concern International Consultation and Exchange Body (ii) establishing Transboundary cooperation InterministerialDiagnostic Analysis mechanisms among Committees countries sharing g the aquifer (i) improving the (iii) facilitatingunderstanding of the harmonization of resource and of its policies andenvironmental status priority reforms Stakeholder Participation, Consultation and Communication
  9. 9. Progress to date• Project C di ti Unit d P j t Coordination U it and GIS U it Unit• National Execution Units and focal points• National and regional experts• Steering Committee• Scientific Advisory Board• Data collection for Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis• Stakeholder Analysis
  10. 10. Global Objective•ffocus attention of the international community tt ti f th i t ti l it on the huge but vulnerable water resources contained in karst aquifers• Replication of experiences in other Karst areas
  11. 11.