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006b NCWRM 2011 Leflaive_OECD


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Regional Conference on Advancing Non Conventional Water Resources Management in the Mediterranean, 14-15 September 2011, Athens, Greece

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006b NCWRM 2011 Leflaive_OECD

  1. 1. Advancing non-conventional water resources management in the Mediterranean Athens, 15 September 2011 Xavier LEFLAIVE Environment Directorate
  2. 2. Non-conventional water resources participate inpolicies to mitigate competition for water accesss Water efficiency Water allocation Non-conventional water resources
  3. 3. Non-conventional water resources work best incombination with other management options Water fit-for-use Local use of water resources
  4. 4. There are opportunities for further use of non-conventional water resources Technologies and costs Volume of treated wastewater Experience
  5. 5. How to overcome barriers to the use ofnon-conventional water resources• Involve the public• Develop technology-neutral regulations• Adjust monitoring practices• Create markets for NCWR• Combine NCWR with existing infrastructures
  6. 6. The OECD can help• A Forum to share experience and best practices• Experience with water policy reforms• Cooperation with the EUWI, DG ENV, GWP Med