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V mware gts case study

  1. 1. T E L E C O M M U N I C AT I O N SGTS Cloud built on VMware architecture ensuresgreater flexibility and cost efficiency of IT servicesfor dozens of businesses“We wanted to provide companies a service that would truly help GTS with their business. In our virtual The GTS Central Europe (GTS) Group is a leading telco operator IT environment they gain greater with its own network and a provider of data center services in performance and reliability and the Central and East European region. The group offers regional can react very flexibly to changes in their needs; without any reach with dense local networks and thus offers a wide array of investment costs. It’s logical that services in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and this environment uses VMware Romania. From basic voice and data services to extensive virtual technologies – it’s the world private networks and managed data center services, GTS Group leader in virtualization and cloud combines the newest technologies with its vast network, thus pro- computing.” viding the top customer solutions in its field. The company has a— Václav Molík, Director of Customer Projects, rich history of working in Central and Eastern Europe for almost GTS Czech 20 years. It has almost 40,000 customers including businesses, telco operators and public sector institutions. The GTS Group is K E Y HI G H L I G H TS owned by a consortium of leading financial investors with vast experience in the fields of telecommunications and technology. Challenges • Build a fully-virtualized data center, whose performance would be In many companies IT departments manage the hardware and operating systems delivered to customers as a service themselves. They pay relevant licensing fees, they ensure maintenance and they Solutions must invest money into renewal. Thus they sort out the fast-growing demands • VMware vSphere of applications in use, growing volumes of data and hardware problems that lead • VMware vCenter to downtime and collapses in running applications, which often cause companies • VMware vShield significant financial loss. Meanwhile the key task of the IT department should be to • VMware vCloud Director implement the company’s IT strategy, for progress and demands for new services • VMware vCloud API • VMware vCenter Chargeback advance rapidly, and it is a necessity to maintain service levels, dependent on system Manager development and applications, in today’s competitive environment. • and more Outsourcing is considered a solution to these problems – by transferring operational Results responsibility for servers and their availability, companies can get a step ahead and • Reduction of ownership costs to a minimum for the operator’s better focus their resources on key activities. Thanks to its many years of experience customers, only clearly predictable in the fields of telecommunications and data center services, the GTS Group has operational expenditure seen a growing demand for this type of service and decided to offer its customers a • Fully operational, reliable and secure solution that would fully comply with their demands for flexibility. At the same time environment it wanted to add to its service offering for customers, who often prefer to have all • Customer IT teams can focus on their regional IT and telco services handled by one provider. Last but not least, the main priorities GTS Group is aware of the overall drop in the market for classic telco services and • Incomparable flexibility as concerns allocation of resources, fast roll out related revenues. It will need to replace with other sources of earnings. of services The solution was to create a virtual data center and to provide virtual hosting • Transparent ID of sites, where customer data is stored services for corporate clients. This would allow companies to specifically and flexibly • E2E security – all services from one choose, allocate and move computer resources based on when and where they are operator truly needed. • Tools implemented for the secure separation of individual customers The initial impulse for creating this solution was the fact that the GTS Group has a and their data lot of experience providing data center and server hosting services – it is the largest provider of these services in Central and Eastern Europe and it guarantees all its customers the highest level of professional services. C U S TO M E r C A S E S T U dy / 1
  2. 2. T E L E C O M M U N I C AT I O N S VM WA R E V I RT UA L Implementation Process INF RAST RUC T URE AT WO RK In January 2011 GTS experts built a small virtual test platform. To do so they used GTS Cloud Operating Environments accessible tools from within the group. They then gradually tested the platform over • GTS data center comparable to Tier3 a five-month period and based on test results perfected it. In addition to technical standard tests they also focused on market analyses including price comparisons, customer • Stable and scalable Cisco UCS needs and the actual market situation in Central and Eastern Europe. Preparation of servers the commercially-offered cloud environment itself took roughly half a year. During • NetApp FAS disk arrays with this phase VMware became a key partner. It was chosen in a public tender. Multistore and FlexShare technologies for secure separation Thus a geographically-distributed platform for operating virtual servers for of individual customers‘ data customers was born. The hosted VMware-based virtual environment was launched • Network infrastructure based on in June 2011. Part of the platform, meant both for running servers for local customers Cisco technologies • Cisco Nexus 5000 with 10G (LAN/ and for customers in other countries in the region where GTS operates, is physically SAN) support and Cisco Nexus located in the Czech Republic. Parts of the platform in Poland and Hungary can be 1000V using a VMware platform used in the same way, provided it’s allowed by rules set by customers for the location • Cisco ASR 1000 for servicing L3 of their data. Server hosting takes place in GTS Group data centers, which comply layers with the strictest professional standards. The operating team of GTS specialists • Cisco ASA 5585-X firewalls, designed functions on an international level and thus uses all the human resources and for datacenters, with virtual context knowledge that the GTS Group has at its disposal. support • Archiving support with the help Services based on an IaaS model consist of first-class technologies from proven of CommVault backup & archiving infrastructure partners in order to provide maximum flexibility and usage monitoring. system, including a customer In addition to VMware solutions GTS Group uses technologies and components from interface • Support Ethernet (L2) access from other partners like Cisco (servers and network infrastructure) and NetApp (storage the customer’s location servers). Fully-redundant server platform architecture eliminates unexpected Examples of Customers Using GTS downtime or operational peaks. Also should it be necessary, the load management Virtual Hosting Services system can move running applications across the physical infrastructure so as to • Czech National Bank ensure the uninterrupted functioning of critical applications. From a security point of • Credium view individual customers are separated on several levels using the best technologies • Cushman & Wakefield available. Provided a customer is bound by regulatory or legislative norms, GTS • GEFCO ČESKÁ REPUBLIKA Group can provide, as part of the architecture, independent „private“ solutions. • EUROVIA Services • and almost one hundred more First-class solutions are offered under the name, GTS Virtual Hosting, and they customers include server infrastructure management, operating systems, databases and applications all handled by certified GTS experts. The latter have VMware Service Provider partner status at the Professional level focused on providing services, as well as VMware Solution Provider partner status, also at the Professional level. Operations and monitoring take place 24/7. The time needed for hardware maintenance amounts to zero, meanwhile customers always have full access to monitoring services for their infrastructure. Thus corporate IT teams can free up resources used for implementing time-consuming software updates and daily maintenance. Why use VMware solutions for virtualization and cloud? VMware is the leader on the market for virtualization software. It is also a member of the Virtual Computing Environment alliance, founded with the aim of creating the most high-performance, most modern cloud computing systems. VMware provided optimum support for planning and implementing the virtual data center project. Results of Implementation The service offered represents a reliable, manageable, flexible, scalable and highly available platform that meets the company’s needs in the area of infrastructure. It also cuts the time needed for implementation and reduces TCO for IT services: • In a virtual environment one can react very flexibly to demands for greater performance. According to the complexity of the demand, one can divide up C ustome r case stu d y / 2
  3. 3. T E L E C O M M U N I C AT I O N S resources in the existing environment or add others; in only a matter of hours or days. So it’s possible at anytime to add further computing resources (processor performance, operational memory) and to increase disk space meant for data. In case of a lack of computing performance (a one-off demand) or a system upgrade it is possible to rapidly increase them; resulting in no extra one-off costs and only a minimum amount of extra operational costs. • From the staging environment in a VMware environment it is possible at anytime to clone another server, on which you can quickly test the consequences of eventual fundamental system changes. The test environment can be run for a limited time period and then be shut down. This can all be done without the need for any additional investment, rather for the sole cost of the sources in actual use. This is not economically feasible in a physical server environment, because it would require the purchase of additional servers and connecting them to the network infrastructure. • The new solution uses a virtual platform with high availability (HA) and a level of redundancy, where all network features – servers, storage servers, network infrastructure and power source operate via a redundant connection. In case of failure of any hardware components, the whole system continues to run without disruption of any of the other components. • A team of trained and manufacturer-technology-certified specialists is prepared to manage the platform and customers‘ individual virtual servers. Customers can order either just a virtual machine or a fully-managed service option, including installation and administration of the operating system and possibly other applications (i.e. SQL databases or a web server). This enables them to optimize personnel and organizational costs and they don’t have to have their own experts, for example, for SQL databases. • Companies using cloud infrastructure cut costs on licensing fees and maintenance. • Customers have reliability and availability guaranteed by contract - i.e. for the TOP class SLA they are guaranteed availability of 99.9% and the time period for eventual repair is set at 4 hours. The fact that in less than one year after the launch of the service almost one-hundred corporate customers use GTS Group services based on VMware for their virtual hosting is proof that the results of services used are more than satisfactory. Future Plans For the future the GTS Group of course plans on gradually increasing the necessary capacity of the virtual data center. GTS is also testing a new service that will enable greater integration of cloud services with other tools. This will guarantee more seamless possibilities for their usage. The GTS Group is also preparing its own alliance with application providers – it will either offer their products in the cloud environment under the Group brand or application providers will use the environment themselves. Opportunities for customers will certainly continue to grow.VMware, Inc. 3401 Hillview Avenue Palo Alto CA 94304 USA Tel 877-486-9273 Fax 650-427-5001 www.vmware.comCopyright © 2012 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. This product is protected by U.S. and international copyright and intellectual property laws. VMware products are covered by one or more patents listed athttp://www.vmware.com/go/patents. VMware is a registered trademark or trademark of VMware, Inc. in the United States and/or other jurisdictions. All other marks and names mentioned herein may betrademarks of their respective companies. Item No: 12Q2_GTS_UK