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John f kennedy powerpoint for macintosh


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John f kennedy powerpoint for macintosh

  1. 1. John F. Kennedy His Part in Changing America’ s History By Ronit Sethi
  2. 2. Fun Fact: out his school Early Years Fun Fact: Joseph and Rose uoted ab ere. Kennedy were bo dy once q drifter th lots of prejudice th Irish and face Ja ck Kenne ung. “I was just a .” during the time. That is why the d was yo ularly hard family moved towhen he ork partic New York City. I didn’t w John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born on May 29, 1917, in Brookline Massachusetts. His two parents, Rose and Joseph Kennedy were both wealthy politicians. When he was born, the doctors had already sensed that there would be something wrong with this boy, and that was the case. A couple of years later, Kennedy turned out having 3 other brothers, and 5 sisters. He was soon given the nickname “Jack,” Jack Kennedy. When Jack was 10 years old, his family moved to New York City, because his father believed that there would be less prejudice to their race. At age 14, he attended Choate School in Connecticut. He was an average student, but always fell into the shadow of his older brother, This is a picture of Kennedy and his brothers and sisters. They Joseph Kennedy. However, John was a great are in age order. As you can see, the one farthest to the right is athlete, especially in swimming. Joseph Kennedy. And the one left to him is Jack.
  3. 3. Jack’ s College LifeAfter years, Jack had finally graduated from While John Kennedy was in college, hisChoate School. He was now set to find a father was made an ambassador (highlycollege just right for him. Since many of his ranked official) to Great Britain. KennedyChoate friends were going to Princeton had become engaged into politics. He wantedUniversity in New Jersey, he decided to enter to volunteer in the U.S. Navy to help fight intoo. Unfortunately, Kennedy was diagnosed the upcoming World War II. During his finalwith a disease called Addison’ s disease, and year of Harvard, John wrote a paper calledthe doctors were trying to control it. After a about the Adolf Hitler and the war. His fathervery long treatment, the doctors said it was helped him publish the paper into one of theokay that Kennedy was released, but couldn’ t most famous books of the time, Why Englandenter Princeton now, because of his medical Slept.records. Instead, entered Harvard University,nearby Joseph Kennedy Sr.’ s college. Jackwas now in the same college as his olderbrother. This picture is of the of the Harvard Swim team. In this photo, Kennedy is in the back row, third person from the left.
  4. 4. In the MarinesDuring the fall of 1941, John F. Kennedy decided toenter the U.S. Navy. The Japanese had performed thebombing of Pearl Harbor, and now America was againstthe Japanese and some parts of Europe. Kennedy wasready to make a difference in the war. He had earned therank of Second Lieutenant and was training to commanda motor torpedo (PT) boat. In April 1943, the U.S. lethim in charge of it and with a crew of 12, he worked inthe South Pacific Ocean. Before August 2, 1943,Kennedy and his crew were working in the SolomonIslands with a whole other fleet of boats. As they werepatrolling the area, a Japanese boat crashed into the PT,and had killed 2 soldiers. Kennedy and the crew waitedon the remains of the vessel and searched for help.Finally when Kennedy and the others couldn’ t take it anylonger, Kennedy ordered everyone to swim to an island.He had towed some of the dying men, but after a swim of3 miles, they had made it to land. After days of waiting,the crew received help from native people and wererescued. Kennedy was given an award, and was known asa brave, leading, courageous man.
  5. 5. Aiming for PresidentAfter hearing all of this news, Kennedy next Unfortunately, Kennedy’ s brother Joseph haddecided to try to aim for vice president. He ran died fighting in the war as a navy pilot. Josephagainst Richard Nixon in four debates, and just Sr. (Kennedy’s father) wanted the oldest one inbarely won the election by 112,000 votes. The the family to be engaged into politics. Kennedymost difficult parts for Kennedy during this was made to be that one. Kennedy really didn’ telection was his religion (prejudice), and his want to become a politician like his parents butage, which caused many people to believe he found himself greatly liking it. Even his friendswas inexperienced. Also, a part of it was at college had said that he was most likely toKennedy’ s health, which would worsen by succeed. John tried out for Congress as aminute. Kennedy often needed to go to the Democrat, and luckily received a seat and wasdoctor and had lots of back pain, which allowed to represent a part of Boston. Next, tosometimes caused him to walk on crutches. continue his political career, Kennedy aimed forHowever, the good thing during this time period a U.S. senator. In this election, Kennedy won bywas that they had invented a drug to control the about 70000 votes. Finally after entering thesymptoms, and it was somewhat effective on Senate, Kennedy was married to a beautifulKennedy. woman named Jacqueline Lee Bouvier. Kennedy’s years as a senator passed and some people even believed he should try to become vice president.
  6. 6. Presidential Accomplishments One immediate accomplishment Kennedy made was the passing of the New Frontier program. This program would be a key to taking the economy in the right path, providing international aid, increasing the national defense, and investing on space exploration.  Once of Kennedy’ s considerations was to strengthen the United States, and make the national economy strong, while helping other countries too, with their economical crises. The New Frontier was passed nearly after he became president, to do exactly that. Another accomplishment that Kennedy made was creating the Peace Corps. The Peace Corps were a government agency that would train Americans who wanted to volunteer around the world for different issues and crises, just like Kennedy had in World War II. An enormous accomplishment on Kennedy’ s part was managing the Cold War. The Cold War was not exactly a war, it was a conflict with the Soviet Union and communism (dictatorship). Kennedy and all of America didn’ t exactly like the way that the Soviet Union was controlling other countries. Nikita Khrushchev, a leader of the Soviet Union, was allowing missiles to be sent to Cuba for defense. And since Cuba was so close to the United States, Kennedy felt as if it was dangerous. Kennedy held up a blockade, but the Soviet Union was ready to declare nuclear war and Kennedy didn’ t want that to happen; it would be even worse. Kennedy had tried to send some soldiers to Cuba to try to stop the Cold War, but that was one of Kennedy’ s biggest failures as president. Finally, leader Nikita Khrushchev agreed to stop sending the missiles to Cuba if Kennedy would never allow America to invade Cuba, and the missiles would be left in Turkey. Kennedy agreed, and the Cuban Missile Crisis was over. However, the Cold War was still continuing. Another one of Kennedy’ s accomplishments was involved in the Civil Rights Movement. Kennedy realized that there were many people against segregation and he had to do something about it. He held up some laws that helped, but overall, he hadn’ t done much to change the way that blacks were being treated. He had supported Martin Luther King Jr. and other blacks who spoke out, and had made a small difference in this.
  7. 7. Kennedy’ s AssassinationOn November 22, 1963, Kennedy was paradingthrough the streets of Dallas, Texas in hisconvertible. Kennedy’ s plans was to go toAustin next to talk about civil rights. In the car,was his wife, and Texas Governor John Conally.Midway through the parade, at exactly 12:30p.m., 3 shots rang out somewhere from thecrowd, and one hit Kennedy in the head. Withinhalf an hour, he was dead. As soon as theassassination was over, police were desperate tofind his murderer. They had caught a man namedLee Harvey Oswald. Oswald had actually livedin the Soviet Union and opposed U.S. policies.After Oswald was put into custody, Oswald waskilled by Jack Ruby, a Dallas bar owner. Thenews about Kennedy’ s assassination spread inless than an hour.
  8. 8. Remembering John F. KennedyKennedy was remembered as a heroover the next couple of years. Overtime, historians tried to find cluesabout Kennedy’ s assassination, or hisgeneral life. After discovering someof his actions, some people think thatKennedy wasn’ t the actual hero thatthey had all imagined. But when youthink back at Kennedy, and all of hissupportive, and helpful actions, yourealize that he has changed our worldand did his part to make it a betterplace.
  9. 9. Timeline of Kennedy’ s Life 1917 1939 1940 1941 1943 1946 1952 1953 1956 1957 1960 1961 1962 1963 Marries Receives SuccessfullyJack is born on Jacqueline Pulitzer forces the May 29 in Lee Prize for Soviet Union to Brookline, Bouvier Pro file s in removeMassachusetts Co urag e missiles from Enters the Cuba U.S. Navy Defeats Richard Travels in Nixon to Europe become the thirty-fifth president of Graduates from Wins election as Is considered a the United Is assassinated on Harvard a U.S. possible vice States November 22 in University; representative presidential Dallas, Texas publishes from candidate for the Faces possible conflict Why England Massachusetts Democratic with the Soviet Union Slept Party after the building of the Berlin Wall; orders the invasion of Cuba’s Bay Wins election as a of Pigs by U.S.-trained U.S. senator from Cuban exiles in an Massachusetts unsuccessful attempt to Captains PT overthrow Cuban leader 109 in the Fidel Castro South Pacific Ocean
  10. 10. Resources• John F. Kennedy By Michael Burgan• Our Presidents: John F. Kennedy By Judith E. Harper•