GWAVACon 2013: DSGuardian


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GWAVACon 2013: DSGuardian

  1. 1. DSDSDSDSGuardianGuardianGuardianGuardian Directory recovery at the speed of your business Leverage the power of your directory and protect it with DSGuardian ! Marc Boitel, Ir CEO OPNS
  2. 2. Everyone has understood that the future is in the cloud, right ? OK but Cloud under control or not ? Do you want to define and control who may access what in the Cloud ? Do you want to define and control who may access what from the Cloud ?
  3. 3. For everything ... You want and need to keep internally your user & privilege management (even if acceded from the cloud by federation).from the cloud by federation). NetIQ for example has the right tools to keep your cloud (private, public or hybrid) under control and safe enough from your side.
  4. 4. Amazing story... Are you ready to take risks and expose your company data to anyone on the web ? By accident or deliberately by hackers (knowing that most of them are internal employees) Security is and will remain, regardless of the IT evolution, a major topic.
  5. 5. Your directory is your secure repository of your users and all related information (attributes) like among others : ◦ Group membership ◦ Roles◦ Roles ◦ (Cloud) Access rights ◦ ... Fact : Most of the companies rely today on an LDAP directory or Active Directory.
  6. 6. eDirectory is the proud successor of Novell NDS, more than 15 years of experience. eDirectory is a LDAP v3 100% compliant. eDirectory offers a cross-platform support (Linux, Windows, Solaris, HP-UX...). eDirectory is extremely secure and provides granular rights up to attribute level (ACL).
  7. 7. eDirectory offers you : ◦ Multi-master support ◦ Automatic replication without extra layer (cluster, ...) (in LAN or WAN environment) – synchronous or asynchronous ◦ Advanced partitioning support ◦ Filtered replication ◦ Priority/Policy synchronisation (up to attributes level) ◦ Scalability, performance, reliability ( > Mio objects) ◦ Extensibility to your own classes and objects ◦ Advanced tools (iManager, iMonitor, EMBox) And free to use with many Novell or NetIQ products !!!
  8. 8. In Identity and Access Manager, it’s the complete configuration store of your IAM deployment. In SSO, it is also the safe hosting securely all user credentials for the applications.credentials for the applications. In PKI, it can also be your Certificate’s repository. The information stored in your directory is crucial and the time to rebuild it can be huge.
  9. 9. A human error can lead to delete a full container with tons of objects AND cross-references. An IDM connecter improperly configured can propagate wrong information or delete thousands of data in a matter of seconds.thousands of data in a matter of seconds. Out-of-the-box tools like EMBox or traditional backup take care of the restore of the complete replica, container or object but what about a single attribute ? What about all cross- references ?
  10. 10. DSGuardian is the new name and the last version of a successful product used, since years, world wide, to protect millions of identities and their attributes. DSGuardian is appropriate to protect the smallestDSGuardian is appropriate to protect the smallest implementation to the largest (optimized for millions of ID to backup). DSGuardian is an affordable, convenient, fast and easy to use dedicated recovery tool for eDirectory and AD.
  11. 11. DSGuardian guarantees a true recovery of your previous still working solution – not just a basic restore but a full rebuild of all relationships with others objects (cross- references). DSGuardian does not replace/compete with your global backup solution, it’s a specific tool offering you a full protection / troubleshooting /recovery at incomparable speed.
  12. 12. DSGuardian was developed to take care of the particularities and the internals of your directory: eDirectory, Active Directory or both. For example, DSGuardian facilitates and integrates the use of EMBox for full treeintegrates the use of EMBox for full tree recovery. DSGuardian can also at backup or recovery time, filter selected objects to facilitate the build of a lab or test environment.
  13. 13. in the database of your choice
  14. 14. on demand by a few mouse clicks
  15. 15. Strange system behaviour ? Abnormal unauthorised access ? Old version of an IDM connector overwrittenOld version of an IDM connector overwritten by accident ? The syndrome of “I didn’t change anything, boss !”...
  16. 16. C38
  17. 17. Slide 20 C38 : CATHERINED; 27/09/2013
  19. 19. Full tree recovery Object level recovery Attribute level recovery Schema level recovery Trustee recoveryTrustee recovery Offsite DR & Lab recovery Automatic password reset Automatic email alerting ...
  20. 20. DSGuardian is affordable, licensed by users (regardless of the numbers of objects in your tree). DSGuardian has a digressive price model based on volume.on volume. DSGuardian is proposed with upgrade protection, standard or priority support. Special licensing for academic and public sector. DSGuardian is to eDirectory (/AD) what Reload is to Groupwise !
  21. 21. See for yourself by requesting a free 30 days trial ! Do not forget : be protectedDo not forget : be protected before something HappenS ... to your Directory C45
  22. 22. Slide 28 C45 Make your own opinion by requesting a free trial version (30days) Do not forget: be protected 24/7 when something will happen to your Directory CATHERINED; 27/09/2013
  23. 23. DSDSDSDSGuardianGuardianGuardianGuardian Directory recovery at the speed of your business DSDSDSDSGuardianGuardianGuardianGuardian is the tool that your LDAP Directory deserves !!is the tool that your LDAP Directory deserves !!is the tool that your LDAP Directory deserves !!is the tool that your LDAP Directory deserves !!