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Emerging Nations Program - Santander 2014


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The ENP is a program organized between Santander 2014, Olympic Solidarity and ISAF to promote Olympic Sailing in about fifty emerging nations in the world.
The goal is to bring emerging nations to the Santander 2014 World Championships as a stepping stone to Rio 2016.
Santander 2014 expects to have more than one hundred nations at the ISAF 2014 World Championships.

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Emerging Nations Program - Santander 2014

  1. 1. SANTANDER    2014    Emerging  Nations  Program        Real  Federacion  Española  de  Vela    Teresa  Lara    Vice  President  ISAF    Alejandro  Abascal  Gerardo  Seeliger        Santander  Organizing  Committee        
  2. 2. The  ISAF  2014  World  Championships   World  gathering    of  the  sailing  youth    Larger  than  the  Olympic  Games  because     more  than  1  sailor  per  Class  per  Nation   1500  sailors   900  sailing  boats     More  than  100  Nations   Held  every  4  years   Olympic  Qualifier  for  RIO  2016  Santander  was  selected  in  Feb  this  year  by  ISAF  among  8  Bid  cities   from  4  continents  
  3. 3. The  ISAF  2014  World  Championships   Excellence  and  Universality   It  is  our  dream  to  give  Emerging  Nations  the  opportunity  to   participate,  following  an  intensive  and  ample  training  program,  in   the  2014  ISAF  World  Championships.   In  a  joint  effort  between    Santander  2014,  ISAF  and  supported  by  Olympic  Solidarity.  The  common  Goal,  in  which  you    are    a  participating  partner,  is  to   develop  and  strengthen  the  sport  of  sailing  worldwide,  bring  new  emerging  nations  to  our  sport  and  improve  the  quality  of  sailing  in   those  nations.    
  4. 4. The  Santander  Sailing  High  Performance  Center     20  years  experience   8  Gold  Medals  in  Olympic  Games   Numerous  World  Championship  Titles   10  Coaches   Medical  Center   Physical  Preparation,  Gym   Physiotherapist    Specialist  in  Racing  Rules   1  Meteorologist      
  5. 5. Emerging  Nations  Program  for  coaches  and  sailors  in     Laser  and  Board                     A  joint  initiative  between  ISAF,  MNA’s     Santander  2014  and  supported  by  Olympic  Solidarity  •  2012-­‐2014  Program          Supported  Technical  training  programs  for  coaches  and  sailors  between            2012  –  2014    •  During  World  Championships:            Invitation  to  40  Emerging  Nations,  free  Accommodation  and  Food  for  all   sailors  from  Emerging  Nations:          Travel  expenses  support          Free:  40  Laser  and    40  Kiteboards  for    Emerging  Nations.        
  6. 6. Proposed  2012  Program     Coaches  and  Sailors  Regional  Technical  Courses     for  Laser  and  Board,  men  and  women,     jointly  organized  by  ISAF,  NOC’s  and  S14ENP.   8  Regional  Courses  for  Coaches  and  sailors  in  5  Continents:    2  courses  in  continents  of  Africa,  America  and  Asia,    1  course  in  continent  of  Oceania  and  in  Eastern  Europe.     The  Pilot  Regional  Technical  Course  is  proposed    to  be  in  Algeria,  Africa   Early  2012  dates  to  be  confirmed.   Maximun  of  2  coaches  and  2  sailors  per  country,   7  day  course  plus  2  days  of  travel,   Free  Accomodation  and  food,   Travel  support  available.  ISAF  Nominated    Experts  will  provide  an  extensive  water  and  land  based   training  program  for  all  Caoches  and  Sailors.    
  7. 7. 2013  Program    8  courses  in  the  Santander  High  Performance  Center   for  Coaches  and  Sailors.   10  day  duration  for  each  course.   Up  to  25  participants  per  course,  200  in  total.   Free  accomodation  and  food.   Free  use  of  Lasers  and  Boards.   Special  arrangements  for  other  classes.   Free  use  of  powerboats.   Qualified    Coaches.     Reserve  your  MNA  booking  early.    
  8. 8. 2014  Program   Additional  courses  for  Emerging  Nations  sailors     participating  in  the  ISAF  World  Championship     March  2014  to  June  2014  in  Santander     10  day  course  duration.   Free  accomodation  and  food.   Free  use  of  boats  and  Qualified  Coaches.  Support    to  participate  in  other  european  events  in  2014.    
  9. 9. ISAF  World  Championships     40  Lasers  and  40  Boards,  fully  equipped,     free  for  sailors  from  Emerging  Nations.     Free  Accomodation  and  Food.    Subsidized  transport    for  participating  Sailors.     Free  Coach  support  boats.  
  10. 10. Your  Contribution   A  3  year  written  Committment  of  participating  Sailors    in    Laser  and  Board.   Your  MNA  and  NOC  Committment  towards  the  Program   Your  Feedback  to  ISAF,  S14ENP  and  NOC.   Support  the  agreed  Objective  of  Long  term  development  of     sailing  in  your  Continent.   Supporting  Sailing  gender  balance.    Together,  let  us  build  a  sailing  legacy  around  the  world.    
  11. 11. Next  steps   Confirm  your  interest  and  committment  in  writing    to  S14ENP,     ISAF  Secretariat  and  your  NOC.     Send  names  of  designated  Coaches  and  Sailors  to     S14ECP,  cc  ISAF  Secretariat.   Send  name  of  Contact  person  at  your  MNA  to  S14ENP.     S14ENP  will  then  send  you…..   for  the  period  before  the  First  Pilot  Course  in  2012:   • Visa  support  letter  •   A  tailored  physical  training  program  and    a  nutrition  program   approved  by  IOC  Medical  Commission     Tell  Coaches  from  other  neigbouring    MNA’s  about  this  program.  
  12. 12. Thank  You  See  you  at  Santander  2014