Strategic Alliances: Partnering to provide sustainable energy solutions


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  • Strategic Alliances: Partnering to provide sustainable energy solutions

    1. 1. Strategic Alliances: Partnering to provide sustainable energy solutions together Office of Outreach and Partnerships (ORP/ORP) and INE/ENE
    2. 2. “One-stop-shop” for Partnerships The Office of Outreach and Partnerships is responsible for strengthening dialogue, identifying and developing successful partnerships and bringing together public and private sector organizations that seek to advance common development agendas with the IDB Group. CONVENER COLLABORATOR CATALYZER Providing added value to the Bank, within its strategic priorities, through strengthening existing partnerships and creating Connecting outside partners with the right internal match. Promoting a culture of social investment, philanthropy and technical assistance to the region including knowledge management programs on social investment and philanthropy. Promoting harmonization initiatives.
    3. 3. Trends in IDB’s strategic alliances • Partnership models that have higher visibility and participation • Joint-programming with governments at the local level • Public - private partnerships • Instruments which are flexible, participatory and responsive to donor interests
    4. 4. Institutional priorities Internal PartnersExternal Partners Operational focus Partnership action focus Partnership and resource mobilization ecosystem Financial$ Non-Fin (In- kind) Traditional sovereign donors Emerging sovereign donors Foundations Companies and NGOs Universities and think tanks Public entities Primary private Resource mobilization curve: resource mobilization potential by partner’s cluster
    5. 5. Opportunities • Build more public-private strategic alliances • Leverage private sector investments with public sector financing • Use single-donor and multi-donor funds to leverage private sector social investment at national level – Promoting more giving and strategic social investment in the region.
    6. 6. Supporting the IDB through a comprehensive thematic scope GCI-9 – Social policy for equity and productivity. – Infrastructure for competitiveness and social welfare. – Institutions for growth and social welfare. – Competitive regional and global international integration. – Protect the environment, respond to climate change, promote renewable energy, and ensure food security Cross thematic areas – Impact Investment. – Sports for development. – Road Safety – Social Investment and philanthropy. – Sustainable cities. – South-south cooperation. 7
    7. 7. Example of Other Partnerships In the wake of the January 12, 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the IDB teamed up with The Coca-Cola Company in an innovative cause- related marketing initiative to boost the incomes and crop output of 25,000 mango farmers in Haiti. The Project has garnered support from President Bill Clinton, for its long-term commitment to the Haitian people Mitsubishi and the IDB are collaborating to support the social and economic development of youth entrepreneurs in rural areas in Latin America and the Caribbean. The project assists small-scale producers located in environmental protected areas to develop new and innovative market channels for their products. It helps promote environmentally integrated and sustainable production
    8. 8. 40 million people in Latin America and the Caribbean lack access to electricity services, inhibiting their socio- economic development and impairing their competitive advantages and opportunities for growth. x IDEAS Innovative Energy Contest Pioneering initiatives Energy Access Renewable Energy Energy Efficiency . . . .
    9. 9. What’s next? Launching New Contest 2011 • Increased involvement of the private sector • Access to new and innovative energy solutions • Visibility at IDB events and regional conferences where the Bank will have a presence • Opportunity to positively impact the development of communities in Latin America and the Caribbean • Become a part of the solution for Latin America and the Caribbean’s energy challenge
    10. 10. Matias Bendersky Senior Partnership Officer