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007 NCWRM 2011 Nikitas_H2020


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Regional Conference on Advancing Non Conventional Water Resources Management in the Mediterranean, 14-15 September 2011, Athens, Greece

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007 NCWRM 2011 Nikitas_H2020

  1. 1. Mediterranean Hot Spot Investment Programme: Project Preparation and Implementation Facility (MeHSIP-PPIF) Advancing Non-Conventional Water Resources Management in the Mediterranean 15 September 2011, Athens POLLUTION REDUCTION PROJECT COMPONENT Mr. Vasilis Nikitas, Project Coordinator MeHSIP-PPIF
  2. 2. Structure of Presentation• Section A: Horizon 2020 Pipeline – Investment Opportunities• Section B: MeHSIP-PPIF Projects
  4. 4. 2
  5. 5. Pipeline Evolution & MeHSIP-PPIFHorizon 2020 Pipeline: currently 85 projects (planned, ongoing or completed) mostly originating from NAPs currently 37 projects (€3.20bn) yet to secure funding/financing
  6. 6. H2020 Pipeline Evolution
  7. 7. Horizon 2020 Pipeline – Country overview
  8. 8. SECTION B –MeHSIP-PPIF Projects
  9. 9. LEBANON: Al Ghadir Water & WastewaterInvestment Impact Challenges•Improve quality of coastal waters; •Recent political change in leadership and the shift in•Improve quality of life for estimated 1 project decisions to MEWmillion people (25% of Leb. Population,projected 1.8 Million PE); and •Availability of sufficient data on industrial activities and•Reduce pollution and environmental limited enforcement of legal requirements for dischargesstress on the Mediterranean control •Including sewer network assessment in FS scope with impact on project timing and resources needed Progress and Deliverables to-dateDuring this period the main deliverable is the “INCEPTION Report” which is the result of the following progress made:1. Legal background & Institutional arrangements with emphasis on the wastewater sector2. Drainage area: analysis of future water supply needs and wastewater generation as well as existing and planned WW networks3. Assessing current status and condition of the site, data on the sea outfall4. Definition of baseline data and basic assumptions (population estimates, design criteria)5. Ongoing design of process alternatives initiated and progressing6. Sampling campaign and topographic survey is completed 22/02/2011
  10. 10. TUNISIA: Bizerte – Integrated Depollution projectInvestment Impact: Challenges•Improve lake waters and eco-system 1.Recent political situation in the country with the ousting of•Improve quality of coastal waters and the Presidentcreate economic opportunities 2.Access to military facilities around the lake•Reduce pollution and environmental 3.Limited option for laboratory analysis related to waterstress on the Mediterranean sampling•Improve quality of life through extendedsanitation networks and better SWmanagement•Industrial modernizationProgress and Deliverable to-date:The main deliverable during this Period was the “Diagnostic Report” - progress made in various fields:• Detailed description of legislative and institutional structures concerned with Bizerte project• Detailed description of Lake Bizerte current environmental status compared to 2004 in a quantified manner to depict tendencies.• Detailed and quantified description of pollution sources affecting the Lake Bizerte• Quantification of the pollution impacts to allow a prioritization process for investment interventions 22/02/2011
  11. 11. JORDAN: Al-Ekaider Integrated SW ManagementInvestment Impact: Challenges• Protect water table and Yarmouk river basin 1. Public debt to GDP ratio is set at 60% by• Avoid transboundary pollution impact on the government, which limits the number of borders with Syrian projects to get financing• Improve quality of life of the population of more 2. Unclear political situation in neighbouring than 20 Municipalities of Northern Province of countries. Irbid• Introduce necessary infrastructure separation of waste streams, recycling/recovery optionsProgress & Deliverables to-date:Project preparation works have not yet started, however progress achieved so far is only related to:1. Close follow up with government counterpart to facilitate official green light to start the FS2. Follow up and meeting with active donors on sire namely USAID with a plan to carry forward avoiding duplication3. Complete TORs submitted and approved even before this reporting period4. Full expert team approved by EIB 22/02/2011
  12. 12. EGYPT: WW expansion in Kafr El Sheikh – Lake BurullusInvestment Impact: Challenges• Improving sanitation, environment, quality of life and health of around 440,000 people • Availability and credibility of data• Reduction of pollution of the Rosetta branch of the • Political turmoil in the country and its effect on Government Nile and the Burullus Lake structure and decision making• Promote developments in Lake Burullus area, with special reference to expansion in fisheries and agriculture as well as tourismProgress & Deliverables to-date:Main deliverable was the “Pre-Feasibility study” which included:• Description of availability, forecast and quality of water and wastewater generation, composition and re-use• Description of sewerage networks infrastructure and wastewater treatment plants• Propose wastewater infrastructure per identified priority districts• Cost estimate of proposed wastewater infrastructure and economic and financial analysis• Overview of institutional and legal frameworks• Overview of environmental impacts and benefits from project implementation
  13. 13. Projects Score Card1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9Project Pre- Inception Valuation Project ESIA Loan Loanpart of feasibility &/or Of Tendering Fact Sheet Prepared Agreement AgreementH2020 study Diagnostic Options Process prepared signed signedPipeline prepared Feasibility Study Country Project Preparation Score Card (1 to 9) Hazardous Waste Wastewater Expansion for Kafr El Sheikh Governorate /EGYPT Integrated De-pollution Programme of Water and Wastewater Expansion for and MarkazISRAEL Netanya Landfill and ReclamationJORDAN Integrated Solid Waste Management in EkaiderLEBANON Extension of Al-Ghadir Wastewater Treatment PlantMOROCCO Integrated Solid Waste Management in TangierTUNISIA Integrated Depollution Project in Bizerte Lake
  14. 14. Thank you for your attention15/09/2011