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GWAVACon 2013: Business Cases for Vibe


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Partner Session - Code and Concept Round Table

Published in: Technology
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GWAVACon 2013: Business Cases for Vibe

  1. 1. GWAVACon EMEA, Sep.28th,2013 Round Table: Business Cases for Vibe Christian Giese, Erik Ebell Code and Concept
  2. 2. Introduction – About Code and Concept We, Code and Concept, … • …are an IT Company based in Munich, Germany • …work in the areas of collaboration, Enterprise 2.0, Systems Integration, Identity Management, Business Intelligence, and bespoke solutions • …are a Novell Solution Provider & System Integrator • …have a strong focus on Novell Vibe, ever since the Teaming & Conferencing beta days • …serve not only many customers in education and research, but also enterprises large and small • …have strong ties to several universities and are a TTP Group member • …have a software label named “co3tools” • …have been selling ShareOnVibe since August 2012 • …have been working with Open Horizons for quite a bit GWAVACon EMEA, September 2013 - Code and Concept
  3. 3. What is this about? • Vibe is a successful collaboration platform • Many use cases and business cases have been implemented • Still, many customers and partners do not know what Vibe can do, and when they have it, what to do with it • What we try to do here is  to exchange experiences participants have with their implementations  to learn from each other on how to keep pushing Vibe in the market  to explore new business cases  to find out together what none might find out alone • We will try to make the results available to participants and to people interested in using and promoting Novell Vibe. Interested? inquire at GWAVACon EMEA, September 2013 - Code and Concept
  4. 4. Let’s get this started First: Introductions ... Then: fire away! GWAVACon EMEA, September 2013 - Code and Concept