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Websites Gold Coast From $249! How to save time and money when creating your websites Gold Coast... Important information that every business owner must know.
Includes: design elements for your websites Gold Coast, functional requirements for your websites Gold Coast, selecting the right platform for your websites Gold Coast and more…

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  1. 1. Websites Gold CoastWhat You MUST Ask Every Web Designer You Work With By Get Smart Websites
  2. 2. Websites Gold CoastWebsites Gold Coast that looks like you havepaid thousands! Starting from just $249, we usea unique system that allows your website togrow as your business grows.
  3. 3. Websites Gold CoastHere are some frequently asked questions that you mustask before selecting a company to create your WebsitesGold Coast.For obligation free advice about your web developmentand a free quote, call us now on 1300 884 155…
  4. 4. Websites Gold CoastWhat is the right platform for my Websites Gold Coast?When selecting the platform you will be using for yourweb design, it is important to consider being able to makesimple edits and changes to your website yourself.This will allow you to keep your website Gold Coast up todate with news and events that are happening in yourbusiness, and also allow you to add new information toyour website which both your customers and Googleloves!
  5. 5. Websites Gold CoastWhat is the right platform for my Websites Gold Coast?At Get Smart websites, we use a state of the art contentmanagement system called WordPress which makes it simpleand fast to add and change things as you want without usingthe expensive services of developers.You will have the ability to create unlimited pages and postsyourself using our super easy WordPress system. You alsohave the capacity to add unlimitedphotos, videos, links, music, downloadable documents andmore!
  6. 6. Websites Gold CoastShould I have scrolling images on my home page?When designing your websites Gold Coast, imagery is animportant consideration… they say a picture tells athousand words!Flashing image sliders on your website home page willmake it more appealing and interactive… but it is veryimportant that these images don’t disturb loadingtimes, as customers will get bored and bounce off thepage.
  7. 7. Websites Gold CoastShould I have scrolling images on my home page?At Get Smart Websites, we do not use flash for ourwebsites Gold Coast, as flash is far too slow to load.Instead, we use java script so that your images loadquickly and easily.Our websites often include eye catching imagesand text which paints a picture of about yourbusiness and what you do for your customers.
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  26. 26. Websites Gold CoastWho do you design your websites GoldCoast for?Our websites Gold Coast workwell for a large variety of people: small business websites Websites for small to medium enterprises Websites for service-oriented companies like plumbers, real estate agents, car dealers Websites for Consultants, freelancers, coaches
  27. 27. Websites Gold CoastWho do you design websites Gold Coast for? Websites for Bands, artists, photographers and creative professionals Our websites Gold Coast have an extremely robust platform, so you can start off with a website that’s only a few pages, and update your website as your business grows. Plus there are many other added features that you can use to enhance your web development at any stage that are very cost effective. For example, shopping carts start from just $149 and includes excellent e-commerce facilities.
  28. 28. Websites Gold CoastWhat hosting can I use for my Websites Gold Coast?We are happy to install your website on your webhosting. If you don’t have hosting, you can use ours – it’sgreat and probably the most cost effective deal you’ll findin Australia! For just $49 we will install your websitesBrisbane onto a hosting account which has unlimitedbandwidth and disc space for up to 10 websitesBrisbane! Our hosting also has a 99.99% up-timeguarantee. That will be your cost for the first year, then itwill be $25 per year for unlimited hosting thereafter.
  29. 29. Websites Gold CoastDo you have past customers that will vouch foryour services?Yes. We understand that many people have hadbad experiences with web developers in thepast that have over charged and under deliveredwithin an unacceptable time frame.
  30. 30. Websites Gold CoastHow long does it take to develop a website?At Get Smart Websites, we can develop yourwebsites Gold Coast in just 7 working days for abasic website.You will need to provide us with the content youwant us to add.
  31. 31. Websites Gold CoastDo you do Google optimisation?Yes, we do search engine optimization for websites GoldCoast keywords, and guarantee that you will be onGoogle page 1 when we have completed our campaign.Unlike many other search engine optimisation firms, wedo not charge expensive monthly fees for ourcampaigns. We simply run the campaign, get you theresult!
  32. 32. Websites Gold CoastFor an obligation free discussion about yourwebsites Gold Coast and free quote, call ustoday on 1300 884 155.