Int. Roundtable on Transboundary Waters Management, 15-16.12.2011, Lito Papadopoulou


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Transboundary cooperation in the Prespa Park
International Roundtable on Protection and Sustainable Use of Trans-boundary Waters in South East Europe, 15-16 December 2011, Zagreb, Croatia

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Int. Roundtable on Transboundary Waters Management, 15-16.12.2011, Lito Papadopoulou

  1. 1. Transboundarycooperation inthe Prespa Park
  2. 2. • Prespa Park: the first transboundary protected area in South Eastern Europe• The Prespa Park was established on 2 February 2000, with a joint declaration of the Prime Ministers of Greece Albania Greece, and FYROM• TBPP Albania: National Park Greece: National Park, , Natura 2000 site, Ramsar site (Micro Prespa) FYROM: Pelister NP, NP Galicica NP, Ezerani Strict Reserve (Ramsar site)
  3. 3. Rich biodiversity… bi di i• Flora : over 1500 species• Birds: 272 species• Mammals : 61 species• Fish: 23 species• Amphibians: 11 species
  4. 4. Declaration of the TBPPGOALS of the cooperation among the competent authorities in the TBPP in the TBPP, framework of the declaration:a) maintain and protect the unique ecological values of the "Prespa Park", l i l l f h " k"b) prevent and/or reverse the causes of its habitat degradation, degradationc) explore appropriate management methods for the sustainable use of the Prespa Lakes water, andd) to spare no efforts so that the "Prespa Park" become and remain a model of its kind as well as an additional reference to the peaceful collaboration among our countries.
  5. 5. • After the Declaration, the • The PPCC was supported trilateral Prespa Park by the Secretariat Coordination Committee ( representatives of (PPCC) was established, in NGOs, offices in Agios order to organize and Germanos at the Society promote projects for the for the Protection of protection and sustainable Prespa) development of the PP.• The PPCC ( representatives • 11 Regular meetings, 2 of the central government, irregular the local government, NGOs of the three countries and a permanent observer of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands and the Mediterranean Wetland Initiative (MedWet)
  6. 6. Important water issues in the basin Degradation at the SW end of Micro Prespa Drop of water l D f level in Macro Prespa li M P (approx. 10 m from the ’70s) Eutrophication phenomena in Macro Prespa
  7. 7. Important steps towards TB Water Management2002, Strategic Action Plan for the SustainableDevelopment of the Prespa Park (funding: Ministry OfEnvironment)2003, Common position of the Mayors of the threeMunicipalities of the Prespa basin for the need for Tbwater management t t2004 -2005, Preliminary hydrological study for the 2005 P li i h d l i l t d f thPrespa basin (funding: kFW)
  8. 8. Important steps towards TB Water Management2005 – 2006 study on th effects of th Devolli di 2006, t d the ff t f the D lli diversion i2006 and 2008, side meeting on Water Management at the 9thand the 11th PPCC meeting d th ti2009, ToR for the working group on water management2007 – today, TB monitoring system (funding: SPP and GEFproject) (study and pilot application)Watershed Management Plan for the Prespa Basin
  9. 9. Agreement on the sustainable development of the Prespa Park area Common statement of the Prime Ministers of the three countries for the signing of an agreement (November 2009) Signing of the Agreement for thesustainable development of the PP (3Min of Environment and EU)2/2/2010
  10. 10. The Agreement foresees the following p g g permanent structures: Ministry of Environment of each State local communities in the Prespa region Trilateral Prespa Park environmental non-governmental organisations (NGOs) Management Committee local protected area management p g (article 10) authorities MedWet Initiative of the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar) Ohrid Management Committee. Seat of the Secretariat is at the offices Trilateral Secretariat to assist of the PNFMB for the next four years the PPMC (article 13) national water services, regional water services Working Group on Water Management (article 14) M t ( ti l local authority competent European Commission
  11. 11. Next steps: Ratification of the Agreement from FYROM and Greece Secure funding for the implementation of the Agreement (Ministry of Environment, Management Body)
  12. 12. ThankTh k you for f your attention… attention