GWAVACon 2013: Keynote OPNS - Marc Boitel


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GWAVACon 2013: Keynote OPNS - Marc Boitel

  1. 1. Leverage the power of your directory and protect it with DSGuardian ! GWAVA Keynote Marc Boitel CEO OPNS
  2. 2. • We have seen a lot of trends yesterday in Dave Wilkes Novell keynote... • Well, I might not be so trendy and exciting, but what about the Security ?
  3. 3.  Probably something that will remain in the perimeter of your internal IT.  You want and need to decide who is authorized to do and access what !  Regardless of where your applications are running and where your data are stored : in house, in the cloud or both !  You do not want to be the next making the news with WIKILEAKS, having your private information exposed on the web.
  4. 4.  GWAVA provides highly specialised tools to take care of your data  You trust Reload for valid backups of your GroupWise mailboxes.  You trust Retain for a compliance archiving of emails, social media, mobile data….  But ...
  5. 5. do the right things for your directory ?  Of course, a mail problem is highly visible to your end-users or customers.  But are you aware of the impact of losing even only a part of your directory data?
  6. 6. had someone deleting the wrong object or even a container ? Real story : One of our customers had someone at the helpdesk deleting the container with all printers ... almost 3 days without printing . Bad for an insurance company, isn’t it ? Restoring the container from their backup didn´t solve the issue as the references were broken!
  7. 7.  Your directory is your secure repository of your users and all related information (attributes) like among others : ◦ Group membership ◦ Roles ◦ Access rights ◦ .... ◦ But also specific application data (IDM, Securelogin,..)  Most of the companies rely today on an LDAP directory i.e. eDirectory or Active Directory.
  8. 8.  Is a state-of-the-art LDAP Directory : ◦ LDAP V3 100% compliant ◦ Multi-master support ◦ Automatic replication without extra layer (cluster, ...) (in LAN or WAN environment) – synchronous or asynchronous ◦ Advanced partitioning support ◦ Filtered replication ◦ Priority/Policy synchronisation (up to attributes level) ◦ Scalability, performance, reliability ( > Mio objects) ◦ Extensibility to your own classes and objects And free to use with many Novell or NetIQ products !!!
  9. 9.  DSGuardian is the new name and the latest version of a successful technology used since years, sold world wide, to protect millions of identities and their attributes.  DSGuardian is appropriate to protect the smallest implementation up to the largest (optimized for millions of ID to backup).  DSGuardian is an affordable, convenient, fast and easy to use dedicated recovery tool for eDirectory and AD.
  10. 10.  DSGuardian guarantees a true recovery of your previous still working solution – not just a basic restore but a full rebuild of all relationships with others objects (cross- references).  DSGuardian does not replace/compete with your global backup solution, it’s a specific tool offering you a full protection / troubleshooting /recovery at incomparable speed.
  11. 11.  Full tree recovery  Object level recovery  Attribute level recovery  Schema level recovery  Trustee recovery  Offsite DR & Lab recovery  Automatic password reset  Automatic email alerting  ...
  12. 12.  Don’t miss our sessions : ◦ The first one today just after lunch ◦ Room Paris – 01.30 pm Sunday 29th ◦ The second one tomorrow morning ◦ Room Paris – 09.00 am Monday 30th And of course : ◦ You are welcome on our booth at any time ◦ You can require a free trial at simple request