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Software ag gts case study


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Software ag gts case study

  1. 1. Customer Reference Story GTS Central Europe | Telecommunication | webMethods BPMSGTS Central Europe Accelerates Internal Transformation by ImplementingwebMethods BPMS, an Integrated Process Management PlatformChallengeIn 2009, GTS Central Europe began a transformation that merged its subsidiaries in five countries,employing a total of approximately 1,500 people, into a single organization. Country-basedstructures were replaced by an international organization, enabling the company to winregional customers more effectively. At the same time, however, new organizational andoperational challenges emerged. GTS Central Europe determined that the ultimate solution tothese challenges would be to define and automate business processes that span all business GTS Central Europe is a leadingunits. Since the company had no solution capable of meeting its long-term expectations in infrastructure-based provider ofthat area, GTS Central Europe chose to acquire and implement a brand new process manage- telecommunications services in Centralment framework. and Eastern Europe. GTS owns andSolution operates an extensive fiber optic and data center network throughout theHaving analyzed a number of potential solutions, GTS chose to implement webMethods BPMS region. In the Czech Republic, Hungary,from Software AG. The choice was largely determined by the solution’s versatility. GTS appreci-ated the fact that, in addition to process management capabilities, webMethods BPMS also Poland, Romania and Slovakia, theprovides tools to define and execute business rules, integration functionality (including an company combines its regionalESB), adapters for many enterprise-class applications, and tools for designing and generating footprint with deep local networks toprocess reports. deliver a broad range of services. From basic voice and data to complex virtualBenefits private networks and managed data • Versatility that allows a wide range of processes (including automated integration processes center services, GTS assembles the and workflow processes) of different types and levels of complexity to be defined and im- latest technology with its extensive plemented within a single framework. network to provide industry-leading • Open architecture and easy integration that enables data and functionality from multiple systems and applications to be utilized within a single process. customer solutions. With a rich • Business agility to modify process parameters easily by using rules, without making signifi- operating history of nearly 20 years in cant changes to the flow of each process. CEE, the company is committed to • Process visibility, supervision and control with BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) function- providing service excellence and value ality and tools to monitor processes and create reports, indicators, charts, etc. built directly to its nearly 40,000 business, carrier into the platform. and government customers. • Low acquisition cost with an affordable QuickStart license that provides complete platform functionality with a limited number of managed processes. • Low maintenance cost with a single framework capable of supporting various process man- agement needs. Get There
  2. 2. “With a unified platform and the ability to use existing skills, the cost of implementing additional processes will be reduced, and supporting the processes will no longer require a large team.” Piotr Kiszkiel | IS/IT Director | GTS PolandMultiple processes on a single platform by GTS Central Europe within a single process. The Maintenance and changes without unnecessary requirement to integrate the systems was, in our spendingGTS began deploying its universal process assessment, inextricably linked with the need tomanagement framework with a pilot implementa- automate processes,” explains Piotr Kiszkiel.. One of the reasons why the webMethods BPMStion of a solution to automate periodic employee integrated process platform was selected was GTS’sperformance appraisals. Each country-based One of GTS’s key requirements was the ability to desire to control the cost of maintaining andbusiness unit used a slightly different set of modify process parameters easily without having modifying the process solutions scheduled forprocedures that normally relied on e-mails and to change the core flow of each process. “Process deployment. “With a unified platform and theMicrosoft Excel spreadsheets. This made it difficult needs evolve with market and organizational ability to use existing skills, the cost of implement-to merge and interpret appraisal results, and to changes, and process redefinition is a major issue ing additional processes will be reduced, andoversee the progress of the appraisal process itself. that affects the company’s operational efficiency. supporting the processes will no longer require aConsequently, developing a single solution for all Much more often, it is only necessary to change large team,” says Piotr Kiszkiel.countries was an obvious choice; the list of business process parameters at selected stages,processes that posed similar challenges goes on. and this is possible with webMethods BPMS and its KEY COMPONENTS built-in business rules engine, among other things,” webMethods BPMS, an integrated“As part of the pilot project, we implemented a emphasizes Janusz Konik, CEO of CrossVista Polska, business process management platformuniform periodic appraisal management solution the Software AG Polska Business Partner that from Software AGacross the entire group. Now, we are implementing implemented webMethods BPMS at GTS and nowanother process, this time for approving invest- provides technical support for the platform.ment expenses. We are gaining valuable experi-ence, and end-users are becoming familiar with Visibility and operational efficiencythe system’s capabilities, which helps them toprecisely express their requirements. We expect GTS’s decision was validated by the very firstthat by mid-2012, we will be able to automate process implemented on the webMethods BPMSaround ten internal processes in total. The platform. “Appraisals are conducted every quarter,assumption is that, by that time, we will be able to and the questionnaires are quite long. I have aprove to ourselves and to the company that total of 11 employees in three countries reportingwebMethods BPMS is reliable and flexible enough to me, so the unification of the periodic appraisalto be used for supporting processes related to process has given me substantial time savings.customer and partner relationships,” says Piotr Definitions and details are consistent across allKiszkiel, IS/IT Director, GTS Poland. countries and stored at a single location, and the ABOUT SOFTWARE AG progress of the appraisal process can be reviewed Software AG is the global leader in Business ProcessMultiple aspects of flexibility at any time by using the reporting capabilities built Excellence. Our 40 years of innovation include the invention of the first high-performance transactional into the platform,” says Piotr Kiszkiel. database, Adabas; the first business process analysisThe ability to support the integration of various platform, ARIS; and the first B2B server and SOA-based integration platform, processes within a single platform was a The benefits of increased visibility are not limitedmajor factor that determined the choice of to business department managers. “With this We offer our customers end-to-end Business Process Management (BPM) solutions delivering low Total-Cost-webMethods BPMS. “We assumed that the solution implementation, our HR organization can view the of-Ownership and high ease of use. Our industry-leading brands, ARIS, webMethods, Adabas, Natural, CentraSite,would have to be capable of handling workflow employees’ goals in real time, verify the quality Terracotta and IDS Scheer Consulting, represent aand document flow processes as well as auto- and consistency of the performance appraisal unique portfolio encompassing: process strategy, design, integration and control; SOA-based integration and data SAG_GTS_CentralEurope_RS_Jun12mated processes, including any combination of the process, and plan training needs effectively,” says management; process-driven SAP implementation; andabove. At the same time, we wanted to be able to Agnieszka Marciniak, Process Implementation strategic process consulting and on the data and logic of any application used Program Leader, GTS Central Europe. Software AG - Get There Faster © 2012 Software AG. All rights reserved. Software AG and all Software AG pro- ducts are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Software AG. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. Find out how to achieve Business Process Excellence : WWW.SOFTWAREAG.COm