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Aacte tag meeting ppt 7.26.13


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Aacte tag meeting ppt 7.26.13

  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONS Caitlin Haugen – Executive Director Global Teacher Education (GTE) Jennifer Manise – Executive Director Longview Foundation for Education in World Affairs and International Understanding Donna Wiseman – Dean College of Education, University of Maryland – College Park Thank you to
  3. 3. AGENDA • What is a Topical Action Group (TAG)? • Justification for an internationalization TAG • Benefits and requirements • Next steps
  4. 4. WHAT IS A TOPICAL ACTION GROUP? “AACTE defines Topical Action Groups (TAGs) as peer-generated groups of people with similar interests that provide a continuous and structured forum for discussion and action among persons from member institutions around particular professional education topics. AACTE encourages the establishment of TAGs that are congruent with the AACTE mission, goals, bylaws and policies.” Have any of you participated in a TAG in the past? What was your experience?
  5. 5. TAG VS. COMMITTEE Committee •  Appointed members •  3 year term limit •  Guided by AACTE, provide agenda items •  Support relevant TAGs Global Diversity Committee •  Two strands: •  Diversity, multicultural education •  Globally minded teachers •  Current activities: •  Forming agenda with new leadership •  Review award application TAG •  Member initiated •  Individuals can join •  Purpose – function as autonomous entities with member interest in mind •  No term limit •  Can join both TAG and committee •  Drive agenda and activities •  Not obligated to collaborate with committee, but can •  Receive a budget of $2,000
  6. 6. INTERNATIONALIZATION TAG: JUSTIFICATION Sharon Robinson, AACTE President: “Many of AACTE's more than 800 member programs do phenomenal work incorporating global competencies into their curriculum. However, this is nowhere near a common enough practice in educator preparation or higher education as a whole.” •  Currently working on an agenda for internationalization
  7. 7. INTERNATIONALIZATION TAG: JUSTIFICATION •  AACTE Mission: •  “To promote the learning of all PK-12 students through high- quality, evidence-based preparation and continuing education for all school personnel.” •  TAGs have existed since 1988 in many forms, currently one •  Internationalization = higher on agenda with AACTE •  Past – International, multicultural education groups •  Present – Global Diversity committee, conference sessions
  8. 8. BENEFITS AND REQUIREMENTS TAG Benefits •  Time and space for business meeting •  Space on online social networking site •  Support from AACTE •  Committee support •  Fund of up to $2,000 •  Internationalization higher on agenda Application Requirements •  Identify Officers: •  Chair – Donna Wiseman •  Treasurer – Jayne Fleener •  Secretary – Joanne Arhar •  Identify Members: •  10 committed individuals •  AACTE member institutions •  Application •  Statement of Purpose •  Intended Projects
  9. 9. NEXT STEPS… Submit an application… •  Develop a statement of purpose •  Pinpoint areas of focus •  Identify potential activities Collect surveys, officers draft application Publicize draft for feedback
  10. 10. SURVEY RESULTS Areas of Focus •  Evidence of impact •  Benefit of internationalization to graduates •  Assessing global competency in educators Proposed Activities Rank Order 1.  Facilitate research 2.  Journal articles 3.  Online articles 4.  Host webinars Additional Suggestions •  Conference presentations/workshops •  Special issues in established journals •  Seek funding for research •  Policy lobbying •  Environmental scan of AACTE institutions – funding sources
  11. 11. HOW CAN GTE SUPPORT? Online community with various interactive features Facilitate application •  Discussion forum – use for feedback for application Further work •  Add resources to support the TAG •  Member Directory – find interested members •  Share information about the TAG on the site, in outgoing communication
  12. 12. PROPOSED DEADLINES Identify interested members: Friday, August 2 Send to Caitlin at Respond to survey: Friday, August 9   Draft application (statement of purpose and activities) available: Friday, August 16 All feedback on application due: Friday, August 30 Via GTE Discussion Forum application-discussion Submit application to AACTE: Friday, September 6
  13. 13. THANK YOU