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Role of IT _Support

  2. 2. Topics Index1 IT in everyday life In this session we are going to:2 The role of IT in business • Understand how Information Technology helps businesses to Case Study perform optimally3 Topics Index
  3. 3. Learning Objectives• At the completion of this session you will be able to: – Describe the role of IT in our day to day life – Explain how IT helps organizations to function optimally Learning Objectives
  4. 4. Topics Index1 IT in everyday life The role of IT in business In this topics we are going to:2 • Look at the role of IT in our day to day life Case Study3 IT in everyday life
  5. 5. A day in the life of a Corporate Executive… 6 AM: I am woken up by my smart phone alarm. The phone runs many software applications that provide different utilities like calculator, stopwatch etc. IT in everyday life
  6. 6. A day in the life of a Corporate Executive… While I am getting ready to go to office, I take a quick look at my calendar entries for today in my smart phone, which is synched with my Google calendar. I notice that I have an early video conference today at 9:30 IT in everyday life
  7. 7. A day in the life of a Corporate Executive… I heat up some milk in the microwave for my corn flakes. The microwave oven runs software to perform its functions IT in everyday life
  8. 8. A day in the life of a Corporate Executive… I remember that I have to pay two bills today. IT in everyday life
  9. 9. A day in the life of a Corporate Executive… I log into my computer, connect to the internet, and pay my electricity and phone bills by doing an online bill payment. IT in everyday life
  10. 10. A day in the life of a Corporate Executive… The sophisticated software transfers the money securely from mybank account to the provider. My computer generated statement at the end of the month will show me the money transfer transactions. IT in everyday life
  11. 11. A day in the life of a Corporate Executive… I rush out of the house and get into the elevator to go down to my apartment’s parking area. The OTIS elevator runs software whichenables the two lifts in my building to run in tandem, and in optimal fashion. IT in everyday life
  12. 12. A day in the life of a Corporate Executive… I get into my Honda City and drive to work. My car has the iVTECengine which has software to optimize the fuel consumption. The software selects the valve timing depending on the prevailing conditions IT in everyday life
  13. 13. A day in the life of a Corporate Executive… On the way I make a call to my credit card customer service, which uses Interactive Voice Recording software to route me to the correct person. IT in everyday life
  14. 14. A day in the life of a Corporate Executive… He pulls up my card statement instantly on his computer screenand the software allows him to make the adjustments I requested. IT in everyday life
  15. 15. A day in the life of a Corporate Executive…After I hang up the phone I get an SMS on my phone confirming the transaction IT in everyday life
  16. 16. A day in the life of a Corporate Executive… When I reach the office, I get into the Video conference. ThePolycom VC equipment has software to control its functions. Using the menu, I dial my Sydney office, and start the meeting. IT in everyday life
  17. 17. A day in the life of a Corporate Executive…I just got a call regarding a delivery Issue in Hyderabad. Ask travel desk to check availability of flights to Hyderabad. Travel desk contact immediately makes the inquiry on his computer. IT in everyday life
  18. 18. A day in the life of a Corporate Executive… The software gives him a list of available options, which he promptly emails to me. In exactly 10 minutes, I have all the available options in front of me. And my day goes on… IT in everyday life
  19. 19. DISCUSSION Give examples of how IT touches your everyday life
  20. 20. Topics Index1 IT in everyday life In this session we are going to:2 The role of IT in business • Understand how IT helps businesses to perform optimally. Case Study3 The Role of IT
  21. 21. Behind the customer touch points of a business are large IT Systems BANK’S IT SYSTEMS The Role of IT
  22. 22. The Role of IT has evolved over the years Automate end- Integrate a IT solutionAutomate a to-end network of itself can part of a business businesses become a business processes and product or process integrate service functions Localized Cross Functional Network Business ScopeExploitation Integration Reconfiguration Redefinition The Role of IT
  23. 23. An Automobile manufacturing company• Operational Processes – Sales Forecast – Production Planning – Procurement – Manufacturing – Sales & Distribution• Support Processes – Research & Development – Financial Accounting – HR The Role of IT
  24. 24. Sales Forecast Dealers Where does the Sales Forecast come from? Regional offices Sales Team The Role of IT
  25. 25. Sales Forecast How is the data gathered and analyzed? The Role of IT
  26. 26. Sales Forecast – Challenges• Information gathering• Timeliness• Business rule enforcement• Manage change in requirements The Role of IT
  27. 27. Sales Forecast – How does Information Technology help?– Dealers, Regional offices, and Sales Team can enter their forecasts into a web-based interface.– Data entry rules are enforced to ensure that data provided is complete A web based interface The Role of IT
  28. 28. Sales Forecast – How does Information Technology help?The IT system can send alerts to people if they havenot entered the data in time The Role of IT
  29. 29. Sales Forecast – How does Information Technology help?Past data is automatically analyzed by the IT system andcorrections madeWhere forecast has not been received, business rules can beautomatically applied to create a forecast The Role of IT
  30. 30. Sales Forecast – How does Information Technology help?Final reports are distributed for review, validation and action The Role of IT
  31. 31. Production Planning• What is the output from Production Planning? – The day and shift-wise production plan for each factory and production unit of the organization – The type and quantity of each part required to meet the production requirements• What are the inputs for production planning? – Sales Forecast: The number of vehicles of each type demanded by the market each month – Bill of Materials: The part-wise breakdown of each model that is to be manufactured – Production Capacity: The production capacity of in-house and supplier factories The Role of IT
  32. 32. Production Planning – Challenges• Information gathering – sales forecast, bill of materials etc.• Timeliness• Accuracy• Business constraints like “Economic Order Quantities”• Changing requirements The Role of IT
  33. 33. Production Planning: How does Information Technology help?Data used from various sources Ensures that data is correct Makes large scale data analysis fast Distributes production plans instantly to a large number of people IT Systems The Role of IT
  34. 34. Discussion• Based on the examples just discussed, identify some of the attributes of Information Technology that helps organizations. For example one of the attributes is the ability to do complex calculations quickly. Think of one real life example of each type The Role of IT
  35. 35. Benefits of IT – A Summary Speed Efficiency Consistency Real Time Integration Benefits of IT Reliability Reach Lower Cost Real Time information availability The Role of IT
  36. 36. Illustration – How does IT make a business more efficient?Centralized Railway Reservation System in India The Role of IT
  37. 37. Railway Reservation System – Benefits BEFORE AFTER • Separate booking window for • Anyone may book from each train at each location anywhere, for any train • Physical “register” for each train • Can do own booking over at each booking location Internet • Confusion in application of • Complex business rules applied complex business rules consistently. Any changes in rules • Quotas applied throughout seamlessly • Pricing • Providing status to customers • Providing status is a breeze, was a nightmare including on Internet, SMS • Huge manual effort to produce • Outputs produced at the click of outputs like reservation charts a mouse The Role of IT
  38. 38. Case Study – Group Activity• You all are either attending a college now, or have attended one before• Think about 3 ways the college can utilize IT to improve its functioning. What will be the benefits? (15 minutes)• Each group to present one item from their list (Total 15 minutes) The Role of IT
  39. 39. Summing Up• IT has evolved over the last 50 years to play an ever greater role in business• Today’s businesses use IT in almost every function for reasons of efficiency, cost, reliability, accuracy and reach• IT becomes visible to us through the customer touchpoints of a business. However that is only the tip of the iceberg as far as the role of IT in business is concerned. The Role of IT
  40. 40. References• Role of IT in the growth of business: Technology-in-Growth-of-Business&id=344198• The Changing role of IT in business: h_story&channelid=5&categoryid=17&doc_id=9326• Does IT Matter?: The Role of IT
  41. 41. Thank You