Agile tour2013 Vietnam Millenia Generation


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Presentation made for Agile Tour 2013 Ho Chi Minh City.
Vietnam mean population is around 29 years old. It is a great creative and innovative potential, so we showed how we should act as a Manager around Millenia Generation.

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Agile tour2013 Vietnam Millenia Generation

  1. 1. Vietnam Millennial Generation Agile Tour 2013 – Ho Chi Minh City   Alexandre  Cuva   Twi0er:  @cuvaalex  
  2. 2. Alexandre  Cuva   •  CIO  for  a  Swiss  Financial  Company   •  Experience  with  distributed  Scrum  teams  in  Vietnam  &  India   •  Agile  TransiEon  Coach,  Scrum  Master,  Product  Owner   •  Management  3.0  &  CerEfied  Scrum  Developer  Trainer   •  Event  speaker   Speaker •  ITIL  V3     “I  coach  teams  and  organiza6on  to  become  highly  produc6ve.”   E-­‐mail  :   h0p://   Alexandre  Cuva   Twi0er:  @cuvaalex   2
  3. 3.   Alexandre  Cuva   Twi0er:  @cuvaalex   3
  4. 4.   Alexandre  Cuva   Twi0er:  @cuvaalex   4
  5. 5. Median age: total: 28.2 years   male: 27.1 years   female: 29.2 years (2012 est.)   Alexandre  Cuva   Twi0er:  @cuvaalex   5
  6. 6.   Alexandre  Cuva   Twi0er:  @cuvaalex   6
  7. 7.   Alexandre  Cuva   Twi0er:  @cuvaalex   7
  8. 8. Who are Millennial ? "   Born 1980 to 2000 "   The term Millennial comes from the work of authors William Strauss and Neil Howe to describe the generational group also referred to as Generation Y   Alexandre  Cuva   Twi0er:  @cuvaalex   8
  9. 9. All  work  and  all  play  :  h0p://   Alexandre  Cuva   Twi0er:  @cuvaalex   9
  10. 10. Workplace Values   Alexandre  Cuva   Twi0er:  @cuvaalex   10
  11. 11. McGregor’s  Theory  X  and  Theory  Y   Alexandre  Cuva   Twi0er:  @cuvaalex   11
  12. 12. Every  genera0on  that  enters  the  workforce  makes  waves!   Alexandre  Cuva   Twi0er:  @cuvaalex   12
  13. 13. Millennial Characteristics " " " "         They’ve been told they were special their whole lives More confident than generations before them Team-oriented High achieving   Alexandre  Cuva   Twi0er:  @cuvaalex   13
  14. 14. Millennial Preferences "   A need for social interaction, immediate results in their work, and a desire for speedy advancement "   Prefer to work in teams "   Very self-confident, able to multi- task, and have plenty of energy   Alexandre  Cuva   Twi0er:  @cuvaalex   14
  15. 15.   Alexandre  Cuva   Twi0er:  @cuvaalex   15
  16. 16. Why are Millennials important to leadership ? " " Millennials are beginning to make a significant impact on the World business community through both their size and their habits. Millennials account for more than 50 percent of the Vietnam IT labor force on contrary to occidental 10 to 15 percent.   Alexandre  Cuva   Twi0er:  @cuvaalex   16
  17. 17. Stay Connected Millennials are likely to be more successful with an ongoing support system at work.   Alexandre  Cuva   Twi0er:  @cuvaalex  
  18. 18. Make it meaningful Claiming the highest volunteer rates in recent history, Millennials want a chance to do work that will benefit society. They are more likely to respond if they feel their work has meaning and is connected to a greater good.   Alexandre  Cuva   Twi0er:  @cuvaalex   18
  19. 19. Create Goals Together Millennials want to know how their position will benefit them, what skills they will learn and when they will be promoted.   Alexandre  Cuva   Twi0er:  @cuvaalex   19
  20. 20. Provide Flexibility Skilled at multitasking and accustomed to media on demand, Millennials can consume 31 hours of media in a 24 hour period. (i.e., They are likely to get bored when tasked with a single project and need variety to stay engaged.)   Alexandre  Cuva   Twi0er:  @cuvaalex   20
  21. 21. Challenge them to Learn New Skills Millennials have always been pushed to excel in school and with extracurricular activities. They view learning as a lifelong pursuit and are hungry for new knowledge and training.   Alexandre  Cuva   Twi0er:  @cuvaalex   21
  22. 22. Encourage Teamwork Millennials are peer oriented. They like to support each other and to work in groups, even while having their own independent tasks to complete. Without a structured peer network to rely on they are likely to feel isolated and disengage from their work.   Alexandre  Cuva   Twi0er:  @cuvaalex   22
  23. 23. Recognize Success Millennials are used to and expect to be recognized as someone special. They have also had limited exposure to critical feedback. To stay motivated, Millennials need frequent encouragement and acknowledgement.   Alexandre  Cuva   Twi0er:  @cuvaalex   23
  24. 24.   Alexandre  Cuva   Twi0er:  @cuvaalex   24