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Gts case study_jysk_eng

  1. 1. Customer Case StudyJYSK: “The selection of our network provider was an importantdecision but one we are very happy with.” Regional Data NetworkJYSK, a Danish network of outlets selling furniture and interior accessories, needs to have the best possible linkbetween all the individual markets in which it is present within the Central and wider European region. In 2007,GTS Central Europe, a regional telecommunications operator, implemented such solution for JYSK within the CentralEuropean region. A modern data network utilizing MPLS technology linked dozens of JYSK outlets in Central Eu-rope – in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland and expansion is planned in the near future.JYSK // MORE THAN A SATISFIED CUSTOMERJYSK, a Danish retailer with a net- in the Czech Republic, Hungary, ers in the region can benefit fromwork of outlets selling furniture Slovakia and Poland and linked a increased efficiency and enhancedand interior accessories, has cur- total of almost 200 JYSK outlets. services. The use of GTS’ modernrently over 1,350 outlets in more The new data network based on MPLS technology puts JYSK at thethan 30 countries all over Europe IP VPN principle provides more cutting edge of retail business andwith an annual turnover up to effective planning and coordina- enables the company to guaranteealmost EUR 2 billion and about tion of individual activities within top-notch services to its custom-14,000 employees. the entire JYSK retail process in ers not only now but also in the Central Europe in an advanced years to come.GTS Central Europe implement- manner so that all JYSK custom-ed a modern MPLS data network
  2. 2. Customer Case Study// WHY GTS?In order to find out the reasons "In Danish, JYSK literally means we did not select our network pro-why JYSK has selected a new GTS Jutlandic but it also refers to cer- vider easily – it was an importantCentral Europe’s MPLS network to tain core values such as honesty, decision but one we are very hap-solve its telecommunication re- integrity and modesty. In other py with," said Mr. Rene Kristian-quirements it is necessary to go words JYSK means credibility – sen, CIO of JYSK.back to the sales company’s origin a company to be trusted! This isitself. The Danish word JYSK de- how we operate, it is how we treatnotes a men coming from Jutland, our customers, and we expect theDanish largest mainland area. same from all of our suppliers. So//Connection diagram FI – Vanta DK – Education DK – Education PL – Gdansk Hvidovre Stranby, Farse Fallover Line PL – Radomsko CE router CE router NO – Oslo CE router CE router GTS router GTS router Warehouse Primary CE router Line DK – Uldum GTS router HR – Zagreb Warehouse CE router CE router SE – Nässjö Administrativ (MPLS GTS) DK – Vejle IP/VPN Warehouse DK – Brabrand CE router DK – Middelfart Primary Line Warehouse Secundary Line Primary Line CE router CE router DK – Glostrup Home delivery VPN 3020 PIX 515E GTS router CE router DK KMD DK Colt kbh MallRelay Barracuda DMZ PIX 515E Internet Skovlunde København 400 falbverf CZ – Praha First DMZ GTS router DMPVPN HU – Budapest Internet DKMPLS network advantages: ● entralized performance man- c voice communication among the agement and proactive network consumer’s sites● ower costs (a single network is l maintenance ● g uaranteed QoS (Quality of Ser- cheaper to operate and run than ● ne service contact and one in- o vice) and SLA (Service Level several networks linked togeth- voice for the entire region only Agreement) er) ● l ogically and securely detached● ore robust networking (a single m managed network run by GTS MPLS network characteristics: private VPN network for every ● overage in five countries in the c customer CE rather than several networks region (Czech Republic, Hunga- ● a number of value added ser- managed by different compa- ry, Poland, Romania, Slovakia) vices nies) ● he most advanced and secure t ● p ossibility to provide MPLS ser-● igher network availability h technology based on IP vice all over Europe due to NNI● igher quality parameters h ● ossibility to develop a united p interconnections with selected● horter repair time s network providing data and telecommunication partnersYour contact for business solutions in Central Europe:For more information or to further explore enhancement of your telecommunication networking within the Central European region, please contact