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Gts case study_gaz_systems

  1. 1. Customer Case StudyGas Transmission Operator GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. is a strategically important company for the Polish economy anda key pillar of the country’s energy security. Its principal function is the transport of gaseous fuels through itsnational transmission network and further to distribution networks and consumers connected to it. Data solutions Transmission system of GAZ-SYSTEM S.A.gaZ-sYstem s.a. // tHe CHallenge● Ensure efficient, safe and smooth ● Build an ICT solution with better ● Design a cost effective data trans- transmission of high volumes of parameters and higher through- mission network that is easy to data among all company sites in put than the previous one manage and expand Poland: its head office, branches, ● Create custom solutions that over- ● Allow constant monitoring of key local units, compressor stations come existing technical barriers parameters of gas flow through- and gas network nodes and enable data transfer between out Poland all sites of the companywHY gts? // tHe solutionIn response to the needs defined The VPN IP network connects The ICT network is based on theby GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. with respect 54 company sites in Poland, in- IP Solution service with a guaran-to virtual transmission networks, cluding: teed service quality level (QoS). ItsGTS delivered an end-to-end VPN ● its head office, uniform architecture ensures highIP solution that ensures continuity ● its branches, security on the one hand and easyof network operation and unauthor- ● its local units, manageability and expandability onised access prevention. ● its gas compressor stations and the other. ● large nodes of the gas transmis- sion network, particularly the ones In addition to the redundancy of the that can be remotely controlled. network, its primary and backup
  2. 2. Customer reference “In GTS we are very experienced in constructing wide area of networks in Poland and in Central and Eastern Eu- rope and we are excited about being able to use our skills to help GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. Our solution will streamline communication between all entities connected to WAN and will allow for a better monitoring of key parameters related to the flow of gas fuels in Poland,” says Cezary Chalupa – sales director of GTS Poland.lines are based on disparate tech- // SOLUTION DIAGRAMnologies, which means that any po-tential damage to either of its me- Gdansk Poznan Swierklany Tarnow Warszawadia, e.g. to the fibre network, wouldresult in its switching over to thealternate network, i.e. the radio linkensuring the uninterrupted flow ofinformation. The guarantee of highquality and data transmission con-tinuity is additionally backed by the 16 Mbps WarszawaService Level Agreement (SLA). remaining 42 locations MPLS 16 MbpsThe IP Solution service supports GAZ System 32 Mbps 24 Mbps Wroclaw 16 Mbpslarge packet data transfer, which is 16 Mbpsof fundamental importance to GAZ- JasloSYSTEM S.A., GTSs Customer. InternetIn order to increase network secu-rity and protect it from third partyaccess, the public Internet is acces- CE Routersible at only two corporate sites, in Nieporet Sandomierz Krakow Jaroslaw 8/2 MbpsWrocław and Warsaw. 2× 8/2 Mbps 2 MbpsCustomer Benefits● uniform corporate network: A notifies the customer by email or ● llowed GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. to a ● ecure, redundant and separat- s text message about every irregu- monitor the progress of the ed from the public Internet, larity detected project on a weekly basis: ● asy to manage and ready for e ● A vailability of traffic statistics for ● hile the work schedule was w future expansion, each individual link, which allows discussed and updated, ● ased on transparent architec- b ongoing network traffic manage- ● hile risk and threat status w ture, as GTS transferred full ment was analysed in detail as per technical documentation of the ● S avings realized by outsourcing their list created for the proj- network to the customer after the ICT infrastructure, as the pro- ect the completion of the project, posed solution proved to be more ● et the customer’s expecta- m ● f best quality, as guaranteed o cost-effective than the one previ- tions as defined in the objec- bandwidth and minimal data ously implemented tives of the tender procedure, losses and delays translates ● E fficient cooperation with a part- ● emonstrated maximum flex- d into improved efficiency of busi- ner which: ibility at the solution design ness operations ● edicated a team of engineers d stage.● n active network monitoring sys- A to GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. respon- tem in place that automatically sible for project execution,Your contact for business solutions in Central Europe:For more information or to further explore enhancement of your telecommunication networking within the Central European region, please contact