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Customer Case StudyTesco: “It was important for us to choose a trustworthy partner forthe reliable provision of telco serv...
Customer Case Study// WHY GTS?“It was important for Tesco to                           European region. On the basis of   ...
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Gts tesco case_study


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Gts tesco case_study

  1. 1. Customer Case StudyTesco: “It was important for us to choose a trustworthy partner forthe reliable provision of telco services to our stores in the entire region.” Regional Data NetworkThe volume of services GTS provides Tesco has been steadily growing since 2005, at first because of significantgrowth within the Czech Republic, and then in 2011 as a result of Tesco’s decision to extend this growth to othercountries in which GTS operates. Tesco Stores has obtained unified, guaranteed IP VPN service for its retail chainstores throughout the entire Central and Eastern European region.Tesco // Reliable connection, guaranteed savingsTesco is a global grocery and gen- then expanded by implementing pany applications. GTS provideseral merchandise retailer head- an IP VPN network to include Hun- primary and redundant services atquartered in the United Kingdom. gary, Poland and Slovakia. GTS each store, and guarantees per-It is one of the top three larg- now serves approximately 15% of formance of the network throughest retailers in the world and has all Tesco stores in the world spread industry-leading service levelstores in 14 countries throughout across the following CEE countries: agreements. The network is theAsia, Europe and North America. backbone for mission critical Tes- ● Czech Republic over 210 co data applications like paymentTesco Stores has been using GTS’s ● Hungary over 220 transactions, supply chain andservices in the Czech Republic ● Poland over 390 employee information systems.since 2005. In connection with the ● Slovakia over 80expanded service provided to the In addition to a regional IP VPN This GTS IP Virtual Private Net-retail chain, a continually greater network, GTS provides Tesco with work (VPN) service enables Tesconumber of stores, branches and other mission critical services like to easily and efficiently connect allwarehouses have been added and data center collocation, dedicated company stores with a single, pri-the volume of services has subse- internet access, voice and SMS vate network, thereby significantlyquently increased rapidly. Mutual services. reducing operational expenses forcooperation in one country was dependably running internal com-
  2. 2. Customer Case Study// WHY GTS?“It was important for Tesco to European region. On the basis of to the entire region with an IP VPNchoose a trustworthy partner for quality references and good ini- network,” said John Herz, direc-the reliable provision of telecom- tial experience with the services tor of IT for Central and Easternmunication services to our stores of GTS in the Czech Republic, we Europe for Tesco the entire Central and Eastern decided to expand our coopera­ ion t SK central site Bratislava SK warehouses SK Shops CZ Central site Praha Praha, GTS datacentrum GTS core data network SK ADSL network (backup) Praha, CE Colo datacentrum IP MPLS VPN CZ MPLS VPN SK IP HU Central site Budapest MPLS VPN INT IP CZ Warehouses HU Warehouses IP MPLS VPN PL MPLS VPN HU IP CZ ISDN network (dial-up backup) HU ADSL network PL ISDN network (backup) CZ Shops (dial-up backup) HU Shops CE Router Primary line Backup line PL Shops PL warehouses PL Central site KrakowGTS Network Advantages GTS Operational Advantages● obust networking because a r ● uaranteed QoS (Quality of Ser- g ● entralized and proactive net- c single regional network run by vice) and SLA (Service Level work surveillance and mainte- GTS is more powerful than indi- Agreement) nance with CEE vidual ones in each country ● bility to expand IP VPN (MPLS) a ● ultilingual support across the m● ower direct costs through vol- l services throughout Europe CEE region ume purchasing through partner networks ● mployees in every country fo- e● ower indirect costs as one net- l ● xtensive product portfolio to e cused on delivering the best ser- work is cheaper to operate build additional services on to vice● dvanced and secure technology a IP VPN network such as unified ● nly one invoice for the region o based on IP communications ● ompany culture focused on our c● rimary and backup service at p customers every Tesco store using multiple access methodsYour contact for business solutions in Central Europe:For more information or to further explore enhancement of your telecommunication networking within the Central European region, please contact